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Separate Bedrooms

We heard from a couple in their late 20's that were visiting her parents for the first time.  They have been living together for over 2 years, but the parents insisted separate bedrooms during the visit.  Are the parents being unreasonable?

My take?  Definitely yes.  These aren't kids.  They are almost 30 years old and have been in a steady relationship for almost 3 years.  Lighten up parents.  Think back when you were their age.

Lissa disagreed.

Your thoughts?

I'm 20 and live at home, and my boyfriend sleeps at my house all of time, in the same bed, and he practically lives with me. So I think they're overreacting

I think it also depends on the length of the relationship. My older sister would bring home a different guy like every couple months and I hated that my Mom allowed them all to sleep together and she was over 25.
Respect the parent’s wishes.

I actually experienced this. I am an adult female. I brought a guy home to my parents' house. My dad flipped his lid when my mom told him it was a guy "friend". My brother used to bring his little girlfriends home after the bar and nothin was ever said. It is def looked at differently.

I would allow them under one condition. The way I see it if you think you are old enough to lay in bed then you should be ready of the responsibility that comes with it.

I think it’s the parent’s house, the parent’s rules.

I am a father of three daughters and I do not have a problem with them sleeping with their boyfriends in our house as long as they are of age and do not disturb me.

I agree with Rocky, if they are in their 20’s they are adults and should be able to sleep in same room. When they are not at home they most likely are spending night with their significant other anyway. They should not be "doing it" though.

I think it matters whose parents it is. If it’s the girl's, I understand. Because parents are more protective of their daughters because they did teach the guy right from wrong or respect…but if it was the guy's parent’s I think it’s unreasonable. The parents should trust them.

It was my parent’s rules and will be mine too.

I agree with you Rock totally unreasonable I tell my son when he and his gf stay over no funny business.

I am with my high school sweetheart we were together for 5 yrs before getting engaged the engaged for 3 and we always stayed in diff bedrooms when we visited family and we still do now.

Totally agree with Rocky. If they've been living together for quite a while and are in their late 20’s come on-​ what do they think they do at home? I get respecting their parents, but how about the parents respecting their relationship?

I agree with rocky and I am former teen mom who's boyfriend was allowed to sleep with me. You have to let them be adults sooner or later and what better time than almost 30!

My bf family invited us on family vacation on one condition--separate bedrooms. I was 36 and he was 30!!! We did as we were told LOL

My husband and i had to live with my parents for a month after we got married and we had to sleep in separate rooms. I would say that for my daughter unless she is married to the man they aren't sleeping in the same room

I would abide by their rules, but I would make them do the same for when they came over my house.

I have an 18 yr old daughter so def side w the parents on this one...tell them to get married.

It's the parent’s home, respect their request! We went to my parents for a long weekend, told them I was pregnant and we were engaged. My dad still told him to stay in a separate bedroom.

I got remarried at 48 and had lived with my girlfriend for 7 years prior. When visiting her parents prior to wedding I had to sleep on the couch!!!

Their house…their rules. If they don't let any unmarried people sleep together . . . they shouldn't make an exception just because it’s their child.

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04/08/2013 8:43PM
Separate Bedrooms
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