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Can I Marry Your Daughter?

I pretty much got killed on phone calls and texts this morning after I said guys don’t ask their girlfriend’s Dad for permission to marry anymore.  I really thought this was a tradition from another generation.

Didn’t this custom disappear with malt shoppes, 57 Chevys and sock hops?

My question:  Does anyone UNDER 30 still do this?  I didn’t think so.

Wow!  You would’ve thought I said something bad about puppies or the First Lady!

It is still the proper thing to do. 

And as we found out from a lot of our listeners, YOUR future in-laws will appreciate it.  You just might even catch them off-guard.  AND you will get this new relationship (with the in-laws) off to a good start!
I’ve been wrong before, but never THIS wrong!

Til the morning…


I'm 39 and I got married at the age of 21 and I don't think my husband asked for permission. I do have 2 young boys though and I would hope they would ask for permission because it is respectful.

Hi my name is Andrew I asked my father in law twice to marry my wife the 2nd time he gave his permission.  I’m 34 now I was 29 when I asked.

If a guy asks the parent,s permission ithas more to do with the respect the girl had for them, not his personal opinion.

I fully expect my daughter’s fiance to ask permission when they’re ready...respect should never go out of style.

I didn't ask her parents.  What the heck do I care what they have to say. I'm 27. We’ve been engaged for 7 months.

I was married once and got engaged in February this year and am getting married in September.  Neither time were my parents asked.

My 21 year old asked me about 6 months ago if I would be upset if he married his girlfriend and I told him make sure he asks her dad.  He said I already did!

My now husband asked my Dad for permission when we were 26 and we are now 29. My father’s response was "good luck with that... What am I getting in my dowry?”

Asking the bride’s parents permission or blessing is a tradition that is worth keeping no matter what age. I asked my wife’s 12 yr old son because her parents were gone & the son was the man of the house.

I'm 31 and my husband is 29. We are married a year and he talked to my Dad before he proposed.

My fiance, who is 24, asked my Dad for permission to marry me. We got engaged about 2 months ago.

I’m 26.  My fiance asked both my Mom and Dad before he proposed. I felt it was a huge act of respect not so much for us, but more for our parents because that is the era they were raised in.

My husband is 30 and we've been married 7 yrs and he asked BOTH my parents via fortune cookie!

Hey Rock. I’m 25 my hubby proposed AFTER asking my Dad when I was 23. All of his brothers have asked their Dad-in-laws before they asked their wives. There is  3 of them and the oldest is 31.

Me and my husband got married August 15th of last year. I am 22 he is 21. He did NOT ask my Father. the third floor from my parents now so it’s a bit tense. My Father didn’t even show up at my wedding. My mother walked me down the aisle.

Parents don't control who their daughter marries really anymore.  I would never make my daughter’s fiance ask my husband for permission.  It's as if he believes they own me when it's my decision so,  no,  men don't have to ask for their Father’s permission nor any of that!

Hey I’m 23 and I asked for my wife’s Father’s permission to marry her. I even asked him permission to date her.

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My Thoughts on The Blade Runner

One of the most memorable images so far in the Olympic Games was the sight of Oscar Pistorius of South Africa this weekend.  Oscar, or “the Blade Runner” as he’s called, became the FIRST EVER double amputee to compete in the Olympics.

Pistorius had both legs amputated below the knee and was fitted with a pair of carbon-fiber blades.  He finished 2nd Saturday in the 400m race to make it to the semi-final round, than finished last and dropped out of medal contention.

Competing at the Olympic level is a major accomplishment for ANY athlete, let alone one missing limbs.

But as Sue and I watched the highlights, I started thinking of the other athletes.  What if one of them cramped up or pulled a muscle while racing to the finish line?  Is it fair they are competing with someone that has non-human parts?

I don’t want to take anything away from the “Blade Runner’s” accomplishments. What Pistorius did over the weekend was absolutely stunning, and I’m sure an inspiration to anyone with any sort of disability.  But is it REALLY fair?

I’d love to hear what you think.


Here’s what some of you had to say this morning--

The "Blade Runner" has the disadvantage of not having human ankles & feet that help w/ balance. He has compensate w/ the rest of his body, something that most people take for granted

I would imagine the Olympic committee looked at whole situation thoroughly & if the "blade runner's" competitors r ok w/ him, what’s to question?

