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Vacation...all I ever wanted!

Sue and I were planning our next vacation over the weekend.  We did a random survey among friends:  What’s the #1 vacation spot you’d recommend?

The place that kept popping up was Costa Rica. It has some of the world’s most amazing beaches in both the Pacific and Caribbean, active volcanos, rain forests and mountains.  We are definitely looking into a trip there possibly late summer or early fall.

What is your GO TO vacation spot?  Where would you recommend if you were our travel guide?

Here’s some of the suggestions from today’s show--
Aruba is beautiful

Tahiti!!! The huts are right in the water! Completely exotic!

New Orleans

Kiawah Island SC or Ireland, the west coast

Cruise Alaska

Maui!!!! You'll love it!!


You should try Atlantis in the Bahamas. Just got back so much to do. U would love it

Outer Banks NC

I love going to Puerto Rico and going to Banos de Caomos and it means the baths of Caomo which has a hot spring that help to relax you

Assateague island! Tent camping on the beach with the wild horses

Bar Harbor Maine

I truly recommend you vacation in Kuaii. It is the most luxurious island in Hawii islands. It has beautiful scenery and great food and drinks with awesome entertainment and everyone was extremely nice.

Bora Bora. Most beautiful place on earth

Gatlinburg TN!! Breathtaking views, hiking, white water rafting, many attractions and sights. Locals there are pleasant and so refreshing. Rent a cabin and relax in the evenings in your hot tub :-​) I'm going in July and can't wait.

Most definitely Australia and New Zealand

Massanutten Resort in Virginia. Condos built on the side of a mountain in the Shenandoah mountains. Beautiful. Indoor waterpark. Skiing. Snow tubing. Wineries.

Emerald Isle, NC!!! Beautiful lazy beach town! We love it there!

St. John...US Virgin Islands....omg...the water is breathtaking and the atmosphere is just so laid back.

Island of Mykonos,Greece

Santa Teresa Costa Rica!

Vegas baby

Finger Lakes, New York

St Martin, in the Caribbean. Amazing beaches great food. Half French, Dutch and Caribbean style.

Dreams resort, Punta Cana

I love South Carolina especially around Hilton head

Key West! And Milwaukee
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F Cancer???

(Photo courtesy of: 
DAVID MAIALETTI / Staff Photographer The Inquirer)

Did you hear about the sisters that were asked to leave the King of Prussia Mall because they were wearing hats that said "F*&% Cancer"?  The full word was spelled out, but the C was replaced with a pink ribbon.

They were wearing the hats to honor their Mom who recently passed away from cancer.  And here's the ironic part:  they were shopping at the mall to buy dresses to wear to their Mom's funeral.

Obviously the mall was insensitive here especially when the timing is taken into account.  But this is where Lissa and I disagreed.

Lissa thinks that if you can buy it at the mall you should be able to wear it at the mall.

We all have our own ways of dealing with personal tragedies, whether its cancer or the loss of a loved one.  But I still think the mall has every right to ask them to remove the hats since it is a public place.

Here's what some of you had to say this morning--

Saying f*** cancer is probably a way for those girls to grieve, however it is not appropriate in a public place where there are children.

This is absurd!!!! My mom has had cancer for 13 years and if you have ever personally dealt with a loved one battling cancer, it is a disgusting & ugly disease. There is no other way to describe it other than f*ck cancer. and if the mall has no posted rules concerning offensive language, they shouldn’t be allowed to make them leave. I know for sure I will NEVER shop at that mall.

I agree with Lissa. I lost both parents to cancer. So yea... F cancer!!!! I'm happy the girls did what they did & that they felt strong enough to do that. I lived in that area & wore ALOT worse to that mall & wasn’t asked to leave. My F-word was full & had the C-word on the back.. This was approx 15 yrs ago

Look around the mall. Do you know how many stores have stuff like that right in the windows. Hot Topics, Spencers,and more.

I have cancer and I don't agree with using the f word I have 2 daughters 17 and 14 and I tell them I am fighting this but I won't let them use that word unfortunately we are dealt things we don't like and don't understand.

People don't get kicked out of malls for having tattoos that have the f word.. But a hat isn't okay? At least this was for a good cause.

I work at a mall and I have seen more offensive things than that hat. Female body parts and young "men" walking around with their pants way below their butt cheeks. I feel anyone offended by this has never experienced cancer first hand. I have had 2 very close and wonderful people die from this ruthless disease. It is an awful way to die. Kudos to those women.

I agree w/ both of u usually I pick a side but this has 1 Hell of a gray area due to timing however, the hat still spells it out clearly

Would much prefer they begin approaching the young men who walk around with their ASSES hanging out of their jeans!!!! Extremely embarrasing.

There are better ways to show your support against cancer. That slogan isn't proving anything.

That is absolutely ridiculous wearing that was perfectly fine You can go to store inside the mall and buy worse than that If they're going to criticize people on the words they can wear on the clothing. Maybe they should make people wear more clothing because I'd rather read that than see parts of people that we’re not supposed to see.

