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Spotlight Lounge with The Fray

I had so much fun hosting the KRZ Spotlight Lounge with THE FRAY yesterday at the Woodlands.  First off...the guys were great.  I see why their fans are so passionate.

Isaac, Joe, Dave & Ben are all down to earth guys.  They love what they do, but don't forget their roots.

And the guys sounded amazing doing acoustic versions of "Heartbeat", "You Found Me" and their latest single "Love Don't Die"

What else did we learn about the band?

--What you read on the web is true.  They came up with the name THE FRAY, by asking friends to write band names on pieces of paper, and they picked one out of a hat.
--They will be touring some time in 2014, but not until 2 of the guys become fathers for the first time.
--Isaac writes songs by singing and playing into his Iphone.
--They'll play a pre-party before Sunday's Super Bowl, then watch the game at MetLife Stadium thanks to the NFL.
--No surprise, since they're from Denver, they are all huge Bronco fans!

"What you talkin' about Willis?"

Be sure and check out THE FRAY's latest release "Helios", which hits the streets Feb25.

Find them at

01/30/2014 12:31PM
Spotlight Lounge with The Fray
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01/30/2014 8:06PM
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