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Posts from January 2014

Spotlight Lounge with The Fray

I had so much fun hosting the KRZ Spotlight Lounge with THE FRAY yesterday at the Woodlands.  First off...the guys were great.  I see why their fans are so passionate.

Isaac, Joe, Dave & Ben are all down to earth guys.  They love what they do, but don't forget their roots.

And the guys sounded amazing doing acoustic versions of "Heartbeat", "You Found Me" and their latest single "Love Don't Die"

What else did we learn about the band?

--What you read on the web is true.  They came up with the name THE FRAY, by asking friends to write band names on pieces of paper, and they picked one out of a hat.
--They will be touring some time in 2014, but not until 2 of the guys become fathers for the first time.
--Isaac writes songs by singing and playing into his Iphone.
--They'll play a pre-party before Sunday's Super Bowl, then watch the game at MetLife Stadium thanks to the NFL.
--No surprise, since they're from Denver, they are all huge Bronco fans!

"What you talkin' about Willis?"

Be sure and check out THE FRAY's latest release "Helios", which hits the streets Feb25.

Find them at

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Ice Ice Baby

My friends at BIG BROTHERS BIG SISTERS invaded opening night of DISNEY ON ICE at the Arena Wednesday night.  Look at the smiles on the kid's faces as they got to hang with Mickey & Minnie before the show.

Here's the little I was matched up with this month, 10 year old Josh.  What an awesome kid!  And another example of a little that's on the waiting list for a permanent match.

This was one of Josh's favorite moments of the show...The Little Mermaid.

Heads up:  If you're going to Disney on Ice, dress warm.  Remember, the show is ON ICE!  Josh and I forgot how cold it was going to be in there.

You don't know what you're missing by not being in the BIG BROTHER BIG SISTER program.  There are SO MANY young kids in NEPA in need of a mentor.  And many of these kids have been on the waiting list for a year or more.

Can you spare a few hours every month to make a difference in someone's life?  Then do it!  Volunteer to be a Big Brother or Big Sister.  It's one of the best decisions I've ever made.

CLICK HERE for more information on BIG BROTHERS BIG SISTERS.


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My 5 Second Rule
If you were listening early this morning you heard about my proposal for a 5 SECOND RULE.

Here’s how it works:

After you finish your transaction at a Drive-thru ATM or fast food restaurant, you’ve got 5 seconds to start moving if there’s someone behind you. 5 SECONDS. 

If no one is around, take your time.  Read a book.  Change your oil.  I don’t care.

But if there’s another car in line, you’ve got 5 seconds, than you have to AT LEAST pull forward a few feet.

Is that asking too much? 

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Who Wore it Better?

These are our COLD WEATHER SELFIES from Tuesday's show. Real good times dressing for sub-zero temps. But Lissa & I are lucky. We get to work in the toasty KRZ studios.

What about our local friends in TV? How did they dress this week?

Take a look at the photos. And tell us...


Amanda Kelley / WNEP

Andy Mehalshick / WBRE

Lara Greenberg / WNEP

Ryan Leckey / WNEP

Josh Hodell / WBRE

Tom Clark / WNEP


It was a GREAT year!

I can't THANK YOU enough for another AMAZING year on the radio.  You have a ton of listening choices every morning (other stations, Ipod, satellite, Pandora, your toaster) and Lissa, Freddie and I are certainly glad you choose us!  And if your toaster is anything like mine, I know how tempting it can be.

Here's a look back at 2013 in pics.  And here's hoping 2014 brings you all you strive for and more!



What a way to start the year...we got "Wham Cammed" by Joe Snedeker.  I can't even remember what trivial scientific question Joe asked, but you can tell by the look on my face, I gave a BS answer!


Another season of THE WALKING DEAD on AMC and Liss & I got zombified.  Careful.  We bite.


It wouldn't be March in NEPA without 100,000+ crazies, including us at the Scranton St. Pat's parade.


New team name and a newly remodeled stadium.  I was there for the first pitch as the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Railriders christened the new look PNC Field.


We said goodbye to THE OFFICE.  And if you look closely, they said goodbye to us with the KRZ logo directly behind Kevin.


Good times with my buds from Cedar Bike & Paddle at this year's Heritage Explorer Bike Tour in Carbondale.  Make plans now to join us this year on June 14.


I was always a fan of Raegen Medgie from WNEP, but now I'm a superfan after she appeared on our show.  She's the real deal, and even more beautiful in person than she is on TV!


Here's my new bud Nicholas, one of the many littles I was matched up with this year in the Big Brother Big Sister program.  Volunteer today at


Zombies invaded downtown Scranton and the Mall at Steamtown, and they looked at me as the other white meat!


The Scranton Santa parade committee made me this year's Grand Marshal.  I got to lead the parade aboard an antique fire truck and learned that "Marshal" is spelled with 1 "L"!


Berwick's Jayson Terdiman, who just found out he made the US Olympic Luge Team, joined us on air, and in our parking lot to take a practice run.  You can follow Jayson in Sochi here:

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