Yes its fair... he has certain disadvantages... He is slow of the start becouse of the lack of muscles... and i am sure he has his own concerns to worry about... And if someone doesnt prepare enough how is it his fault if they cramp or get injured... He has no legs below his knees... How is that an advantage?

Personally if they think he has an advantage, let them chop their own legs off to even things out.

Have you thought about the area of attachment of the prosthesis? I imagine that area must be quite beat up after a race.

While his accomplishments should not go unrecognized, this is similar to the bathing suit technology controversy. It is a fabricated scientific enhancement.

You said carbon fiber, Not steel. Huge difference between the two. Carbon fiber extremly light weight flexible and far superior to steel. Those can not weigh no where near the weight of a human leg thus making it easier on the heart and breathing, UNFAIR to others. Amazing yes, but fair no.

I never thought of what you were pointing out. But, thinking wear and tear on the "stump" that's hitting the prosthetic leg. That's got to count for something And something "normal" runners won't ever experience. Finally, the human foot can balance against hitting barriers (such as a stone or whatever) in the path -- where the blade can't. Just sayin

They had done very extensive testing and have reports to prove that his springs are not making him faster or have an advantage over a human leg

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Creeped out by Twins!

Can I be the ONLY ONE freaked out by twins?  Is it only when they dress alike?  Or does it all go back to those Grady Twins from “The Shining?”

And don’t even get me started on twins that talk in unison or finish each other’s sentences!

This morning we talked to a twin named Dave who goes to a twin convention every year.  A freakin’ CONVENTION of twins???  I can’t even imagine what kind of freak show that would be!

And Dave said there is typically over 3800 twins that go to this convention.  That’s SETS OF TWINS!!!

Help me overcome my fear.  We need twins in the studio next week for our TWIN-TERVENTION.

If you are a twin, or know of identical twins, get in touch with us ASAP.



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Best Case of Distracted Walking Ever!

Can you top this case of DISTRACTED WALKING? 

And what do you think it sounded like on the other end of the phone?


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Bring Home the Gold!!!

Some of you have asked about the US Women’s Field Hockey team competing in the Olympics.   It’s true!  9 out of 16 on the team are from PA including Paige Selenski from Shavertown and Keli Smith Puzo from Selinsgrove.
How cool is that?
Paige even has a sundae named after her at Hillside Farms in Dallas.
Show your support AND cheer the team on in their quest for GOLD in London!
Tuesday July 31
Women's Field Hockey: USA vs. ARG
2:00PM - 3:30PM
Thursday Aug 2
Women's Field Hockey: USA vs. AUS
5:45AM - 7:15AM
Saturday Aug 4
Women's Field Hockey: USA vs. NZL
2:00PM - 3:30PM
Monday Aug 6
Women's Field Hockey: USA vs. RSA
5:45AM - 7:15AM
Email support to the team:
Follow them on Twitter:

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We STILL ARE Penn State!

Let me start by saying I am not a lifelong Penn State football fan.  Throughout my radio career, I’ve adopted the local college team as MY team.  I’ve followed and been a fan of West Virginia, Ohio State, The Citadel, Colorado State, Central Florida and of course Penn State.

There’s been a lot of talk of Penn State football this week in light of the sanctions dished out by the NCAA.  It’s not going to be easy for anyone associated with the team.

But this is not the time to abandon them.

I think NOW more than EVER you should be supporting the Nittany Lions.  Buy a ticket.  Wear blue & white.  Go to a game.  And CHEER FOR THE TEAM.

Wednesday more than 30 players on the team said they will stay at Penn State and not transfer to another school.

“We take this as an opportunity to create our own legacy, “ said senior Michael Mauti.  “This program was not built by one man and it’s sure as hell not going to get torn down by one man.”

Well put.

Don’t take out the horrendous acts of one man on the current team.

Get your butt in the seats.

Support the local businesses in State College.

They need you now more than ever.

We STILL ARE Penn State!!!

What do you think?


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Here's Where You'll Find the Next Superstar Comedian!

Will Ferrell was on Letterman Monday night.  He told a story about his 2 year old son.  He LOVES to say to Will's friends "You have a small penis!" 

How can you not LOVE kids?  It's like radio without the FCC!  They have absolutely no content filter.

And obviously, Will is not alone.

Here's what you had to say when we asked for EMBARRASSING THINGS YOUR KIDS SAID IN FRONT OF PEOPLE.

Thanks for all the calls & texts!!!

