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Something Different To Do With The Kids This Weekend

The giant ice slide inside the barn at Crystal Cabin Fever, Route 590 in Lakeville.  This weekend is your last chance to go this year.

"Slide!  Slide!  Slide!"  My almost-2-year-old Savannah chanted in the parking lot of Crystal Cabin Fever.  She had known for days we were coming here, ever since I bought the half-price tickets from NEPA Perks on this website. 

Actually, she can't say "slide" yet.  The chant came out like "Die!  Die!  Die!"  I was a little concerned, I'll be honest with you.  But when we got inside and saw the slide and she took up the chant again I knew what she was saying, and felt a whole lot better.

Crystal Cabin Fever is a concept attraction that's only open for 3 weekends in February, inside a barn on the property of Sculpted Ice Works in Lakeville.  It's on Route 590 about 10 miles east of Hamlin Corners in a land where the data on my Verizon Droid does not function.  They also warn you'll get lost if you use your GPS, so follow the directions on their website

I was surprised by the sheer number of people who found Crystal Cabin Fever, with or without GPS.  We parked on the grass on the side of 590, which was just as well because the crowded parking lot was solid mud.  Savannah loved it because she got to jump worry-free in the puddles wearing her vinyl boots and snow pants.  My friend who wore suede boots wasn't as joyous -- word to the wise!

Despite the crowds the lines moved quickly, and people were in a generally happy mood, so it wasn't bad at all.  Regular price for admission is $10 for adults, $6 for kids with babies/toddlers under 3 getting in free.  One free cup of hot cocoa is included in your price of admission, and it's good hot cocoa, not the cheap watery stuff!  For an extra $5, your little one can ride the miniature ponies in the back and spend a little time in the petting zoo with the goats and bunnies.

The animal attractions are in the muddy yard behind the barn.  There's also a food tent and picnic tables, a play area with hoola hoops, and some vendors selling jewelry and bongo drums (!) and a glass blower.  There are wood carving demonstrations, too -- the artiste impressively weilding a chainsaw, transforming a tree stump into a bear or a deer.  But inside is where it's really cool, literally...

Savannah & her Mommy high atop the ice elephant at Crystal Cabin Fever.

Inside the barn it's cool enough to preserve several impressive ice sculptures of African safari animals, including the elephant above.  There was also a cheetah, a gorilla, lion, two giraffes, a quonset hut, and a jeep.  Lots of things for kids to climb on, albeit carefully!  There's of course the giant slide -- 2 of 'em actually, side by side, made the line move quickly.  An artist in the corner carving more animals out of ice while you watch.  And a WINE BAR... HELLO!  Antler Ridge Winery will let you taste their several varieties for free in hopes you might buy a glass or even a bottle or 5 to take home.  We found their Chardonnay and Reisling to be excellent!

All in all I'd say we had a good time at Crystal Cabin Fever and I would recommend it to friends with kids, especially young kids.  I thought it would be bigger, and judging by the crowd they had last weekend, I think expansion might be in their future.  It's definitely something apart from the ordinary family weekend routine! 

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02/23/2012 9:32AM
Something Different To Do With The Kids This Weekend
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02/23/2012 6:41PM
Something Different
My boyfriend took me here last year for our second date! Sucha fun time , definitely something I'll never forget! :)
02/13/2013 6:08AM
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