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Speeding Ticket Excuses


So AJ from the Backstreet Boys got pulled over and tried pulling the old "Do you know who I am?" card.  And apparently the cop DIDN'T.  How funny is that?

Do you have an excuse that actually WORKED?

Some of you did.

There's no guarantee that ANY of these excuses REALLY work! :)

Good luck.


My daughter is extremely small for her size and she sits in the backseat and if I ever get stopped she says
“Mommy I have to go potty now!”

I was pulled over after a few drinks for having only 1 headlight. Luckily I had the new bulb with me. I said "I have the new one right her officer. Do u have time to change it?" He didn't change it but I didn't get a ticket...and he friended me on fb the next day. ;-)

I got pulled over for speeding and the cop let me go because i told him i was on the verge of crapping my pants and that i was speeding to find a bathroom.

I got pulled over on Easter and the cop let me go cause he loved my daughter’s Easter dress.

My brother just tells them that he's a teacher. It worked every time he tried it. He is a teacher though.

I was on my way to try out for the Phillies, was pulled over, told the cop I was late for try outs. He said he was a big fan of the Phillies and when I made it, he wanted tickets. Gave me his card and everything and let me go. Just tell the truth.

Good morning guys I can say the government ID works! My husband and I were pulled over in Connecticut on our way back to PA my husband's license was expired because he was in the service which is okay as long as you have your military ID. The state trooper actually said to him “I don't give tickets to service members unless it's something terrible.” He said just slow down and get home safely. Have a great day guys

I can't call but 99.9 percent of the time if my husband is stopped once they see his badge he gets no ticket..he works for corrections.

My friend's brother-in-law is a state trooper. Her father keeps a picture of him in his uniform next to his license in his wallet. Any time he's gotten pulled over he made sure the officer saw the picture and he was let go

I'm a nurse and have gotten out of a speeding ticket.

i flashed my double d's

If the officer spells your name wrong on the ticket report you can get out of a ticket.

Having to pee doesn't always work, I said that once and ended up peeing myself because he took longer on purpose :(

Weaving and blamed it on a bee in the car.

This is what I say:  I just got off a 16 hour shift all I want to do is go to bed can't you cut me a break? And he did after asking me if I knew a half a dozen people that worked at the hospital.

My dad got out of ticket simply because my brother was dressed in his scout uniform.


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10/03/2012 12:11PM
Speeding Ticket Excuses
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