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Posts from April 2013

What a Ride!!!

You couldn't ask for a more picture perfect day for yesterday's TOUR DE SCRANTON bike ride.  And what a great turnout.

My bib was #462, so we had at least that many riders.  All of us were riding on behalf of the Erin Jessica Moreken Drug and Treatment Fund.

My buds at Cedar Bike & Paddle were one of the major sponsors of the event.  And how cool is this?  They were cooking omelettes at the start of the ride!!!

"Ride Globally, Shop Locally!"


 Pre-ride with Chas one of the owners of Cedar Bike & Paddle.

I actually got WNEP's Joe Snedeker to sit still long enough so we could snap this pic!

And a BIG TIME THANK YOU to the rider organizers.  What a well run benefit.

We did 31.9 miles through Scranton, Dunmore, Throop, Olyphant, Peckville, Archbald, Jermyn & Carbondale.

I'll definitely be back next year.


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A Message to the Victims in Boston
Good luck not tearing up while watching this video!

Should 2 Shoulder, a Virginia based Service Owned Small Business produced "We Stand with You" with the Wounded Warrior Community.

Their message:  HOPE!

They urge that you make a donation to One Fund Boston.

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Wedding Song Help

Lisa called the show this morning asking for help picking out a wedding song.  She’ll be walking down the aisle in a few months but doesn’t want to use the traditional wedding march.

We got some GREAT ideas from you guys.

What was YOUR wedding song?  How did the crowd react?

Add to the list.  Lisa will be checking my Blog for more ideas.

I had “Trumpeter's Voluntary” and was able to get trumpeters & violinists thru Singers Guild that were associated with King’s College.

“Grow Old with You” from the Wedding Singer.

We walked into the reception to Hulk Hogan’s original theme.

My husband and I got married at Disney world and we have 2 children that love Indiana Jones so we walked down the aisle to the theme song of Indiana Jones.

My daughter had the regular bridal march on the way down the aisle but on the way up the aisle my son in law had “Highway to Hell” played.  We thought it was funny, but I don’t think the minister did!

Tom Petty “Here Comes My Girl.”

I tried to get my wife to walk down to the theme song from Jaws but she wouldn’t do it.

We played the instrumental to “Make You Feel My Love.” But we also played the instrumental to Metallica's “Nothing Else Matters.”

"Here and Now" Luther Vandross as I walked down the aisle. "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" when we were pronounced husband and wife!

The Penn State fight song with the Nittany Lion walking us in.

I walked down to a portion of the Romanian national anthem. I was born in Romania so it was very special.

“Highway to Hell.” Oh that's what should have been playing, it was really “Pachelbel Cannon.”

I walked down to “Think of Me” from Phantom of the Opera...just the instrumental.

“Cannon in D”

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I Got Schooled in Pool

Yeah, I got schooled in pool this a 4th Grader!

Meet Isaac, this month's little in the Big Brother/Big Sister program.  Isaac goes to Kistler Elementary in Wilkes-Barre and is a whiz in science and math.  And he's a darn good pool player too!

We spent Saturday at Rich's Golf & Fun Center in Wyoming playing mini-golf, pool, hoops, & of course video games.

Isaac is one the many awesome kids in the Big Brother/Big Sister program waiting on a match.  If you can give up a few extra hours every month, you can really make a difference in a young kid's life.

Why not volunteer today to be a Big Brother or Big Sister?

CLICK HERE for more info.

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Get On Your Bike and Ride

Here's the deal on the bike ride were were talking about this morning with the guys from Cedar Bike & Paddle of Scranton.

This will be my first time in this ride.  And I hear it's one of the best in the area.

Choose a ride that fits your ability.

I'll see you out on the road!


TOUR DE SCRANTON / Sunday April 28

The Ride benefits The Erin Jessica Moreken Drug & Alcohol Treatment Fund.

Erin’s Fund was established in 2002 for the purpose of helping young people find and obtain treatment for their drug and alcohol addictions. Erin Jessica Moreken was a resident of our area, graduate of Scranton High School, and student at Temple University, when she met a premature death at the age of twenty eight due to a drug overdose. The Tour de Scranton is being held in her memory.

You can choose 1 of 5 rides, ranging from a 4 mile closed course ride to a very challenging 65 mile trek.

Registration starts at 9:00 AM at Scranton High School or at

Start Time for all bike routes is 10AM.

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New Trailer for Man of Steel

It's been all over the internet the last few days, but in case you missed it, here's the latest trailer for the new Superman movie "Man of Steel".

