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Posts from September 2013

Fun at the Farm

If you ever wondered why I became a Big's for moments like these!  You can't go wrong.

Little Brother Nicholas and I hit up Hillside Dairy on a beautiful Fall afternoon today.  Alpacas, peacocks, sheep, goats, ponies...oh my!

I donate my free time for smiles like this!  And you can too!!!

Frog hunting.

You can be a Big Brother or Big Sister too.  All it takes is just a few hours a month and you can really make a difference in a young kid's life...just like my pal Nicholas.

Need info on Big Brothers/Big Sisters of the Bridge?  CLICK HERE.

There are SO MANY cool kids just like Nicholas that are in the program waiting for a match.

Be a real hero and volunteer today.


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If you're a fan of BREAKING BAD, check this out!

Say it ain't so!  There's only ONE MORE EPISODE of BREAKING BAD.

How do you think it will end?  Will Walt walk?  Will he get revenge on the Ayrian gang?  Or will he do himself in with the ricin?

In the meantime, check out this vid of the actual
"White House".


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Freaky Germ Warfare

Kelly Ripa revealed this week that she brings her own bicycle seat to the gym for spinning class.  Wiping down the seat isn't enough for her.  She's obviously a freak about germs.

We all have our freaky ways of keeping the germs away.  I avoid buffets like the plague.  Lissa performs some sort of advanced ballet maneuver in public restrooms to keep from touching the door knob with her hands.

What extreme thing do you to keep the germs away?

Here's what a few of you had to say...

I flush the toilet with my foot.

I work with customers and I refuse to let them use my own personal pen nor will I use a public pen at a bank or anywhere else.

I push elevator buttons with a car key.

Will not eat out of any community bowls (chips, nuts, etc.) whether it’s at a bar, work, parties. Not everyone washes their hands, not worth taking a risk.

I hate touching a gas pump with bare hands.

I put the remote control in hotels in a baggy. I also wear shower shoes at hotels.

Do you eat birthday cake?? Think about it that person has just blown there germs all over that birthday cake.

People make fun of me because I only use spray deodorant...solids hold your germs & bacteria that you put back on yourself daily.

I use a FUD lol.  It’s a women's device to pee kinda like a fake penis called a “she wee”. I think every woman should own one.

I am so with Rocky on the buffet thing. We left a Chinese restaurant once after seeing some guy with rock star long hair being careless at the buffet....ick!  I don't even like to touch doorknobs and will use my elbows to push a door open if I can or use my sleeve.

My boyfriend won't touch door handles so I always have to open the door.

I think I passed my Germ phobia onto my son. I must change clothes three or four times a day especially if I am outside. My son won't even share his fork or cop with his dad or I.

I put the hand sanitizer on my husband after he touches anything outside the house.

What about cash? Think about all the people who handle money on a daily basis. People keep it in their socks, pockets, little internal pockets in swim trunks, in bras, etc. And most money is contaminated with illegal drugs. How do you deal with those germs?

Whether it’s a loaf of bread, bottle of Peanut Butter or a box of crackers, you have to realize the warehouses are full of mice and feces . How bout the stock person and the consumers who pick the product up and put it back if not interested. X contamination.

Rock I won't eat at buffets either. I used to work at a local restaurant. People would reuse their dirty plate and tap the spoon on their plate & then put the spoon back. And, at the end of the night, everything was saved and sometimes people would throw coins in the dressing. We'd find them at the end of the night. It was gross!!!!!
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Check out THIS "Dancing Queen"!

A British woman who was secretly videotaped dancing at a bus stop now has one of the hottest viral vids on the web.

Ellie Cole was jamming to music on her Ipod while waiting for a bus.  A woman across the street recorded it and added Abba's disco hit "Dancing Queen", and now Ellie has a gig with a local music theatre group!

Ever get caught dancing in public?

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Big Stink Over Ink

(Not Miss Kansas.  If you'd like to see her tattoos, CLICK HERE)

Wow!  I created quite the firestorm in the text club today!

If case you didn’t hear, Miss Kansas, Sgt Theresa Vail, will be the first Miss America pageant contestant in history to expose her tattoos during the bikini portion of the contest this weekend.

As Theresa told People magazine:  “My whole platform is empowering women to overcome stereotypes and break barriers.  What a hypocrite I would be if I covered up my ink.  How can I tell other women to be fearless and true to themselves if I can’t do the same?”

AdmittingIy I’m not a fan of tattoos.   But I did go out of my way this morning to give props to Miss Kansas.  Good for her in making a statement and embracing her decision to get inked.  Why not own it…which she does.

Never once did I say I judge people because of their tats.  I simply stated that I find it hard to fathom that someone like Miss Kansas, that seems to spend hours at the gym working hard to look the way she does, feels a need to mark up her body with printed words.

