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Posts from January 2013

Things you should NEVER Google

Here's the list of THINGS YOU SHOULD NEVER GOOGLE we were talking about this morning. 

Ok, I admit it.  It's just like a car wreck.  You have to look.  But when you do, don't blame me.

And let me know, which of the 10 was the most disturbing.


DISCLAIMER:  Do NOT, under any circumstances Google the following.  You’ve been warned!

1.  CLOCK SPIDER.  What time is it?  Not time to Google this!

2.  TRYPOPHOBIA.  Don’t even think of doing a Google image search.  You’ll be sorry.

3.  ANY MEDICAL CONDITION.  Seek professional help.  Google will just scare the $%$ out of you and keep you from a good night’s sleep.

4. TETRIS FANFIC.  Really?  There is such a thing?

5. SNAPEWIVES.  Photos.  Blogs.  Videos.  Very disturbing.

6. COCONUT CRAB.  Sounds dilish, but it looks like something out of a 50’s Sci-fi.

7. MUCUS PLUG.  Those 2 words alone SHOULD keep you from Googling.  Go ahead.  I dare you!

8. BEDBUGS ON MATTRESS.  You will never stay in a hotel again.

9. SKIN CONDITION.  Especially while eating.

10. YOURSELF.  One time, in band camp…

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Cancer Sucks!!!

A painless little prick!  I didn't feel a thing.  And that, along with your answers to a few questions is all it takes to possibly find a cure for Cancer.

Thanks to everyone that joined me Saturday for the Cancer Prevention Study at the Coal Street Ice Rink.  All the volunteers with the American Cancer Society were over-the-top excited with the response.  Let's keep it going!!!

If you've ever had a friend or family member diagnosed with Cancer, you've probably felt helpless.  Now you can do something about it.

If you are between the ages of 30 and 65 and have never been diagnosed with Cancer go to and volunteer to participate.  It takes just a few minutes. And you can help create a world with less Cancer, and more birthdays.

The next enrollment is Tuesday January 29, 3-7:30pm at the Coal Street Ice Rink in Wilkes-Barre.

And if you can't make it, tell a friend!

Let's keep working together for a Cancer-free tomorrow!!!

And THANKS AGAIN for Saturday.


Hangin' with my buds Brian Coe of the Pens and Jamie Kane from the American Cancer Society
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Be a Hero, Be a REAL Hero

I want to send out a big THANK YOU to the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins for a fun night of hockey this week.

My new little brother Michael and I had a blast watching the game.

Michael is a 13 year old GAR High School student.  He's been in the Big Brother/Big Sister program for a few years.  His former big brother moved away so he's waiting on a match.

This was our view of the game.  We nicknamed our seats the "puck" seats.  A couple of pucks landed just 3 rows in front of us!

There's your horn.  Pens win 3-0!!!

It's always great when Tux hits up your section.

Check out Michael riding the Pens bench after the game.  Where's your skates bud?

And we got a behind the scenes tour of the locker room.  Here's Michael hanging with Pens goalie extraordinaire Brad Thiessen.  Michael was grinning from ear to ear when Brad handed over his stick!

Thanks again to Brian Coe and the rest of the Penguins staff for making it a GREAT night.

Remember...Michael is one of hundreds of kids in NEPA in need of a mentor.  And that mentor could be YOU!!!

In as little as 2 hours a week, you could make a HUGE difference in a young kid's life.

Be a a REAL hero.  Volunteer today to be a big.

Want to learn more about the Big Brother/Big Sister program?

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Texting on The First Date

Lissa has a friend that was on a first date with a guy that texted DURING the date.  I was surprised when Lissa gave the guy some slack. 

Is this a deal breaker?  Does is mean he's not into you?

My take?  Unless the guy states up front that the reason he's on is phone is because he's got a sick family member, then I think the girl is getting played.  Who is he texting DURING THE DATE?  Bet the house.  It's another chick he's working.

And if it ever happens to you, call the guy out on it.  If he says "it's work", ask him what could be so important.

And guys...wouldn't the girl find you MORE ATTRACTIVE if your phone rang and you DIDN'T answer it?

What do you think?

Here's what a few of our listeners had to say.


I think it depends on how much he was on his phone and if he was completely ignoring her. The world is all online social media through phones. Maybe he was updating his Facebook to tell everybody was on an awesome date.