The latest installment has a huge cast including British actor Henry Cavill as the man with the S on his chest, Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Kevin Costner, Russell Crowe, Laurence Fishburne, Diane Lane and that creepy guy from "Boardwalk Empire", Michael Shannon.

Is this going to be the swift kick that the Superman saga needs?  Time will tell.  "Enertainment Weekly" says the flick pretty much keeps the Superman story intact but adds a few twists.

"Man of Steel" opens June 14.

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How to Spot a CRAIGSLIST Scam

Ever been scammed on Craigslist?  I was hoping we weren’t going to get a lot of calls on this today.  Wrong!!!

Sue told her rental scam story.  Someone pirated one of her real estate listings and posted it on Craigslist as a dirt cheap rental.  A few that responded to the scam ad lost money or personal information.

Use your head if you are buying or selling on Craigslist.

Here’s a few ways to spot a Craigslist scam--

If the seller requests payment abroad through Western Union or MoneyGram, it should appear fishy.  Craigslist clearly states, “Anyone who asks you to do so is likely a scammer.”

Using an online escrow service might sound like a good idea, but chances are it’s a scam.  Scammers can set up fake sites that look legit.

Anyone that claims Craigslist will guarantee a transaction or offer any kind of protection is lying.  Craigslist clearly states it “is not involved in any transaction, and does not handle payments, guarantee transactions, provide escrow services, or offer buyer protection or seller certification.”

Never dispatch goods or carry out services on the basis of seeing a photo of a check or money order.  Always wait for a check to arrive—and more crucially, clear—before completing a deal.  Craigslist warns that fake cashier’s checks are common.

Do not pay any amount “up front,” even it’s a small sum.  Anyone asking you to send money first, or to secure something with a deposit, is almost certainly a scammer.

It’s always best to meet people face-to-face to exchange money, goods or services.

(reprinted from

And the main way to spot a Craigslist scam…


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Separate Bedrooms

We heard from a couple in their late 20's that were visiting her parents for the first time.  They have been living together for over 2 years, but the parents insisted separate bedrooms during the visit.  Are the parents being unreasonable?

My take?  Definitely yes.  These aren't kids.  They are almost 30 years old and have been in a steady relationship for almost 3 years.  Lighten up parents.  Think back when you were their age.

Lissa disagreed.

Your thoughts?

I'm 20 and live at home, and my boyfriend sleeps at my house all of time, in the same bed, and he practically lives with me. So I think they're overreacting

I think it also depends on the length of the relationship. My older sister would bring home a different guy like every couple months and I hated that my Mom allowed them all to sleep together and she was over 25.
Respect the parent’s wishes.

I actually experienced this. I am an adult female. I brought a guy home to my parents' house. My dad flipped his lid when my mom told him it was a guy "friend". My brother used to bring his little girlfriends home after the bar and nothin was ever said. It is def looked at differently.

I would allow them under one condition. The way I see it if you think you are old enough to lay in bed then you should be ready of the responsibility that comes with it.

I think it’s the parent’s house, the parent’s rules.

I am a father of three daughters and I do not have a problem with them sleeping with their boyfriends in our house as long as they are of age and do not disturb me.

I agree with Rocky, if they are in their 20’s they are adults and should be able to sleep in same room. When they are not at home they most likely are spending night with their significant other anyway. They should not be "doing it" though.

I think it matters whose parents it is. If it’s the girl's, I understand. Because parents are more protective of their daughters because they did teach the guy right from wrong or respect…but if it was the guy's parent’s I think it’s unreasonable. The parents should trust them.

It was my parent’s rules and will be mine too.

I agree with you Rock totally unreasonable I tell my son when he and his gf stay over no funny business.

I am with my high school sweetheart we were together for 5 yrs before getting engaged the engaged for 3 and we always stayed in diff bedrooms when we visited family and we still do now.

Totally agree with Rocky. If they've been living together for quite a while and are in their late 20’s come on-​ what do they think they do at home? I get respecting their parents, but how about the parents respecting their relationship?

I agree with rocky and I am former teen mom who's boyfriend was allowed to sleep with me. You have to let them be adults sooner or later and what better time than almost 30!

My bf family invited us on family vacation on one condition--separate bedrooms. I was 36 and he was 30!!! We did as we were told LOL

My husband and i had to live with my parents for a month after we got married and we had to sleep in separate rooms. I would say that for my daughter unless she is married to the man they aren't sleeping in the same room

I would abide by their rules, but I would make them do the same for when they came over my house.

I have an 18 yr old daughter so def side w the parents on this one...tell them to get married.

