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Anyone that works in the service industry knows what T.I.P.S. stands for and for anyone else that doesn’t, you’re going to learn.
T- To
I- Insure
P- Proper
S- Service

So that means when you are out dining, TIP your server or that’s the kind of service you are going to get. These people are bending over backwards for you and the least you could do is show them that they are appreciated by tipping them. I’ve worked as a waiter before and it amazed me how lousy SOME people were at tipping. Granted there are some pretty bad servers out there and they deserve a bad tip if the service was bad. But, for the good servers, don’t worry a server NEVER forgets the BAD tippers, so if you don’t tip or leave a bad tip…I wouldn’t return.
Moral of the Story: If you can’t leave a decent tip because you can’t afford it or you’re just cheap…Then Don’t Eat Out!

04/17/2012 2:12PM
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11/24/2012 2:03PM
the old days
I remember when i was a kid, my dad would slip i server a few bucks as we were seated....to get great service...you can still do this in the caribbean....slip a guy 5 bucks and you are good for the week.....
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