And as always, THANKS for starting your day with KRZ.


My son is 2. Favorite show is Thomas and friends. Favorite train is Pursey. He doesn’t pronounce the “R”.  He says “pussy.”  He goes around the house “Where is my pussy?  I can’t find my pussy!”

I have been on jury duty all week so at dinner last night my daughter told everyone how I’m always at the courthouse because that’s where all the bad people go. She is five.

My then six year old son and I were in the pet store looking at a puppy. The puppy was nibbling at him as all puppies do and went below the waist and "got" him through his shorts. He laughingly yelled at the top of his lungs, "My wiener, my wiener! The doggy's biting my wiener!"

When my son was 3 or 4 he loved to put batteries in flash lights. One day he was up stairs playing and just as my Mom walks into my house, he comes down the stairs and says “Look mommy I found it in your room and it works now but it won’t stop shaking.”  He’s holding an adult toy.

My son, who is 2 1/2, is being potty trained, grabs himself, and says  "I'm doing it with my balls".

When we took my 4 yr old son (now 18) to see Santa, when he was finished telling Santa what he wanted, he asked him for things for us as well. He wanted a new coffee cup for Mom (because he dropped and brroke my favorite) , he wanted Shania Twain in her birthday suit for his Dad, and for his 2 yr old sister - a new address!

When my son was little he would tell the Dr I didn't feed him and made him sleep on the porch and the other son would hold up a sign in the car window that would say “Help me.”

My son was at Hershey Park on the pirate ship and screamed that this ride was tickling his penis .

At the local zoo seeing the porcupines, my son says out loud:  “Don’t worry Mommy these pricks won’t hurt me!”

I picked my two yr daughter up at Daycare, and in front of the owner she pinched my boob and said “You like it?” Her sweet voice didn’t mask my red face lol.

My 2 year old son was asking the nurse at the hospital if she had a "pee-bug".

My three-year-old is obsessed with saying the word penis in front of anybody. He knows it makes me so mad and embarrassed.  He always does it when my 12-year-old daughter has her friends over and all her friends start laughing and scream and when he's running around saying it.

We were at the mall and my 6 yr old read a shirt that said “Hello titties” instead of “Hello Kitty” so he walked around all day saying it to people.

My friend’s 2 year old little girl says” Bye bitches” all the time.

I’m a single Mom and when I took my son to a ballgame i introduced him to a guy friend and my son says “Does that mean your’e not sleeping at our house tonight?’  He was 5.

Whenever we are in the minivan my son rolls down the window and says “if the van is rocking don’t come knocking.”

My daughter slaps my belly and says "Look at Mom’s bowl of jello.  It's giggley"

We were having lunch in Wendy's one day and a guy walked in that didn't have any arms and my three-year-old asked very loud where are his arms and how is he going to eat with no arms?

He would put his fist up to people at the store and say “You want five where you sneeze?” and  “What you looking at!” He's only 4.

Sitting on the couch with a guy I just started 5 yr old daughter walks up..."My Mom thinks she can dance but she can't and.....she farts". Ya that guy didn't last long.

My son is 4 and LOVES to tell everyone he has 2 testicles lol omg

My Mom was babysitting this one girl & they were eating lunch at a Chinese buffet and she looked at my Mom and said:  “Have you ever had crabs before?”

My 7 year old daughter says "Ken-*ucky" Fried Chicken, meaning, KFC.

My 3 yr old says to people nice bum where u from.

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Bull in a China Shop

Last night Lissa & I hosted our monthly SPARTY at Famous Salon & Spa in Hazleton.  That's right!  I was the bull in the china shop.

Owner Marina invited me since the Spa caters to men as well as women.  They even have their own barber shop.

All I can say is WOW!  What a great staff.  They really made Lissa and I and our contest winners Ashley, Kristina, Angela & Kathy feel right at home.  And Marina put me at ease the minute I walked in by offering me an ice cold beer.

THANK YOU Famous Salon & Spa!!!

358 Cranberry Rd
(just off Route 924)

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Feather Boas, Ducks & Batman.

It's true!  Feather boas, ducks, and Batman were all a part of my weekend.

I hosted another fun Happy Hour Friday afternoon at Cooper's Cabana in Pittston.  We are there EVERY Friday afternoon with great drinks specials & a chance to win a cruise to the Caribbean.

