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Posts from September 2012

Where Do Babies Come From?

Where do babies come from?

It’s a question kids have been asking for years.  And what do YOU say when they ask?  Or what were you told as a kid?

That’s what we asked on today’s show.

And we found out parents still do whatever they can to avoid giving up the real answer.

I still remember how my Mom dealt with the issue.

“If there’s ever anything you want to know, just ask.”

And I thought:  Thanks Mom!  I’ll be sure and get right on that!

Here’s what you had to say on the radio this morning--

I still think today my Mom still can’t explain where babies come from the right way.

Here’s what I was told:  Babies come from the doctor.  A mommy and daddy have to get married then they go see the doctor and he gives them a baby.  But if they aren’t ready for a baby than they get a dog.

I told my kids I washed Dad’s clothes with mine.  And my Mom told us if we kiss a boy we’d have a baby.

There’s a secret door at the hospital.  That’s where babies come from.

We were told that seeds were planted in the backyard.  Then Mom & Dad wrestle in the bedroom.  If Dad wins we have a boy. 

Dad must have won a lot because I have 3 brothers!

When I was about 5 yrs old my older brother told me I was hatched.

I was told pregnancy came from the tap water in my home town in Freeland.

When my husband was going to EMT class he had to take our one son.  It just so happened to be labor and delivery night.  My son now thinks you poop them out.

My brother and I were told very young that pregnant women had watermelons in their bellies from swallowing the seeds.

I was told babies come from sunflowers so when my mom use to grow them I would cut them all down.

My mom terrified me when I was little because her explanation was to get pregnant you get caught and the way she sounded it’s like you get pregnant like you get a cold. I was horrified as a child lol

My parents said a bird pooped on a rock and the sun hatched me.

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Bullies SUCK!!!

Let’s face it:  BULLIES SUCK.  I’ve been there.

When I was growing up I was always the smallest in my class.  I got picked on until my Freshman year of High School.  Sadly,  I didn’t do a thing about it, except take it.

That’s not right.

There’s no reason for ANYONE to be picked on.

And things are a lot worse now.

When I was a kid bullying was just physical & verba.  That was bad enough.  Cyber bullying has taken this abuse to a whole new level.

That’s why Lissa and I have decided to broadcast live this Monday, October 1 from West Hazleton Elementary/Middle School for their kNOw BULLYING kickoff.

Over 1000 students, teachers, administration and family members will be spelling out kNOw BULLYING on the baseball field at 10am to spread awareness about this serious issue.

What can YOU do?

Talk to your kids about bullying.  And check to see if they have a Bully-free program at their school.
And if you are a student that’s getting picked on, tell an adult.  Talk to one of your teachers, your principal or your Mom and Dad.  And don’t stop until something is done.


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Movies & Mumford

My weekend started out with a trip to the Phlebotomy Department at Wilkes-Barre General.  Luckily I wasn't there to have the vampires take my blood!  Crystle and the crew won free lunch from Subway.

If you want to be our next winner, text SUBWAY to 72881.

I had a friend from California roll into town.  My bud "Slappy" used to be our neighbor in Wilkes-Barre.  Here he is meeting our dogs for the first time.

And it was a rarity on Saturday.  Sue actually took a few hours off from Real Estate so we hit the Fall Film Festival in Tunkhannock at the Dietrich Theatre. If you are tired of comic book movies or Rom-coms, check out one of these flicks.  We saw "Wild Horse, Wild Rid
e" a heart warming documentary about taming wild Mustang horses.  Great flick.

CLICK HERE for the schedule of movies at the festival.

Dinner at Mizu Sushi.  I have no idea what I'm trying to do with my hands here!  Our friends accused me of trying to grab Sue's boob.

And Saturday night was a rarity.  I actually stayed awake for the entire SNL.  What a mistake that was.  Outside of the "Undecided Voter" bit, SNL was disappointing.  The highlight?  The music guests Mumford & Sons.  Their new album hits the streets Tuesday.

CLICK HERE if you missed their performances.


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Dumbest Fashion Trends Ever

Matching outfits, Bandanas, the Deep-V t-shirt and Uggs were just a few of the 25 DUMBEST FASHION TRENDS we were talking about this morning.

The list was the result of a survey on

They obviously left off a few dumb trends.

Here's the KRZ Listener list of DUMB FASHION TRENDS:

Parting hair down the middle and popped collars
Overweight women that wear skin tight pants that say "Juicy" on their butt
Pajama bottoms
NFL Zubaz pants
Bandana wrapped around their thigh
Socks with sandals
Guys in skinny jeans
The Flashdance look
Parachute pants
Half shirts on guys
Those pants with the loops on the bottom:  hooker pants
Winter boots with Summer skirts
Fanny packs
Leisure suits
Sweater vests
Fingerless gloves
Socks with high heels
Tube socks
Neon shoelaces
Acid washed jeans
Shutter Shade Kanye glasses
Popped collar
Cell phone holders on belts

Did we miss anything?


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Rough Water and Afro Chicken

Saturday I hosted another Big Brother event.  This time I took 6th grader Rory on a kayak trip to Francis Slocum.

The calendar said "Summer", but it seemed more like a Fall day.  The wind made the lake real choppy.

