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Living with Your Parents

Welcome home!  This morning we talked about this growing trend…living with your parents.  In fact, one third of American adults ages 18-34 now live at home.

When I graduated from college I was forced to move back home until I found a full-time radio job.  It was the longest 6 months of my life!

If my Mom & Dad were reading this, they would understand.  We had a great relationship.  I loved them very much.  But it was a tough adjustment going from living on my own for 4+ years in school and then returning to “the nest.”

Even though I was lucky enough to find full-time work, it wasn’t in my field.  In fact, it wasn’t even close.  I was working the overnight shift as an orderly at a nursing home!  And I was reminded of that fact EVERY DAY by Mom and Dad.

Dad:  “How’s the job search coming? Any prospects?”
Mom:  “How was your day? Hear from any radio stations today?”
Me: “No. But the guy in room 217 peed his bed twice last night.  And Fred in 206 was screaming out Elvis lyrics til 2am.”

I understand times are tough.  A lot of you are socked with college loans, or are having a tough time finding work.  But if you CAN swing it, GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!!!

Nothing burns me more than a kid that still lives at home with Mom & Dad just so they can drive a hot car with sweet rims.  I’d much rather live paycheck-to-paycheck and drive a beater knowing that I’m trying to make a go of it on my own.

It might be a struggle but at least you're trying to be independent.

Cut the cord!
Comments from todays show--
--My 34 year old son moved back home and I want him to leave. I constantly have to tell him to clean up after himself
--I totally agree with Lissa that living alone is awesome. I'm a single mom of two and I'm in no rush to have a man live with me again. They're like another child. Love you guys!
--I'm 32 an still live at home. Reason being I work so much that it makes no sense to take on a mortgage or rent for a place to just eat and sleep. Don't get me wrong I pay more than my fair share at home. Least I could do.
--I just moved back home. I moved out at 18 and was gone for 10 plus years. I moved back home after getting out of an abusive relationship. It's been tough to be back under their roof but it is great to have a safe place to get my feet under me. Hopefully I'll only be there short term.
--I'm currently 20 and living at home with two more years of college left and I lived on campus the first two years and now I'm moving home to save some money. The good things are it's cost effective and you're with your family. However the bad things may be that you might not have that freedom like you would at school and it might hold you back! It's always great to get the experience of living on your own. –Rachel
--My parents are as busy as me so it's pretty much like I'm living alone. However my dad still picks on me when I get home late
--I'm 27, female and have been living with my dad for about 4 years now. I’m totally not planning on moving out until I’m ready to settle down! Been there...done that..not making the same mistake of moving in with someone who’s not compatible.
--I'm 24, moved out at 17 moved back at 23, moving out in a month. I'm a full time student, hold down a pretty good job and take care of a little boy. Kids need to be OUT at 18 haha!
--No privacy.....someone always giving their 2 cents when you don't really want it......much better paying rent and being on your own!!!!! I'd rather live in a cardboard box than live home again!!!! LOL
--Generation of entitlement. Most don't take jobs because they think they are worth more where the older generation worked 2 low paying jobs to make ends meet. In the 80s my first mortgage was 14%. Our parents told us you make your bed you lie in it moving home was not an option.
--I would never be able to live at home with my parents or my Hubby's, can u say no privacy?


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06/03/2014 8:58PM
Living with Your Parents
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