This week we had a fun group from Pride Mobility AND future bride Margo with her feather boa.  #GoodTimes.

Saturday I helped with the 24th Annual DUCK DERBY at the Coal Street Complex.  You helped to raise thousands for the American Cancer Society. 

My bud Brian Coe was there from the WB/Scranton Penguins.  Kids had a chance to win Penguins bobbleheads if they shot a puck in the inflatable net.  Brian got whacked in the head by a stray slapshot from Pen's mascot Tux.  That's gonna leave a mark.  All for a good cause, right Brian?

Saturday night Sue and I went to see THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.  I couldn't help thinking about all the victims in Colorado.  Did the tragedy keep you from going to see the movie this weekend? 

The 8pm show at Wilkes-Barre Movies 14 was packed.  I'm sure I wasn't alone in my thoughts.  My heart goes out to all the victims and their families.

So what about the movie?  Other than the director needing a pair of scissors to cut this down by at least 20 minutes it was great.  I loved the portrayal of the Bane character.  He's definately one of the best villians ever.  Anne Hathaway was pretty hot as Catwoman, but her character just added some silliness to the flick.  And Batman, how about a throat lozenge?  We had a hard time understanding your low talking.

Was Letterman right?  Does Batman die?  I won't say a thing about the ending, other than I LOVED IT.  I just wished it came a little sooner!

That's my sister Suzie and I.  She and her boyfriend were in Milford, PA Sunday for their annual cigarette run.  The price of smokes are so crazy in NYC that they rent a car and trek to PA to load up.  Makes perfect sense, right?  Love you guys!!!

And how was YOUR weekend?


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Could You Use an Extra $1000?

It’s back…the American Cancer Society’s DUCK DERBY.  This is the 24th year for this fun event…and there’s a few changes.

#1…the rubber ducks won’t be floating down the Susquehanna River.

#2…new location:  Coal Street Complex in Wilkes-Barre.

#3…yours truly is the honorary co-chair.

So here’s the deal:

*Ducks are $5 each or 6 for $25.  We’ll be giving away over 100 prizes with the top prize being $1000!
*I’ll be picking the winning ducks out of the pool.
*All proceeds benefit the American Cancer Society and their various programs like Road to Recovery, Reach to Recovery and Hope Lodge in Philadelphia & Hershey.
What:  24th Annual Duck Derby

Where:  Coal Street Complex in Wilkes-Barre

When:  This Saturday, July 21  Noon to 3pm
And look for me on WBRE’s PA-Live Thursday afternoon at 4pm.  You’ll see why I chose radio over TV!


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Did You Witness This HIT & RUN?

We got a call today from a very upset Mom.  She heard us talking about Lissa’s friend that hit a parked car this weekend, then left the scene.

Lissa agreed to talk to her friend again and try to convince her to come clean and find the owner of the vehicle. 

As for the Mom, she is still waiting.

Last Thursday, Diane Canfield’s 10 year old son Frank was hit by a car while riding his bike in Scranton.  Two women ran into the boy near Elm Street.

The driver told Frank to tell police that he fell off his bike.  Then they drove off in their blue car.

Diane told us her son is hospitalized with a broken leg & vertebrae.

Do you know anything about this accident?  If so you’re asked to call Scranton Police at 570.348.4212

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How to Make a 12 year old Smile

How do you make a 12 yr old smile?  Take them to Lahey Family Fun Park in Clarks Summit.

I had a blast there on Saturday hosting my monthly Big Brother event and so did our newest little, David.

Lahey has 2 of the coolest mini-golf courses I've ever seen.  The 36 holes wind through a wooded area that overlooks the Lackawanna Valley.  And the course features 5 water falls & 7 streams.  I guess that's why they asked us if we wanted any extra balls for our game.

Next we hit the Bumper Boats.  It was great fun, but be prepared to get wet!

And Lahey also has a super-fast go cart track.

Add batting cages and a full arcade and you've got a great day of fun.

CLICK HERE to go to Lahey's website.

And Big Brothers/Big Sisters is always looking for volunteers.  Wouldn't you be willing to give up a few hours every month to make a difference in a young kid's life?

It's a great experience that will impact your life as well.

If you want to learn more about the Big Brother/Big Sister program CLICK HERE.

Or, shoot me an email.


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Get On Your BIKE and Ride

One weekend...2 ways to fight back!

That's the theme for the American Cancer Society's Endure Run & Ride, August 11 & 12.

