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Posts from March 2013

Prove Us Wrong!
This week's big celeb breakup is Katy Perry/John Mayer.  Think they will try again?  I bet if they do they will get the same results. 

The physical attraction may bring them together, but there is something that is not clicking on an emotional level.  It's a given that John is a jack-hole, but there might be something more to it.

Isn't that the case with most couples?  If you bust up once, you are destined to bust up again.

We don't think it's possible to get back together with an ex.  There's a reason they are an ex!

So go ahead...Prove Us WRONG!!!


My husband and I started dating when I was 19 and he was 21. We broke up twice over many years, and got married 9 years later. We have been married almost 5 years now and he is a wonderful father to our 2 beautiful children. I can't imagine being married to anyone else!

We were in a relationship for 8 months, we broke up 5 times but we broke up last night so 6, and I think we might get back together haha

My husband and I broke up 3 times. After both coming out of long term relationships we were both jaded. But the last time we stuck and have been married for 7 years.

My husband and I dated as teenagers. We broke up when he moved away & both got into long term relationships and after 10 years he sent me a Christmas card and here we are now happily married for 15 years. We love each other every day.

I am a firm believer of once it's done it won't work again UNTIL my current husband. We met - Teaching in the SAME classroom - and as you could imagine we broke it off about 3-4 times. We were both in our early 20's and it's hard to be with own another 24/7. But after 4 years of back and forth I conquered my immaturity and commitment fear and we have now been happily married with 2 beautiful kids for 6 years (7 in November)

We broke up for 2 months after a year of dating and have been together since March 2011 without any re occurrences :)

I've been together with my boyfriend for two years after a terrible breakup. We used to just not click, but we fixed it.

Usually it doesn’t work but when I got dumped by my boyfriend a few weeks later he asked me to take him back & after a few months now we are engaged & hopelessly in love.

Sometimes you just make a mistake & instead of regretting it for however long, you fix it

We were together for 8 months...split up then both got married and 3yrs later started talking again and left our spouses. We’re going strong on 9 yrs!

My husband and I had broken up 5 different times and now are married. We have been together 11 yrs but married 5.

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You're Invited...

When the crew at Leadership Wilkes-Barre calls, we always try to help.

Their latest project is called Video Kinections.  They’re trying to raise enough money to provide 4 area nursing homes with mobile carts and touch-screen computers.  That way, family members that live out of the area will be able to communicate with their loved ones.

Tonight I will be one of the “celebrity” bartenders at their fund raising event at Brews Bros West. (75 Main St, Luzerne)

C’mon out and have a few drinks and help a great cause.  And you could win luxury box tickets to a Penguins hockey game at the Arena.

I’ll see you at Brews Bros tonight from 5-8pm!


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Our DWTS Picks

We held our DANCING WITH THE STARS draft on today's show.  Each of us got to pick 3 dancers.  Whoever get their 3 dancers eliminated first is the loser.

What happens to the loser?  They pose for a Sexy Photo Shoot thanks to our friends at YOUR PIXEL PERFECT in Scranton. 



1. Zendaya (Disney Channel star)
2. Dorothy Hammil (former Olympic Skater)
3. Ingo Rademacher (General Hospital)


1. Kellie Pickler (American Idol)
2. Jacoby Jones (NFL player)
3. Andy Dick (Comic/Trainwreck)


1. Aly Raisman (Olympic Gymnast)
2. DL Hughley (Comic)
3. Wynonna Judd (Country Star)

Watch the season premiere of DWTS Monday March 18 on ABC-TV.

And let us know what you think of our picks.



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Scranton Knows How to Party

Parade Day Scranton March 09 2013.  What an amazing day!

Fake Uncle Jack kicking off Parade Day at The Backyard Alehouse.

My buddy Guy from Fake Uncle Jack was apparently pretty happy to see me!

Big Brother is watching!

Lissa & Freddie acting like they never saw a hairy leg before.

Best dressed sisters on Parade Day.

Jordan from The Ready Set on the KRZ float.

The Ready Set at the Mall at Steamtown.

The crew from McCann School of Business.

Former intern Danielle comes face-to-face with weird tripod camera guy.

Huge crowd at Kildare's.

The Radisson.  Are you in that crowd?

Courthouse Square.  The Ready Set fans are still following the KRZ float.

Thanks again to Jordan from The Ready Set!!!

WYOU gave us a little love!



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Are You a Juicer?

        (My Fresh Orange & Kale creation)

To JUICE or not to JUICE…that is the question.

I started juicing last night…and we’re not talking Barry Bonds give me a shot in the A kind of juicing.

WebMD says we should aim to eat 2 whole fruits and 3 to 4 veggies a day.  Are you doing that? Don’t worry, I’m not either.

Here’s more from WebMD—

As with any food, it’s important to consider calories and sugar content.  A medium piece of fruit has about 60 calories. A cup of vegetables has about 25 calories, and 3 cups of leafy greens have about 25 calories. Each 60-calorie serving of fruit equals about 4 ounces of juice. A typical juice is usually 12 to 16 ounces.

Those calories add up.

Something to keep in mind if you considering joining the juicing revolution.

Last night I whipped up a delicious Fresh orange & Kale drink with milk/water and ice.  I threw in some protein powder since I was drinking it after a workout.

Are you a juicer?

What works? 

What doesn’t?

I’d love to hear your thoughts as I am totally new to this juice thing.

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Road Rage: It's Whats for Dinner

Last weekend while I was in Ohio visiting my son I was involved in a freaky road rage incident.  This was the FIRST TIME EVER someone followed me in traffic. 

Here’s what happened:

Not knowing the area, I made a left turn from the right lane and cut right in front of another car.  The vehicle beeped and I didn’t think anything of it.  As I slowed down looking for my son’s place the car caught up to me and started riding my bumper.  Distracted, I missed his apartment complex.  I turned down the next random street and the car behind me followed.  When I turned around in a driveway, the vehicle was waiting for me.

The driver, a young girl in her 20’s, rolled down her window to apparently give me a Driver’s Ed lesson.  My first thought was to stop and laugh at her for being so over-the-top ridiculous.  But I decided to ignore her.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw her lips flapping a mile a minute.  Did I piss her off even more by ignoring her?  Probably.  But she gave up.

Whatever happens in traffic, confrontation is just not worth it.  There are way too many wackos on the roads.  And some of them are armed.  We even talked to a few on the radio yesterday morning.

If you are ever followed after a road rage incident, your best bet is to go to a police station.  Don’t stop.  Don’t go home.  Don’t pull into a parking lot.  And don’t throw fuel on the fire.

Your thoughts?


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Cleveland Rocks!!!

Cleveland really does rock...especially when my son Dylan is on stage! :)  Friday I saw him play drums with the R&B band he's in called Scarlet & the Harlots.  My un-biased review?  GREAT SHOW!!!

Want to hear what they sound like?


Angry face.  A Dylan trademark.

Saturday morning breakfast in Kent, OH.

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