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Stuck In An Elevator with Dwight from "The Office"

That's a whole new brand of Creepy!  And that's exactly what happens to singer-songwriter Andy Grammer in the music video for "Keep Your Head Up."  I liked the song the first time I heard it because the lyrics are awesome.  Then I found out Rainn Wilson was in the video and immediately called it up on YouTube.  It's hilarious!  It'll make you like the song even more.  Check it out here:

Up until recently, Andy Grammer was a "busker" -- a street musician who played his guitar on Santa Monica's famous Third Street Promenade (if you're ever out in LA, you gotta go!  It's the famous pier with the ferris wheel, the inline skaters and surfer dudes you always see in the movies.)  He used to sell his self-produced CDs to pay his rent.  Now he's on tour with Natasha Bedingfield with his debut album out on S-Curve records this week.  "I have a thing," he says, "I will always put money in for any street musician anywhere in the country, anywhere in the world. It’s like giving back the money I got."

07/05/2011 9:40AM
Stuck In An Elevator with Dwight from "The Office"
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07/06/2011 9:22PM
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