Join me in helping the American Cancer Society save lives and create a world with more birthdays. 

This is my FIRST EVER charity bike ride and I am REALLY looking forward to it.  I've been training the last few months and am almost at my goal of 36 miles.

Here's where you can help:

CLICK HERE to go to my fundraising page and give what you can.

Or better yet.  Join me on the ride.  I'd LOVE to have you on TEAM KRZ.

If you've ever known someone affected by Cancer, do your part and get involved, either financially or physically.

See you on the road!


--Presented by Pride Mobility Products & Toyota of Scranton

--Fully supported Run/Ride with a closing party Sunday featuring live music and free food/drink for participants

--Sign up as an individual or join Team KRZ.  Fundraising encouraged, but not required. 

--Run, ride or volunteer!

Vince & Brian (& Vince's boys), organizers of the Endure Ride/Run.

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Wish You Were Here!

Sue and I took a nice little break after the 4th to head North to Maine to visit her folks.  1000+ miles later...we're back!!!

On our way to Bar Harbor (Bah-ha-buh) we found this funky bridge in Penobscot.

We jumped on a sailboat from this dock in Bar Harbor.

Captain Billy piloting The Chrissy, a former lobster sloop built in 1910.  We were the only ones aboard this little 6 person boat.

Walking path in Bar Harbor.  The water was a balmy 55 degrees!!!

Sue tried starting an avalanche atop Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park.  I had to take this photo, so I couldn't help.

The view from Cadillac Mountain, elevation 1532 feet.  It's the highest point along the North Atlantic Seaboard and the first place to see the sunrise in the U.S.!

Sailing & hiking made us thirsty.  We found this cool little microbrewery off the beaten path on the way out of Bar Harbor.  Great brew...BBQ...and live music.

Check out the Atlantic Brewing Company HERE.

We weren't done hiking yet!  Greetings from the summit of Mt. Battie, high above the beautiful town of Camden.

Sue and I always dread the 8 hour drive to Maine, plus another 2 to Bar Harbor, but it is well worth it.  If you're ever planning a trip to lobster country, give me a shout.  I'll steer you in the right direction.

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SPARKLE Track Listing Released

Whitney Houston's last recordings will soon be available.

The Sparkle soundtrack, due out July 31, includes the singles "Celebrate," a duet produced by R. Kelly, and gospel hymn "His Eye is on the Sparrow," sung by the late R&B star.

With the late Whitney Houston’s final film appearance set for an August 17 opening, today RCA Records announces the track listing for the Sparkle soundtrack, due out July 31.

Here's the track listing to the SPARKLE soundtrack--

1. I’m A Man – CeeLo Green
2. Yes I Do – Carmen Ejogo
3. Running – Goapele
4. Jump – Carmen Ejogo, Tika Sumpter & Jordin Sparks
5. Hooked – On Your Love Carmen Ejogo, Tika Sumpter & Jordin Sparks
6. Something He Can Feel – Carmen Ejogo, Tika Sumpter & Jordin Sparks
7. His Eye Is On The Sparrow – Whitney Houston
8. Look Into Your Heart – Jordin Sparks
9. One Wing – Jordin Sparks
10. Love Will – Jordin Sparks
11. Celebrate – Whitney Houston & Jordin Sparks
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You are all LIFESAVERS!

As I was biking around Harvey’s Lake yesterday morning, my thoughts drifted to where I was 3 years ago.

It seems like yesterday, yet it seems like a lifetime ago.

July 1, 2009. 
I was recovering at the Geisinger Heart Hospital following my heart surgery.  When I finally woke up from surgery which happened the day before, I had no memory of an entire day!  How could I have lost a day?

“It’s Wednesday!”, I remember my sister saying.

What the Hell happened to Tuesday? 

I was freaking.

That was the beginning of 4 weeks of recovery before I returned to work.

Again, it seems like a lifetime ago.

Was that really me feeling like I was 75 years old after my surgery?  I could barely walk to the end of the hall at Geisinger without getting short of breath.

And now I’m pedaling in the hot sun on a beautiful Sunday morning.

Medical science is simply amazing.  And I am forever grateful to my surgeon
Dr. Casale, my PA, all the nurses and the other specialists at the heart hospital.

I will think of you all every July for the rest of my life.

You are all LIFESAVERS!!!