I think I would have said "Is everything okay?" When he says why I'd say bc you've been on ur phone.

I'm a female and i answered my phone because there was nothing to talk about and he didn't care.

He isn't into you. If I was her I would ask who he is texting and if he said "a friend" I would either do 1 of 2 things: I will say put the phone away this is a date and if he doesn't put it away I'll just walk away.

I'm newly back into dating after 5 years and I recently dated this guy who was on his phone all the time...rude!! Then I just went out with someone who ignored his phone even if it rang. Not everybody does it, and those who do are rude. Once you know somebody well and are comfortable with them that's fine but it doesn't make a good first impression!

I think texty guy is just a tool.  Run fast.  Run far!

Maybe it was friends of his texting him asking if he needs to get bailed out or not and he was answering them saying no I don't need to get bailed out I'm good

I agree with Rocky. If it was very important he should tell her up front. I would do that anyway

I think thats terrible...but thats the new generation of one talks anymore..glad I grew up in the late sixties. Have a great day!

No, he was either not into her, playing her, or is just a jerk. Probably all three.

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Get Sexy for your Guy

We've teamed up with LIPSTICK PHOTOS to make it a VERY SEXY Valentine's Day for you and your guy.

Celebrate your sexiness with a Boudoir photo session from Lipstick Photos of Scranton.

Here's how Sandy & Ed from Lipstick explain Boudoir:

Boudoir is French and refers to the bedroom. So boudoir photography means bedroom photography to us. This does not mean obscene or raunchy! We do tastefully, sexy, classy, and respectful photography. Although we do not shoot nude photography we will shoot suggestive nudes.

Keep listening over the next 2 weeks for a chance to spice up your Valentines Day by winning a Boudoir Photo Session.

And if you would like to book a session, or want to learn more, call Lipstick @ 877.2829.

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It's been 6 years since we've had new music from JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE.  Last night he released "Suit & Tie", a collaboration with Jay Z.
We played it a few times this morning and WE LOVE IT!!!  Some of you said it sounded like a mix of 70's porn music & elevator music.

What do YOU think???



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PJ's in Public

One of my followers on Twitter came up with a great question for today’s show.  @HollyKull wanted to know if dropping your kid off at school while wearing pajamas was common or just play ghetto fabulous.
I don’t have any problem with it…as long as you STAY IN THE CAR!!!

I’m always blown away by how many people (mostly young women) I see at the mall or grocery store walking around wearing pajama bottoms.  When did dressing like Honey Boo Boo’s family become OK?

Think about it.  You are leaving the house wearing something you SLEPT IN. 

And what kind of message does this send?  Hello world!  Here I am.  I am so lazy I COULDN'T EVEN GET DRESSED TODAY.  Take me as I am.

So put some pants on and let me know what you think!


(Comments from today's show)
--After working swing shifts, and having days off in the middle of the week, I wear them. I don't care. Don't like it?  Don't look

--I see that every day!!! What gets me is when they wear their slippers!!!! Drives me nuts!!!

--I do it all the time as long as I look good from the waist up.

--That's straight up gangsta!!! Definitely not cool

--Hey Rocky & Lissa I just dropped my son off for practice and yes I'm in my PJs

--I do it all the time it's fine I only get dressed if they are late and I have to bring them in

--Not acceptable!

--I remember seeing that in the Wal-Mart in Pittston a few times while living up there! To me I just see it as a way of life.

--Not Ghetto Fabulous. Actually Lazy Slobulous.

--Perfectly acceptable especially for us nurse moms that work night shift

--Definitely not!! Even my 7 year old daughter would be embarrassed as she says one morning you are changing right!! Ha ha!

--I work in a daycare and every one of my parents come into my classroom wearing their crusty PJs that they obviously slept in, daily. They then complain that our program's 9am start time is just too early for them!

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Talent that Make You Sexy

We found a survey online that said most women find “playing the piano” as the sexiest talent a guy can have.  True?  What about guys that talk into microphones?  Doesn’t that do anything for you?

Lissa called me out on it, but I find women that are athletic (throw like a guy) or use power tools, hot.

And you?

What talent do YOU find sexy in the oppositve sex?

Here’s what a few of you had to say this morning--

I had a chick dig me just because i would skate with her and her BF wouldnt... even though i sucked at it. Lol

A man that can make me laugh when I'm in the worst mood possible is sexy beyond belief

A man who irons his own clothes is sexy

I find it sexy when my man gets off the fire truck in bunker gear

A man who can sing!

