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Posts from November 2012

A Special Anniversary

Sue & I celebrated a special anniversary this week.  It has nothing to do with our time at KRZ or our relationship. 

It was one year ago that we adopted our 2 dogs, Franky & Sammy.

We always like to say our dogs found US instead us finding THEM.

A friend of mine who volunteers at Blue Chip Animal Rescue texted me photos of a few of the smaller dogs that were looking for homes.  The minute I showed the photos to Sue she wanted to drive to the shelter to meet them.

These 2 little terriers fit right in immediately.  And now, a year later, it seems like they’ve always been members of our family.

Blue Chip is a NO-KILL shelter dependent on donations from the community.

Sue and I both urge you to visit the farm for yourself.  You just might find a new family member OR one might find YOU!

Blue Chip Farms Animal Refuge
974 Lockville Road
Dallas, PA 18612

Tue, Thu, Sat & Sun: Noon-5:00PM
Other Hours by Appointment
(570) 333-5265

Blue Chip is seeking volunteers for days or evenings for help in the kitty cottage as well as walking dogs, brushing them, cleaning up after them, etc.

If you are interested in volunteering and are at least 16 years of age, call them at (570) 333-5265


send an email to Theresa at

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What a Way to Sell Cars!

Nice photo, eh?

Especially considering it’s the car dealer’s daughter.

There’s a guy in Eugene, Oregon that uses his daughter to help him sell cars on Ebay.  I’m hoping you’re with me when I say it’s way over-the-top, creepshow creepy.
"If I felt bad about it, I wouldn't do it," says Dad.

He makes a habit of using his daughter Lexxa and her friends to model cars.

"Girls and dogs attract people's attention," he says, noting that he also involves his golden retriever Max in photoshoots.
In case you’re wondering, the guy’s daughter is 20.

I don’t care if she’s 40.  It’s still pretty pervy Dad.

And what’s with the 2 “X’s” in her name?  I'm sure she's not named after a Lex-us.

Your thoughts?


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Support Local Business this Weekend

Last year more than 100 million people nationwide shopped local on SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY.

Why not keep your $$$ in NEPA and support local business?

A few reasons to shop local on Saturday:

*You’re supporting the local economy.  Duh.

*You won’t have to wear a football helmet like you do on Black Friday.  And you'll avoid trips to the ER.

*It’s the GREEN THING to do.  By shopping local you cut out any kind of long distance shipping if you shopped online.

*Think unique.  The local stores have the gifts you won’t find in the big box chains.

*Get cash back.  If you use American Express you can get $25 back if you shop local.

Here's a few of my favorite local businesses that I support--

Midtown Village, Wilkes-Barre

Gallery of Sound
Mundy St, Wilkes-Barre

Krugels Georgetown Deli & Beer
near the Big Cow on 309, Wilkes-Barre Twsp.

Dallas Hardware

44 Main St, Dallas

Styling Studio
605 Main Rd, Dallas

Do you have a favorite local business?  Leave it in the comment section.

And shop local on Saturday!



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Remembering a Friend

We lost a long-time friend of the show on Friday.  Anne Marie McCawley, director of the St. Vincent DePaul Soup Kitchen in Wilkes-Barre passed away.

Sue and I met Anne Marie over 21 years ago when we first contacted her about getting listeners to volunteer at the kitchen.  And I still remember her reaction when we told her that we needed to have someone there early so our engineers could set up for the broadcast.
“5 in the MORNING?” she asked.

Later we learned that the reason she was so concerned about the time was because SHE would be the one opening the door.

Over the years Anne Marie grew to look forward to our annual Kitchen Crew broadcast…even when we suggested that we have bands perform to entertain our volunteers while they chopped vegetables.

"It's a great loss to the community, and it's a great loss to Catholic Social Services," Monsignor Joseph Kelly, secretary for human services in the Diocese of Scranton told the Citizen’s Voice.

"She was always more than willing to go the extra mile to meet the needs of the poorest of the poor, “ he added.

Today was going to be our first year broadcasting at the kitchen without Anne Marie.  She retired this summer after 25 years.

But now with her passing, our annual event will take on a whole new meaning.

Anne Marie was a one-of-a-kind woman who gave all to people in need.

She’s gone but not forgotten.  We’re dedicating today’s show to you Anne Marie.

Sue remembers Ann Marie as SELFLESS… was always about other people, that was her mission. She was quiet, wanted no special attention but fought hard for the best she could get for others.

She never stopped, never complained, always believed  in the goodness  of other people and they never let her down.

She was so good, she inspired the same in everyone she came in contact with. She quietly shared her gift of giving and you wanted to be part of it.