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Sue's Last Day

This morning we celebrated Sue's 23 years waking up NEPA.  Today was her last show, but it won't be the last time you will be hearing from her.  She will be popping back up on KRZ from time to time. 

Tears were shed, friends dropped in and a few drinks were consumed.

Thanks for the love!


Sue we will miss you. Frankly I can not believe that you have been able to do the 2 jobs this long (must be the DD coffee!). Good Luck Drew

Sue: like many of us in nepa, I grew up listening to you and rocky. Through you I fell in love with radio and am a self-​confessed radio geek. I went to college for radio and although I took a different path after I graduated I will always contribute my love of radio to you. Thank you. Good luck with everything, you will be missed
I love u Sue!! Have fun & good luck with all u do!!!

Sue -​ You guys are the only reason I started listening to the radio in the morning. So sad to hear you're leaving. Love Rock and Lissa too! But you will be sincerely missed <3 Best of luck to you!

Thank you Quaker Steak & Lube for the food & drinks!

Sue good luck. My mornings will not be the same without you. I'll miss your arguing with Rock. Love you guys! The Marathon Mom!!!

A little more stressed than I should have been on this beautiful Friday morning and Shaggy just made my day thanks guys!! Sue-​ lost you once so I GUESS we can do it again. Best of luck on your endeavors!! It won't be the same without you. :'(

I moved to nepa only a little over a year ago, and ur station and show was the first i found, and Ive listened every day since. Thanks for so many laughs and best of luck sue!

Oh no!!! I can't believe Sue is leaving!!  I've been listening to KRZ just about every morning for the past 5 years and it won't be the same. You'll be missed!!

Good Luck Sue! I will miss you on my commute every morning.

Sue i will miss you on the radio! I listen to you every day on my way to work. I wish you the best and much happiness! Kelli from beach lake

Former intern Snuggy surprised Sue with flowers.

From the crew at Guns N Hoses Charity Basketball Assoc. we would like to say best wishes to you sue. You are gonna be missed. Keep up the good work.

we'll miss u sue -​ you're a nepa institution! all the best!

love you sue best wishes. Its funny but you and rock are like family at this point go sell them houses! !!!

What kind of nonsense are guys pulling with this sues last day?

What is there to say that hasnt already been said...u r the best, have loved listening u to every morning for the last ? Years. Continued success with the next chapter. U will b missed. Thank u for the laughs!!

It’s been a pleasure hearing Sue for the fifteen years I've lived in Nepa. kickin it for music 1 and 2 & Halloween were a blast thank you for the memories.

Best of luck to sue I always love hearing u do the news u never just read the news u put ur own commentary which was so great will miss ur quirkiness

Hi Sue, Best of luck. Listening from Sea Isle City, NJ. Margaret

Thanks to Brian from the Penguins for the awesome jersey and Kathy at Truly Scrumptious for the amazing cake.  ~Sue

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I Was Attacked by a Dragon

Our intern Colleen and & I got a sneak peak of the HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON Live Spectacular which opens tonight at the Arena.

Fire breathing dragons...acrobatic Vikings...

...and Nightmare!

Intern Colleen after I got smoked out

The dragon Toothless

Intern Colleen about to become dinner for Nightmare

Hey look!  It's Monica Madeja from WBRE's PA Live.

See you at HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON, Wednesday thru Sunday at the Arena!

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Did you miss Sue's BIG NEWS yesterday morning?

How weird is this?  Right before Sue was going to make her announcement, our tower was struck by lightning and we got knocked off the air!!!

Anyway, Sue announced that, after 23 years sitting across the studio from me at KRZ, she's going to focus her energy on her Real Estate career.

This Friday will be her last day on the air.  But it won't be the last time you will be hearing from Sue.  She'll be calling in from time to time, and will be filling in when Lissa is off.

Feel free to add to the comments that came in yesterday morning.


Request as Sue’s last song you guys should play the first song she played when you guys got on the air!

Cheers to you when you have that drink…been a long time listener and you sure will be greatly missed by made my ride into work an easy one driving into Bethlehem ya Sue.

Well my 3 yr old and I love ya and best wishes.

I have started my day with you guys since I moved here 16 years ago. I will truly miss you in the morning. I believe our life is a path we all have to take and now yours has a new direction. Best of luck Sue. Taylor

My Monday has officially been ruined!!! Best of luck 2 u Sue, I wish u all the best! We the listeners will surely miss u though.

