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Posts from October 2012

Sandy in Words & Pics

While we still had power I thought I'd share a few thoughts about our new favorite B*tch, Sandy!

Above was my view on the way home from work yesterday.  I bet you experienced the same kind of thing.  And the winds really hadn't kicked up yet.


One of the more powerful images of the day...the dangling crane in NYC, 90 stories in the air.  Hopefully, it is still there by the time you are reading this.

Another problem in NYC.  Trump's hair!  Give that man some product.

I love watching storm coverage.  TV stations insist on sending their reporters into the eye of the storm.  It's a test to see how close they can get to the storm surge without getting washed out to sea.

Here's another one.  She must be new.  Hasn't yet recieved her official CNN hat.

Greetings from Asbury Park, NJ and Springsteen's old stomping grounds, The Stone Pony.  Kind of ironic that on his 2nd album you'll find a song named "Sandy."



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Pumpkin Pickin

I got to act like a kid again this weekend!  Saturday I hosted my monthly Big Brother event at Roba's Family Farm in North Abbington Township.

Here's my newest best bud Noah helping me pick out some pumpkins.

What a great place for kids!

The goats ate out of our hands and ate everything in site, including the lid to Noah's feed cup.

When was the last time you roasted marshmallows over an open fire and made S'mores?  smiley

Ronald McDonald was there to lead the kid's Halloween parade.

One of the coolest attractions:  High-powered slingshots that shoot apples hundreds of yards in the air.

Think you might have a few extra hours a month to be a Big Brother or Big Sister to a great kid like Noah?  Why not get involved and volunteer?  You get to act like a kid again AND have a positive influence on someone's life.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Big Brothers/Big Sisters.

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VOTE NOW for Intern Revenge

                              (Former Interns Wonder Bread & Zack)

We LOVE our interns!  And we LOVE what they do for the radio show.  That's why we let them come back to take revenge on the new crop.

Friday former interns Wonder Bread & Zack rummaged through Lissa's makeup.  They had 10 minutes to "make up" the new interns Danielle & Britney.

Watch the video on KRZ-TV.

Check out the final results.

And vote for THE PRETTIEST!  Who has the BETTER makeup job?

CLICK HERE to vote for Intern Britney

CLICK HERE to vote for Intern Danielle

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Pickup Fail
Cheezy pickup lines.  They never work, do they?

What about cheezy lines from Taylor Swift songs?  This guy tried it, and a few girls almost bit.

Pretty funny stuff here.  But don't try this at the Woodlands.


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Why I LOVE Fall

Today had to be one of the BEST Falll days ever!  And if you need a reason to love this amazing season, take a look at some of these pics I took while out walking with our dogs.

Great colors.

Huntsville Reservoir.

Crisp.  Sunny.  Blue.  Beautiful.

The kids Sammi & Franky LOVE the smell of Fall, or it might've been deer poop!

Birch tree.

Football.  Playoff baseball.  Octoberfest beer.  And views like this.  How can you not LOVE Fall?

The colors are peaking.  Don't miss out this weekend.

And if you take any great shots of the foliage, I'd love to see them.

Happy Fall!!!


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QVC Host Faints
This is the video-of-day we were just talking about.  QVC host Cassie Slane passed out on live TV Sunday AND her co-host kept selling!  That's dedication.

What's that?  You're feeling faint & dizzy?  Hang on.  We've got to sell 20 more of these Flameless Candles in the next 5 minutes.

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THANKS AGAIN for making the 4th Annual BRAS ACROSS THE BRIDGE a huge success.

Each of these bras represents a $5 (or more) donation to help fight breast Cancer.

A vision in pink, ACS volunteer Russ leads the parade of bras from Kirby Park to the Market Street bridge.

Bras, bras & more bras!

My Instagram pic.

Pre-game with Lissa & I.  We never know what to do with our hands in photos!

Thank you Spartanz for supporting Bras Across the Bridge.

While we were stretching bras across the Susquehanna in Wilkes-Barre, Penn State fans were showing their support for Breast Cancer Awareness month at Beaver Stadium.  Love this pic!!!

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