It's the parent’s home, respect their request! We went to my parents for a long weekend, told them I was pregnant and we were engaged. My dad still told him to stay in a separate bedroom.

I got remarried at 48 and had lived with my girlfriend for 7 years prior. When visiting her parents prior to wedding I had to sleep on the couch!!!

Their house…their rules. If they don't let any unmarried people sleep together . . . they shouldn't make an exception just because it’s their child.

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Get On Your Bike & Ride!

What an amazing weekend!  I spent most of it on my new Trek Mountain Bike from Cedar Bike & Paddle in Scranton.

Andy & Chas hooked me up with an over-the-top Superfly bike.

This bike is not only fast, but shifts easily and has a remote lock-out so you can change the suspension on the fly as your terrain changes.  It made my first-ever off-road experience a blast!

Other specs:
--29” wheels
--A Carbon hardtail
--Hydraulic disc breaks

And if you're ever looking for someone to ride with, the crew from Cedar Bike are always hitting the road & trails.

CLICK HERE for info on their weeknight or weekend morning rides.

And maybe I'll see you out on the trails sometime soon.

Derailleur up.


629 Pittston Ave, Scranton

Mon-Fri 10a-7p
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If You're in High School Read This!

Big topic on today's show:  What advice do you wish someone gave you before you graduated High School.

Lissa said "don't have a good friend as a first roommate" & "never enroll in a college just to be near your boyfriend".  I added "take some time off before you jump into college".

Our listeners brought their A game this morning.  Here's a few of the jewel pieces of advice from the KRZ Text Club.  GREAT STUFF and a MUST READ for any High School student.


I graduated high school in June started college that July. Thought I knew what I wanted to do but life had other plans for me. IT IS OK TO CHANGE YOUR MAJOR!

I wish someone told me that high heels cause bunions and metabolism dies at 23.

Listen to your parents. They do know best. Most people figure that out when it's too late.

Discover what it is u luv then persue it if u r doing what u luv u will never work a day in ur life.

Check the job availability before college to know your chances of getting a job.

Don't take a year off, but don't declare a major right away. Spend the first 2 years taking the general required classes while deciding your major.

Go away to school no matter what! When else can u live in Florida for 4 years? And study abroad in college:)

Volunteer before college.  Traveling for a good cause = lifetime skills within different cultures that college will never give you.

Go away for school. Commuters really miss out on the college experience.

Don't take 18.5 credits your first semester as a chemistry major!!!!!!

Follow your dream and go after it. Even if your parents don't approve or support it. If I did that earlier maybe I wouldn't be trapped in healthcare Hell.

Don’t base your lfie around some High School crush.  There are other fish in the sea.

This is real life now.  Your actions have consequences.

Always keep Tylenol on the nightstand for the morning after.

Join the service for 2 years.  You'll have more money for school.

 Don’t feel bad if you don’t know what you want to do with your life.  You’re only 17/18 years old!

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Vote for Tux!

Our friend TUX from the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins needs your help.  He made it to the Championship Round of the AHL's MASCOT MADNESS.

TUX is awesome not only on the ice, but off the ice as well.

TUX has been involved in a ton of charity events, including our annual Kitchen Crew broadcast at the St. Vincent DePaul Soup Kitchen.

VOTE for Tux HERE.

Voting ends today (Wednesday April 4) at 4pm.

Let's all show TUX some love!


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Biggest Pothole Ever!

Our potholes in NEPA are nothing compared to this!  Last week Sue and I visited the biggest pothole ever...the GRAND CANYON!  It's a mile deep and up to 18 miles wide.

Check out these people exploring the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Wow!!!  That's a big hole.

The view from the South Rim overlooking the Bright Angel Trail, a 3 hour hike to the base of the Canyon.

Morning breaking at the Grand Canyon.  Our cabin was 50 yards from this site!

The Powell Lodge...our digs for the night...steps from the Canyon rim.  And the price?  $83/night!!!

Overall the Grand Canyon was picture perfect, except for a few isolated spots like this.

One of the San Francisco peaks taken just outside of Flagstaff.

Go Tribe!  While Sue was at the spa, I took in a few Indians Spring Training baseball games in Goodyear.

Another side trip to the Saguaro National Park home of the famous Saguaro cactus.

Some of these cactus grow as high as 3 stories.

Old Town Scottsdale at night...a cool area with restaurants, bars, galleries and shops.

Another beautiful part of Arizona...Sedona.

The Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch in Red Rock.  This guy almost ate 3 of my fingers and my Iphone.

We're already talking about coming back next March.

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