Sure, it’s her choice.  Just as it’s my choice to say NOT MY THING!
Here’s a few of the comments from the Text Club:

--It's taboo to have the tattoo show. It's not considered classy and tacky on the Miss America stage.
--I competed in the Miss America mobile and state pageants. I have it in a place where you cannot see the tattoo.
--I think tattoos on a woman are sexy.
--Rock you’re being prejudiced. Having ink doesn't make you a bad person. The difference between tattooed people and non-tattooed people is that we don't judge you for not having any!
--Tattoos are ok if they are tasteful. She's an inspirational woman.
--A lot of people look up to women in the Miss America contest.  Hopefully this gives young girls confidence to stand up for themselves and show who they really are : ) you go girl!
--Good for her!!!! Guys show theirs off so why can't girls?
--Lissa, it's due to the era Rock grew up in.  His parents probably felt only bikers and criminals had tattoos. Show your ink and be proud girl.
--She represents real women in America. We aren't all beauty queens.
--So disappointed in Rocky's views on tattoos. It doesn’t sound like an opinion to me it sounds incredibly judgmental.
--I don't have any tattoos but I give Miss Kansas all the respect for being proud of every part of who she is and what she represents. If part of that pride includes displaying it with ink....great. Like lissa said, everyone can have an opinion but wow Rocky, you have a very strong one!  No doubt where you stand!
--I am a female who proudly served four years in the USMC. I have the Marine Corps motto "Semper Fidelis" tattooed down my right side with black roses representing the fallen. I say ROCK ON to Miss Kansas!!!
--Why get a tattoo if you’re going to cover it up?
--I understand respect for the organization, but I have tattoos and I'm a classy lady. Are they implying that you can't be classy if you have tattoos?
--Please understand,  I adore rocky!!! But having 7 tattoo's it is frustrating to know if he met me he would immediately think "ill this girl has stupid tattoo's"....thats just sad. I wouldn’t do that to someone. Even the people that wore pajama pants outside the house. Whatever makes a person happy.
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It Is Way On!!!

Tuesday we held our "Dancing with the Stars" Fantasy Draft.  Talk about a pressured filled segment on the show!  Freddie actually broke out in a sweat.

We each got to pick 3 celebs from the upcoming cast of DWTS.  Whoever has their 3 dancers eliminated first pays off by submitting to some form of public embarrassment & humiliation.

Remember the Fast Freddie “Boudior” photos from last season?  If you're like Lissa & I, you're still trying to forget.

Here’s the way it all went down—


Fast Freddie

Round 1:  Elizabeth Berkley
Round 2:  Corbin Bleu
Round 3:  Bill Engvall



Round 1:  Amber Riler
Round 2:  Keyshawn Johnson
Round 3:  Bill Nye the Science Guy


Round 1:  Christina Milian
Round 2:  Valerie Harper
Round 3:  Snooki
Who do you think will be the BIG LOSER this season?  What do you think of our picks?

And don’t forget to catch the premiere of Season 17 of DANCING WITH THE STARS, Monday Sept 16.

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Bark Bark, Woof Woof!

Big thanks to everyone that turned out for my celebrity bartending gig last Friday night at the Green Frog in Scranton.  Your generosity made it possible for me to drop a big fat check in the mail today to the Blue Chip Farms Animal Refuge in Dallas.

Blue Chip is a NO KILL animal shelter in the Back Mountain.

Blue Chip is home to dogs, cats, horses and other animals of all shapes & sizes.

Blue Chip is the former home of our 2 dogs Frankie & Sammy.
There are many ways you can help.

Blue Chip Farms Animal Refuge
Margaret Bart
974 Lockville Road
Dallas, PA 18612-9465

Tues, Thurs, Sat & Sun: Noon-5:00PM
Other Hours by Appointment
(570) 333-5265
Blue Chip…a safe haven from what can be a cruel world.
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Big News if you're a PENS fan!!!

As the Penguins get ready to launch their 15th season here in NEPA, you, as a SUPER FAN can help decide who first gets inducted into their new Hall of Fame.
Who do you think deserves the honor?  Bonvie? Kelleher? Slaney?
Go to or the Pens Official Facebook page to vote.
Here’s the list of eligible players:

Adam Berkhoel Josef Melichar
Dennis Bonvie Eric Meloche
Jesse Boulerice Alain Nasreddine
Brendan Buckley Steve Parsons
Greg Crozier Peter Ratchuk
Robert Dome John Slaney
Shane Endicott Michael Sivek
Jon Filewich Martin Sonnenberg
Dave Gove Robbie Tallas
Chris Kelleher Mike Wilson
Jason MacDonald Alexander Zevakhin
Alexander Mathieu  
Where’s Tux??? :)
Selections will be determined by combining fans votes along with input from local media members and Penguins front office representatives.  The inaugural Penguins Hall of Fame class will be announced during the month of October 2013.

So go nuts on this.  Vote like you're a resident of Florida.  Vote more than once. 

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