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What’s up Fish my name is Tina I’m from Kingston and I listen to your show every night! I never thought I would be the one who would need your help. So here it goes two weeks ago I was out with my best friend/ co-worker having a few cocktails after work. This is the normal Friday night out for us. Well after a few drinks my friend strikes up a conversation with this gorgeous guy. It was funny because all night it seemed like he was interested in me. Well as the night passes and after a few more drinks I find myself involved more in the conversation and his attention turning to me. At this point my friend also noticed the change. This is where things got screwed up. My friend basically decides to drop in front of this great looking guy that I might be losing my job. Come February. At this point it totally freaked me out due to that fact I was drinking and ruined my night. In fact the rest of it was spent crying in the ladies room. Meanwhile she stayed at the bar continuing to hit on this guy! So not only did she devastate me with this horrific news but also played it off like it was nothing and then went home with this guy. Well it turns out that Monday when I came into work and confronted her on what she had told me that night. She admitted that it wasn’t exactly true someone in the company was being fired but it wasn’t me. I haven’t spoken to her since despite her many calls and emails! What should I do? Do I abandon our friendship completely or forgive and forget?

Please Help


01/15/2010 1:23PM
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