I say F that. Have you seen what they sell in Spencer's? Also I'm offended by Red Sox jerseys but they let those people in!

Interesting question. If the ladies were wearing the curse word item they purchased in a store at that mall, would they have to kick them out?

What do YOU think?  Post your comments below.

And THANKS for listening.


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You Can Help!!!

Here's an EASY way you can help the victims of Monday's horrific tornado in Oklahoma.

Text REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation


CLICK HERE an donate via the American Red Cross site.

Your donation helps the American Red Cross be there for families in need.


Here's another way you can help.

The Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins are auctioning off a game-worn, red third jersey from the 2012-13 season worn by former defenseman Joe Morrow.  All proceeds will benefit the Red Cross tornado relief effort in Oklahoma.

Fans can place their bids via the Penguins Ebay page until noon on Tuesday May 28.

CLICK HERE to bid.

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Always a GREAT Day to Make a Kid Smile

Greetings from Francis Slocum, the site of my Big Bro' event Saturday.

Meet Jacob, the newest little brother in the Big Brother/Big Sister program.  Jacob is one cool (and energetic) kid!

Paddle boats + kickball + playground + ice cream = a fun day out.

Jacob is one of many kids in the Big Brother/Big Sister program waiting on a match.  Can you spare a few hours a month?  Think you have what it takes to put a smile on a young kid's face?   Volunteer to be a Big Brother or Big Sister today.

CLICK HERE for info.

The end of an awesome day:  making ice cream faces at Hillside Dairy.

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Favorite NEPA Jingles

I went through all the calls & texts from this morning's show and created a top 10 list of your favorite jingles exclusive to NEPA.  Great stuff!

Did we miss any?  Add it to the comment section.



1--Van Scoy Diamond Mine
2--Shorten Homes
3--Wyoming Valley Motors
5--Jim Dandy's
8--Victoria's Candies
9--My Brother's Place
10--Mt. Airy Lodge

I'm a lucky girl,
hoo-ray, oh boy!
Look at my diamond,
it came from Van Scoy.
My boyfriend bought it,
saved lots of money too.
Van Scoy's the diamond king,
yes, he's the man for you!


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Today's Viral Videos
Here's the VIRAL VIDEOS we talked about on today's show--



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The BIGGEST LOSER is coming!

It's your chance to be a contestant on NBC's THE BIGGEST LOSER.

If you have AT LEAST 80 lbs. to lose, you can be on the new season.  Casting directors are looking for charismatic individuals  who have the desire to change their lives forever and vie for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to lose weight and compete for the grand prize of $250,000!!!

If you are at least 18 yrs. old and want to change your life, click these links--

Then show up for the casting call THIS SATURDAY, May 11 in Philadelphia.

Where:  The Shops at Liberty Place, 1625 Chestnut St, Philadelphia
(Entrance for the casting call is at Market Street Courtyard by Au Bon Pain)

When:  Saturday May 11  10a-6p

People will not be allowed to line up prior to 3 hours before the start of the open casting call.

Candidates should bring a non-returnable photo of themselves.


Listen tomorrow morning (Friday) at 7:20 for your chance to score a JUMP THE LINE pass for Saturday's Season 15 auditions.



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Hell's Kitchen Rocks NEPA!

(Chef Michael Langdon, 279 GM Jim Guasto, Sue & I)

Wow!  What a night.  Sue and I were among the small group of people Monday night that dined on some amazing dishes from Hell's Kitchen chef Michael Langdon at the new 287 Bar & Grill in Plains.

First course:  Steak Tartar.
I normally stay away from red meat, but this dish was outstanding.

2nd Course:  Sea Bass.

We could've taken a bath in this.  Un-bee-leev-a-bull!!!

Chef Michael describing the next course.

Dessert:  Some kinda funky banana thing with that crazy powdery chocolate molecular masterpiece  that Chef made us in studio.  You need to ask Chef Michael about this over-the-top dessert.

Rumor has it, 279 Bar & Grill on River St in Plains will be doing more of these chef inspired dinners.  Don't miss out.

279 Bar & Grill
279 S. River St, Plains

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If You Love Kids...

If you listen to KRZ, you know by now that I am a BIG FAN of BIG BROTHERS BIG SISTERS of the Bridge.  I've been a volunteer in the program for the past few years.

Here's an EASY way you can help make a difference in a kid's life right here in NEPA.

Why don't you WALK FOR KID'S SAKE?

When:  Saturday, May 11
Where:  Martz Pavilion, Kirby Park, Wilkes-Barre
How:  Onsite registration begins at 1:30pm

To register in advance call 824.8756, ext398 or go to

Your $20 donation will really make an impact on a young kid's life right here in NEPA.

I am proud to support BIG BROTHERS BIG SISTERS.

Why don't you join me?


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