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Sept 14, 2011 ~ video of me doing one of the two things I do well

It’s like Grandma used to say: “Make sure you practice often because you never know when a big-ass flood is gonna hit your area, make you evacuate, and force you to be away from your piano for a few days.”

Okay, so Grandma never said that. But when I’M a Grandma – I will. I’m only finally now getting back in my house and getting some semblance of order restored in my Wilkes Barre ghetto pad. Most of my stuff is fine, a little flooding in the basement but overall no big damage. I was doing major cleanup in West Pittston all day yesterday, so after seeing how bad THOSE people have it, I will NOT be complaining! Ever.

I performed for “PA Live” on WBRE on Monday (the new show every weekday at 4pm with Dave Kuharchik & Monica Madeja) and I was stressing out hardcore prior to the show for TWO reasons: First, I’ve never done TV before. Second, when the flood hit, I was forced to evacuate. So not only does that mean I couldn’t practice, but I didn’t even know if my piano and the rest of my equipment would survive the flood! BUT….I think it turned out okay.

I dunno - here’s the footage. You be the judge.


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09/14/2011 9:18AM
Sept 14, 2011 ~ video of me doing one of the two things I do well
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