When we first met Ann Marie her daughter was in elementary school, then college and now all grown up….Ann Marie beamed when she talked about her daughter. Ann Marie had one daughter, but she had a huge family of those who met her, knew her and loved her.  She was an exceptional humanitarian and a lovely woman.

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Weekend in Pictures

My weekend in pics...

We started a new tradition in our family ever since my parents passed away a few years ago:  Thanksgiving the weekend before.

It's a small gathering of 5:  Sue & I, my son, and my sister and her boyfriend.

Sue, my son Dylan and my sister Suzie.

Our dog Frankie was the first to go into a turkey coma Saturday night!

And a quick shoutout to @RyanLeckey and @WNEP for giving us some TV time during the Scranton Santa Parade Saturday morning.

Here's wishing you the best this Thanksgiving.  I always enjoy this time of year with the family.

Gotta go make another turkey sandwich...


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Help Wanted

I got a call yesterday from Mike the Kitchen Director at the St. Vincent DePaul Soup Kitchen in WB.  Mike was asking for help.

Mike asked if we could spread the word about a few pressing needs at the kitchen.  They could still use pie donations for their Thanksgiving meal. 

AND, if you would like to volunteer, here's how you can help.  Drivers are needed to deliver meals to the homebound on Thanksgiving day.  For some in need, this will be the only human contact they will receive this Thanksgiving.  It's a simple way you can really MAKE A DIFFERENCE in someone's life.


Call the St. Vincent DePaul Soup Kitchen @ 829.7796.

And thank you in advance for thinking of others this Thanksgiving!!!

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kNOw Bull in our School

Earlier today I was a part of the "kNOw Bull" anti-bullying rally at Wyoming Valley West Middle School in Kingston.

What a GREAT group of kids!!!

The 5th thru 8th Graders signed a pact to take a stand AGAINST bullying in their school.  These kids GET IT, that it's NOT COOL to bully another student.  And they kNOw that it's OK to say something if they see another kid getting bullied.

Aaron Fink & Mark James Klepaski of Breaking Benjamin were amoung the featured speakers.  They both told me they have no problem getting up in front of an arena filled with 50,000 rock fans, but were a little nervous talking to the Middle school kids.  Aaron & Mark both admitted that they were bullied as kids and reminded the students that it's OK to be different.  Great job guys!

Aaron & Mark from Breaking Ben

My message to the kids?  There are only a handful of teachers in your school, but hundreds of you.  Look out for one another.  Speak up if you see someone getting bullied.  All of us at KRZ are fans of what you are doing.  Keep up the good work.

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Touring the Susquehanna Brewing Company

(Sampling the new Centennial brew with Fred Maier of SBC)

Cheers from the Susquehanna Brewing Company in Pittston.

I've been meaning to visit the new SBC ever since they started brewing beer earlier this year and Friday I finally got the chance.

Myself and a few friends got a personal tour of the facility from Fred Maier, the VP and co-founder of the brewery.

Not only does Fred understand every step of the brewing process, but he's an expert on local brewing history.  And it makes sense since his Great-great Grandfather was Charles Stegmaier, founder of the Stegmaier Brewery in Wilkes-Barre.

Part of the $10 million, 55,000 sq ft facility.

The SBC beer vats.  That's a lot of beer!

While we were there they were brewing the new Hop5 IPA, which will be available on tap before the end of the year.  Can't wait!

Here's what gives beer it's great flavor...the hops!  SBC buys only the best from the US and Europe.


This is where the beer is bottled.  Fred says when it's time to bottle, whoever is in the office jumps on the bottling line.  He says it's just like an episode of "I Love Lucy!"

A bit of history:  the original cart Charles Stegmaier used in 1857 to deliver beer in Wilkes-Barre.  It was pulled by a goat!

And now the best part of the tour...

...the sampling!!!

On tap:  Octoberfest, Centennial & Peach PumpkinBerry Ale.

The flagship brews:  Pils-Noir, Goldencold Lager & Stock Ale

If you're a fan of craft beer, a home brewer, or want to learn more about local beer history, you definitely need to take the SBC tour!

Tours are free and available Monday-Friday @ 3:00 & 5:00 and Saturday @ 2:00.  Private tours for larger groups are also available.

Susquehanna Brewing Company
635 South Main St.,
Pittston, PA 18640




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Hurricane Sandy Relief--THIS WEEKEND!

                Sea Bright, NJ (Monmouth County)

Most of us in NEPA have spent at least a weekend or 2 on the Jersey Shore and are looking for ways to help following last week’s devastation from Hurricane Sandy.

Today we received an email from a listener, Kathy Hernandez of Albrightsville.  She lives in PA but calls herself a Jersey girl.

