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Surprise = SUCCESS!

HEW! After months of keeping this secret … Saturday was finally the day! I threw my husband John a SURPRISE 30th Birthday Party and it was a total success! With the help of tons of friends, we pulled off an awesome surprise and had the best night celebrating with friends! Just looking at him all night, you could see how happy he was to be surrounded by all of his favorite people!I over-share everything and talk all the time (lucky him) so it was so incredibly hard to keep this party a secret, especially because we needed to get to Harrisburg to make it happen. The majority of his friends live in Harrisburg, so it made the most sense to have the party there. I arranged for a couple hour long open bar and just needed to get him to the bar, but first to Harrisburg. So a few weeks ago I told him our friends Dan and Becky wanted to go out to dinner for his birthday. That was our plan. I told him to invite some friends to meet us out for drinks after dinner. He texted all of his friends and everyone claimed to be busy. (They were all in on it)
We went to dinner with Dan and Becky and had a great time. In his mind, that was our plan for the night. We went out for an after dinner drink to kill some time because we weren’t due to arrive to the party until 8:15. Finally at 8:10, we had one of his friends (thanks SteveO) text him to tell him to come meet up at the Susquehanna Ale House. It was right across the street (part of our master plan) so we walked over. The moment we opened the door, John walked in and 45 of our closest friends screamed “SURPRISE!” It was AWESOME! He was totally surprised. The video isn’t great because of the lighting, but you get the idea.

He was shaking. I’m not sure why he addressed his friends as “Ladies and Gentleman” but it was adorable. Looking at him all night, you could just see how HAPPY he was. He had no idea!

It was a Jack Daniel’s theme because he usually drinks Jack and Coke. I didn’t want to make it too girly, but wanted to have a little theme. It was perfect. The bar was great (so nice!) and the night was awesome. I ordered Jack Daniel’s cake pops from Amy’s Dipped in Pittston to give everyone as a favor. They were a big hit! My friend Alyssa made the JD label cake which was also a HUGE hit. People were eating it until the next morning for breakfast. My friend Tanya (so ridiculously talented) made the SIGN! I’m obsessed with it! It all came together perfectly and I’m so glad it’s over … it was a secret that drove me CRAZY to keep! It was all worth it to see John SO happy and surprised!

We had an after party back at our friends Dan & Becky’s (they were so awesomely helpful through all of the planning and everything) and had a giant sing along in their living room. Dan is super talented and jammed out on his guitar and piano as everyone sang along. There was a keg and beer pong of course … my husband may be 30, but it’s still a frat guy at heart. :)
Have you had to keep a secret that DROVE YOU CRAZY!? This one drove me nuts, but I’m so happy it all worked out and was a SUCCESS!

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02/24/2014 5:03PM
Surprise = SUCCESS!
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