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Posts from July 2013

Cody Simpson at Camelbeach

If I was a 12 year old girl, I would've had trouble sleeping last night...but I'm not...and I slept just fine!  But I'm sure all the CODY SIMPSON fans at Camelbeach yesterday won't soon forget CODY SIMPSON DAY.

Hardcore fans started showing up at 9am for Cody's 4pm performance!

Cody hung out on air before hitting the stage.

Fans singing along with Cody.

Cody backstage getting ready to meet his fans.

Grand Prize winner Dominique Bekanich of Plymouth.  She and her best friend got to hit the water slide with Cody!

Special thanks to Cody Simpson for making it a memorable day for all his fans.

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Maine Vacation Pics

Sue and & I just got back from a week touring the Maine coastline visiting her family & friends and I couldn't resist sharing with you some of the state's beauty.  You'd have to try REALLY had to take a bad photo in Maine.  All of these pics were taken with my Iphone and some help from Instagram.

The Camden Harbor

Sailboat on the Damariscotta River.  This was our view while kayaking.

Lillies in Sue's parents backyard.

"Fish rock" at the Marshall Point Lighthouse

Lighthouse keeper's house at Marshall Point.

Marshall Point Lighthouse was built in 1858.

Beach at Cape Elizabeth near Portland.

Decommissioned lighthouse near Rockland.  The lighthouse and island is now a private residence.

Portland Head Light in Cape Elizabeth.

One of our dogs, Frankie, hitting the beach at Cape Elizabeth.

If you'd like to see the rest of my pics, follow me on Instagram. (@rocky985)

And if you ever plan on visiting Maine and want a few ideas hit me up via email.



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Feeling Ducky?

(Photo courtesy of THE CITIZENS VOICE)

Once again I've been asked to host the American Cancer Society's annual DUCK DERBY.  This is a fun event and an EASY way to raise money for the ACS.

The DUCK DERBY is this Saturday, July 20 from Noon to 2pm at the Coal Street Complex in Wilkes-Barre.

We have a TON OF PRIZES to give away this year.  And you can join us for free burgers & dogs and other refreshments.  I'll also be handing out free Subway gift cards.

Tux from the Penguins will be there.  And we'll have fun games for your kids.

Ducks can be purchased at the event for just $5 or 6 for $25.

We start fishing out the winning ducks at 1:15.

Hope to see you there!!!


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Cancer Sucks!!!

Cancer sucks!  Agreed?

Why not put your legs where you mouth is, and sign up for the American Cancer Society's 5th Annual Endure Run & Ride, August 10-11?

We'll be celebrating 5 years of survivorship.

Choose your event.

Saturday August 10...5 mile run/walk
Sunday August 11...10, 36 or 62 mile bike ride

Need more info?  Go to www.ACSEndure.org or send me an email.


I'll be riding in the 36 miler on Sunday.  It's a beautiful tour of the Back Mountain with only a minimal amount of climbing.  If you'd like to join my team, give me a shout.

See you there!!!


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Brush with a Celeb

Kid Rock & Derek Jeter were spotted all over NEPA this weekend.  Kid Rock & Uncle Kracker played a round of golf at the Country Club of Scranton and Jeter left a trail of bread crumbs all over the place...dining at Osaka & Carl Von Luger's in Scranton, Ruth's Chris at the Casino and the State Street Grille in Clarks Summit.

And isn't it odd when you run into someone famous unexpectedly?  Sometimes, by the time you recognize them, it's too late to grab a photo or an autograph.

What celeb have you run into lately?  Bonus points it it happened in NEPA!

I was standing right next to Snookie at the Cell Block in Williamsport. I had no clue because I only ever saw her on magazine covers. By the time I realized it, it was too late to get a picture.

Met Bam Margera at first Montage Crüe fest ever! Spotted his Lamborghini pulling in for the show and went and said hello!

When Blue Valentine was being filmed on The University of Scranton campus, no one knew about it and all of a sudden you would see Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling walking down the halls or on the commons. Also a bunch of my friends are in the background in the scene when she's in a wheelchair

Met Kenny Rogers back in 96 at Hazleton Airport when he was playing at Bloomsburg Fair. He used the Men’s room and we made a sign for stall: “Kenny Rogers was here.”

When I was a kid, (early 90's, or maybe even late 80's). I was visiting my aunt in NYC. I was sleeping on the floor in the living room and it was very late. Anthony Michael Hall came in to visit. Very intoxicated, with his guitar trying to "woo" my aunt with his love ballads he wrote for her. He nearly trampled on me, and I remember getting up and saying a few angry words at him (how harsh I must of sounded being no more than 10) as I moved to a different part of the room.

I run into celebs in New Orleans all the time. Had a conversation with Jessica Simpson walking down the street, sat next to Michael Keaton at a bar all night. Also met Jim Belushi, Harry Connick jr., the cast of Reno 911, coach Sean Payton, Steven Seagal, Brett Michaels, and we see John Goodman down there all the time.

Met Donald Trump at a Phillies game back in 93. Very nice. Smiled and gave autograph.

I worked at Blockbuster in high school in Florida and the wrestler the Big Show came in to rent movies and he returned them and had a late fee and I called my manager over while he was getting his movies and I said I'm not telling him he has a late fee. But I did and he just paid and left.

When I was in college, I was in NC playing in a basketball tournament. We ran into Wayne Gretzky in the airport. Funny enough, I had gotten a black eye a few games before due to a hard elbow to the bone above my eye. He asked what sport I played. When I told him, he said “Wow rough sport!” He was really nice and I still have the picture.

I was out in California about a month ago having a drink in the Beverly Wilshire Hotel and sitting across from me was Cal Ripken Jr!

I worked in Disney World in 1998. College Program. And I met Adam Sandler in the back lots.
I said hello, he grabbed me and gave me a noogie on my head. And he asked me if I had a pen. I didnt. So I just got a noogie.

Enjoyed an elevator ride with Barbara Walters Let me tell you, makeup and camera angles do wonders!

I shook Arnold Schwartzegger’s hand in Ohio at a ballroom dancing competition while in college. Also, I went to middle school with Taylor swift for a year.

I met the Undertaker at the Atlanta airport. He is soo tall and cleans up real nice!!

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