Rory paddled like a champ, but the wind and rough water cut our trip short.

Dork alert!

These are the kind of days that make being a Big Brother so special.

Later we went to Hillside Farms in Shavertown for ice cream and of course, a visit to the animals.  This is a MUST for kids.  Rory loved the alpacas, goats and sheep, but...

...his favorite was the chicken that we nicknamed Afro chicken.

Want to be a SUPERSTAR and make a difference in a young kid's life?  Why not volunteer for the Big Brother/Big Sister program?  In just a few hours each month, you can change what it means to grow up in America. And you will have loads of fun doing it!


CLICK HERE to learn more about becoming a Big Brother or Big Sister. 

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The Many Faces of Britney

It's the best part of the new season of X FACTOR...keeping track of the many faces of BRITNEY!

One minute she's laughing...the next she looks like she ate a 2 week old bean burrito.

This could be a new drinking game.  Every time Britney makes a new face, TAKE A DRINK!  But you better load up the cooler.  And don't even think of driving.

Hey's the laughing librarian.

Uh oh...that burrito is acting up again!

Collect them all.  Trade them with your friends.

She looks like she's seen a ghost...or maybe Kevin Federline.

Til next time...

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Why I Avoid Buffets

Have you heard about the new $17 million buffet that opens Monday at Caesars Palace in Vegas?  This behemoth is 25,000 square feet…almost half the size of a football field!

I cringe just thinking about it.

Lissa and I held a buffet debate this morning.

5 reasons why I avoid buffets:
  1. The food is left out.  Who knows how long it’s been sitting there?
  2. I hate serving myself from dishes that have already been picked over. 
  3. I don’t like touching the same serving utensils that 50 other people just used.
  4. I feel like a cow that is grazing in a field.
  5. All of the coughing and sneezing makes me ill.
And some of you actually agreed with me!

Here are some comments from the Text Club--
Pro-​buffet but I only like timbers at Mohegan Sun.

The difference between a buffet and a restaurant is, that the restaurant keeps the food away from the guest view. You can get food poisoning more in a restaurant than you can in a buffet because health regulations are more stringent with buffet for their temperatures.

I like the variety as well. I like to try several new items without having to pay 50.00 and i have 4yr old twins boys who love crab legs at the buffet. PRO BUFFET.

There are germs at any restaurant, but with buffets it's the kitchen staff, wait staff, AND customers. You don't have the added customer nastiness at sit down restaurants.

Normally I agree with Lissa. Sorry Lissa, I agree with Rocky today. Buffets are gross. The food sits out forever!

I find most buffets to be questionable... but I do like hamburgers at Mohegan Sun.

Anti buffet! I can't stomach the thought of large sweaty people belly bumping me in line and brushing their gross hairy arms against mine as they reach for the utensil I Just put down. I haven't been to one in years. My exception: cruise ships. Things are spaced well and monitored plus they have servers at most stations

ANTI! I agree with everything you said Rock, plus I hate the unattended children running around grabbing with their hands or pushing past you forcing you to nearly drop your plate.

Just went to Dreams Punta Cana. They squirt you with hand sanitizer on the way in to the buffet. Make this a law in the U.S!

Hate them. I hate to see people touch their faces, nose, sneeze and not sure they wash their hands then touch the utensils to get food. Yuck!!

Anti, it's too easy to overeat.

I'm all about buffets! Let's go!!

Buffets suck!  They are for obese people that can’t control their portions and especially the buffets around here have several violations. You can check out restaurant violations online

Rocky I'm with you. The people at the buffets make me sick

I was pro buffet but after hearing Rock's points....he might have swayed me to anti!

Pro buffet.  I'm a culinary arts student and if food safety guidelines are followed than buffets are beneficial to restaurant owners and the clientele they serve!

Anti buffet .... Helps aid in America's obesity... People eat a lot more at buffets bc they want to get their money's worth

Was pro til listening to your 5 reasons now you got me thinking!

Pro Buffet.  The food is ready, they give you plenty of choices and you can have as much as I want.

Hate them!  I went to one last year and the guy in front of me used his fingers to taste the food. Gross!

Going to Vegas in 2 weeks for vacation and to get married. I am def going to check out this buffet. Buffets are great!! Tons of choices for a great price!

I used to enjoy the buffet experience until you just talked about those spoons and now I'm grossed out

Pro!  Don’t be a pansey.

Are YOU pro- or anti- BUFFET?

I’d love to hear what you think.


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It's the BEST Time of Year!!!

It's my FAVORITE time of the year...FOOTBALL SEASON!!!  And football season for me means road trip to Cleveland.

Yeah, I'm a Browns fans.  All th experts were predicting a blowout.  But the young Browns game Philly a great game and made their fans sweat it out til the very end. 

Check out the giant American flag they brought out for the Anthem.  In what turned out to be a sign of things to come, our rookie starting Quarterback got trapped under the flag while trying to leave the field.  He later tossed 4 interceptions, missed wide open recievers and looked overmatched.  Things can only get better, right?

I held off making a beer run at halftime to watch the Ohio University marching band.  When I went to school there it was always the highlight of Saturday football games.  And they didn't disappoint in Cleveland.

Even though the Browns lost in the last minute 17-16 it was still a great day.  And it always is on the lake in Cleveland.

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