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Did you miss Sue's BIG NEWS yesterday morning?

How weird is this?  Right before Sue was going to make her announcement, our tower was struck by lightning and we got knocked off the air!!!

Anyway, Sue announced that, after 23 years sitting across the studio from me at KRZ, she's going to focus her energy on her Real Estate career.

This Friday will be her last day on the air.  But it won't be the last time you will be hearing from Sue.  She'll be calling in from time to time, and will be filling in when Lissa is off.

Feel free to add to the comments that came in yesterday morning.


Request as Sue’s last song you guys should play the first song she played when you guys got on the air!

Cheers to you when you have that drink…been a long time listener and you sure will be greatly missed by made my ride into work an easy one driving into Bethlehem ya Sue.

Well my 3 yr old and I love ya and best wishes.

I have started my day with you guys since I moved here 16 years ago. I will truly miss you in the morning. I believe our life is a path we all have to take and now yours has a new direction. Best of luck Sue. Taylor

My Monday has officially been ruined!!! Best of luck 2 u Sue, I wish u all the best! We the listeners will surely miss u though.

This will miss hearing u in the morning....good luck & u deserve a rest!

You know Sue you aren't supposed to make me cry on my way to work on a Monday morning.

Radio won't be the same.


OMG u will be missed it’s so funny in the morning with u guys there’s only one sue u can never be replaced. Good luck!

What a sad day in radio!!! Lots of luck Sue!

Having known this amazing couple for, like, 17 years, this is SUCH a sad day! But we know Sue will continue her reign as Dark Mistress Of Real Estate and Rocky will continue to make you laugh so hard that coffee will squirt right out of your nose. We love you guys--health and happiness to you both.

I can't imagine mornings without Sue's voice!! Will miss ya terrible but best of luck forever and ever.

Really I'm shocked!!!! Best of luck Sue!!! Follow your dreams.

I'm so sad. The two of you have been brightening my mornings for a LONG time! I'm glad Rocky will still be there and I wish Sue the best of luck!

No!!!! You both together are the reason I listen and love KRZ!!! Sue I wish you all the best, even though I am sad to hear you are leaving I understand. Rocky I hope you don't go anywhere.

OMG Sue we are gonna miss you! Listen to you guys all the time! Good luck! Hope it works out! But please don't be a stranger! Rock give her big hugs from us! YOU'LL GET THROUGH IT!

Mornings will never be the same, good luck Sue! I know u will do great! And don't worry Rock we will still all be here in the morning with u.

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06/25/2012 6:08PM
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06/28/2012 1:54PM
Sue's leaving... :(
The year you were in Florida was a VERY difficult year. You will be GREATLY missed. Best of luck in EVERYTHING you do. You will be GREAT ! And we won't forget about Rocky. We will continue to listen to him every morning. Luv ya !!!
06/28/2012 6:22PM
Sue leaving
Great... I'll start listening on Monday... I hate the wining... See ya...
06/29/2012 10:26AM
saying goodbye to sue
sue I will surely miss you. I have been listening for the past 22 years. My kids growing up have done so many exciting things with you. I remember when the titanic came out and they dressed up like the women on the ship. I had to get up 5:30a.m. that day. They looked so original and said they had a blast. What ideas you thought up. I only have great memories of you and rocky. I will miss all your bickering. You guys are hilarious. You are such a lucky wife to have such a great man. I know you will do great in selling homes. All the best to you and I will continue to always listen to KRZ
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