Her group, Pocono Friends 2012 is hosting a Hurricane Sandy Relief Donation drive this weekend.

A truck has been donated and is headed for Monmouth County Saturday November 17th.

Here’s how you can help this weekend:

Saturday November 10th please bring donations to C. Winchell Plaza on Route 940 West, Pocono Summit, PA from 11:00 am - 2:00 pm (located between Blue Ridge Communications and the Pet Pantry).

Sunday November 11th please bring donations to BSA Camp Minsi, Route 940 West, Pocono Summit, PA (located across the street from the Pocono Regional Police). We will be accepting donations until Friday November 16th.

"Granny Carts" (for people to take home supplies)
5 Lb Bags of Charcoal
Baby Food
Baby Ointments
Baby Powder
Batteries (all sizes)
Bird Food
Blankets & Pillows
Body Wash & Soap
Boots (work, rubber, rain, etc.)
Bottled Water
Canned Fruit (pop-top lids preferred)
Canned Meats (pop-top lids preferred)
Canned Tuna (pop-top lids)
Cat Food
Cleaning Supplies
Disposable Diapers (all sizes)
Disposable Plates, Utensils, Napkins & Bowls
Dog Food
Duct Tape
Dust Pans
Ensure/Boost Dietary Supplements
First Aid Items/Kits (self-adhesive bandages, ointments, alcohol wipes)
Generator & Gasoline Pumps Tools
Shoes (new & gently worn)
Gloves (work, heavy duty waterproof, rubber & winter)
Granola Bars
Hamster Food
Hand Sanitizer
Hand Warmers/Hotties
Heavy Duty Garbage Bags
Heavy Winter Coats & Jackets
Infant & Toddler Body Washes
Masking Tape
N-95 Respirator Masks
New Socks
New Underwear
Non-Perishable Foods
Office Supplies
One Can Meals (ravioli, Spaghetti-O's, chili, stew with pop-top lids)
OTCs: Tylenol, Cough Medicine, Infant/Toddler Meds
Paper Towels
Peanut Butter
Ready-to-Feed Baby Formula
Sanitary Items for Woman
School Supplies
Scrub Brushes
Shampoo & Conditioner
Snack Packs
Spray Bottles
Stuffed Animals/Stickers/ Coloring Books & Crayons
Thick Socks
Toilet Paper
Towels & Rags (previously used can be sent to animal shelters)
Warm Clothing
Work Goggles
Zip-Loc Bags (all sizes)


For more info call: Chuck (570) 872-6637 or Jen (570) 872-4239

POCONO FRIENDS 2012:  Together We Can

Thanks in advance for doing whatever you can.

(a Jersey Boy)
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I Hate to Say this But...

...we are at capacity for volunteers for this year's KITCHEN CREW show.  And that's a GOOD THING!!!

If you still would like to help, here's what you can do:

1.  Start a non-perishable food drive at work
2.  Donate a frozen turkey or pie
3.  Make a monetary donation

We would still love to have you drop by the St. Vincent DePaul Soup Kitchen with your donation while we broadcast live.

Kitchen Crew Broadcast
Tuesday Nov20 5:30-10:00am

St. Vincent DePaul Soup Kitchen
39 East Jackson St, Wilkes-Barre

If you have any questions, shoot me an email.

Thanks again for wanting to get involved!


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I'll Do Anything if you Vote!
Here's Will Ferrell's hilarious video urging you to VOTE!

Tomorrow is the day.  Do it.


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Volunteer at the Soup Kitchen

Wow!  I can't believe it's November already.  And it's almost time to be talking turkey.

It's been a tradition on KRZ for nearly 20 years to pitch in and help at the St. Vincent DePaul Soup Kitchen in Wilkes-Barre.

We always put together a team of volunteers to do the prep work at the kitchen the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.

If you have never volunteered before, why not make it a point to join us this year.  It's an easy way to give back to the community.  And you'll have fun at the same time.

And if you can't give up the time, why not make a cash or food DONATION to the kitchen?

Here's how you can help-->

98.5 KRZ Kitchen Crew Broadcast with Rocky & Lissa:
Tuesday Nov 20  5:30-10am
(Stay for all or part of the morning)
Volunteers are also needed to deliver meals to the home bound on Thanksgiving day.

Non-perishables are ALWAYS accepted.

Donations for Thanksgiving:
Frozen turkeys and pies.

St Vincent DePaul Soup Kitchen
39 East Jackson St.

Want to volunteer?

Space is limited, so email us today.

We would LOVE to have you be a part of this very special broadcast.

And THANKS for giving back to NEPA!

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