A sexy voice like the man that does men's wear house commercials

My husband's a bowler I think it's so hot when he throws the ball down the lane, watching all his back and shoulder muscles at work, yummy!

My hubby plays the piano it’s hot but he is a construction worker :-) hot hot hot

Guy that is sweet sings & a jock- total high school musical- luckily my bf was a soccer player through High school & college and Prince Charming in his HS play

I think its attractive when girls can drive 5 speed cars and trucks

The talent I find sexiest in my boyfriend is his ability to cook

Chick who can handle a truck and women fire fighters :)

Girls who ride quads.

A great dancer.  It’s so sexy when a guy can dance!

A man that washes my dishes in silence.  Nothing sexier than that!

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Dirty Diaper = Loss of Appetite

Yesterday I told the story of how outraged I was last week while Sue and I were having lunch with some friends while we were in Maine.  A couple decided to change their baby’s dirty diaper in the booth right next to us.  Granted, the place wasn’t too crowded, but still…THERE’S PEOPLE TRYING TO EAT HERE.
And I was the unlucky one at our table with a full view of the poop-a-palooza.

First off, no one should be exposed to this at a restaurant of all places.  And secondly, what about the health issue? 

The couple did put down a changing blanket, but in my eyes, this is way over-the-top disgusting.

I mentioned this to the waitress as we were paying our check, and she just rolled her eyes and walked away.

Was I wrong?  Or should the waitress have said something to the couple?

Here’s what you had to say on Facebook and via text.

Enjoy your lunch today!

--I would prefer to never change a baby at a booth however if there is no changing table in the bathroom u got to do what u got to do plus we put a changing pad down

--Very inconsiderate on their part. I used to work at old navy at the viewmont mall in the fitting room and a large lady walked in and started breast feeding right in front of me. I offered to open a room for her and she said " it doesn't bother me if it doesn't bother you". I told her it did and she left instead of taking the fitting room. Unbelievable the nerve of some people.

--In China, most children don't even wear diapers they wear Pants with a slit up the crotch and the parents just hold them out the street and let them poop and Pee in public. And just go about their business like nothing happened So I could see this being a cultural thing as well.

--I'm pretty sure poop and food don't mix in any country.

--EW! Imagine the next people to sit there..e coli much?

--I've done it. Baby changing station in rest room never gets cleaned. Dining room tables get cleaned about 30 times a day. Guess where my baby's ass is going

--I'm totally with you in thinking there was a better option, but in the case, the go to trunk was probably not an option. Dude, Maine, winter and naked baby? But there had to be a better option.

--Agree with rock and caller sheila. Would you believe stroud mall has no changing tables?

--It shouldn't have been the waitress. Should have been the manager to say something.

--I generally like to give people the benefit of the doubt but I think the health inspector might take issue with changing the baby in a restaurant.

--Touchy a parent, I understand why the couple may have done what they did....bathrooms were occupied, changing station dirty or broken. Improvising is a huge part of parenting. They probably should have gone to a car if they couldn't use the bathroom. But unfortunately saying something doesn't usually help.

--What if the kid started whizzing?

--Waitress could have told them it was against policy or that they were violating health code and then directed to bathroom.

--Not everybody has a strong stomach for things like that and a lot of people have a strong sense of smell. To smell a dirty diaper next to you while you are eating is disgusting and unsanitary. I took my daughter out to the car and changed her so no one had to see or smell anything

--Can't lie I have when they didn't have a changing station, but I did it like a ninja nobody noticed. I've seen ppl slap the kid on the table and change them. All I have to say to that is NO

--Emergencies happen I hope they used a changing pad and wiped throughly afterwards, you people spewing off about health violations your food you eat is most certainly dirtier than that child period HYPOCRITES !

--i would rather see a baby changed at a table/floor then in a NASTY bathroom because for all of you that don't know if the bathroom is NASTY so isn't the KITCHEN .... NOTHING and i MEAN NOTHING is worse then a ADULT man or woman BLOWING their NOSE while im eating... and YES i have said something to the people rather then the waitress don't forget putting her in the middle may cause HER to lose her TIP.... go direct or goto the MGR... babies are just babies but, their is NO excuse for a ADULT to be GROSS in PUBLIC.

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