This will miss hearing u in the morning....good luck & u deserve a rest!

You know Sue you aren't supposed to make me cry on my way to work on a Monday morning.

Radio won't be the same.


OMG u will be missed it’s so funny in the morning with u guys there’s only one sue u can never be replaced. Good luck!

What a sad day in radio!!! Lots of luck Sue!

Having known this amazing couple for, like, 17 years, this is SUCH a sad day! But we know Sue will continue her reign as Dark Mistress Of Real Estate and Rocky will continue to make you laugh so hard that coffee will squirt right out of your nose. We love you guys--health and happiness to you both.

I can't imagine mornings without Sue's voice!! Will miss ya terrible but best of luck forever and ever.

Really I'm shocked!!!! Best of luck Sue!!! Follow your dreams.

I'm so sad. The two of you have been brightening my mornings for a LONG time! I'm glad Rocky will still be there and I wish Sue the best of luck!

No!!!! You both together are the reason I listen and love KRZ!!! Sue I wish you all the best, even though I am sad to hear you are leaving I understand. Rocky I hope you don't go anywhere.

OMG Sue we are gonna miss you! Listen to you guys all the time! Good luck! Hope it works out! But please don't be a stranger! Rock give her big hugs from us! YOU'LL GET THROUGH IT!

Mornings will never be the same, good luck Sue! I know u will do great! And don't worry Rock we will still all be here in the morning with u.

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A GREAT day on the River!

Sue and I spent Saturday enjoying a beautiful day on the river for RiverFest 2012.  You've couldn't have drawn up a more perfect day for kayaking.

We were 2 of about 200 kayaks that launched up river in Harding.

This kayaker has a doll straddling a "high-powered" gun on the front of his boat. 

Sue said "Hey, I like your Barbie!".

"It's NOT a Barbie!", the guy screamed back.


Sue and our friend Donna with an awesome view of the Endless Mountains.

My view as we approached the Coxton Railroad bridge.

Lunch break in West Pittston directly across the river from Coopers.  After paddling for 2 hours, my peanut butter sandwich was one of the best tasting ever!

Just up river from the 8th Street Bridge we came across a reminder of September's flood.

Another shot of the house that was carried down river during the flood.  It's still hard to believe the river could have been this high and so powerful.  Most of the day we could touch bottom with our paddles.

That's Sue directly underneath the Cross Valley in Wilkes-Barre.

4 hours since we launched...the Luzerne County Courthouse and Pierce Street bridge.

This is the 3rd year we've paddled the river during RiverFest.  If you've never gone, you've GOT TO TRY THIS.  You will get a new appreciation of the river, from the inside out.  And the mountainous view is simply breathtaking.

Want info on RiverFest and other events on the river?


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You're Invited to be a part of RADIO HISTORY!!!

These 2 are World Record holders.  And you can be one too!!!

(longest legs...shortest man)

You're invited to be a part of NEPA RADIO HISTORY.  We're raising awareness about Skin Cancer AND attempting to break a Guinness World Record for the most people applying sunscreen at the same time.

We supply the sunscreen, you just need to join us for this epic event.

Help KRZ Break a World Record!

WHO: KRZ, Radiation Medicine Specialists, and YOU!

WHAT: Break the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD for Most People Applying Sunscreen

WHERE: Parking lot of Radiation Medicine Specialists, 190 Welles Street in Forty Fort

WHEN: Saturday, June 30th 10am-Noon

WHY: To raise skin cancer awareness and be a part of a world record!

HOW: Spread the word! Invite your friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers to join us! How many people can say they took part in a Guinness World Record?

This is the World's Largest Burger.  You can sit next to it in the Guinness Book of Records.

Help us break the World Suncreen Record, Saturday June 30! 

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Milk In My Sippy Cup vid

If you have kids you're gonna LOVE this vid!!! 

Watch the musically inclined little Max perform "Milk in my Sippy Cup."

WARNING:  This song will get stuck in your head all day!!!


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Behind the Scenes at HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON

I got a behind the scenes tour of the HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON show which hits the Arena June 27 thru July 1, and all I can say is WOW!!!

DRAGONS is the biggest show ever to hit the Arena with 38 tractor trailers filled with gear, props & of course the dragons.

The crew has been here since May constructing the set which is as large as a football field.  When I toured yesterday, they were installing the enormous backwall, the size of 9 movie screens combined!

And you can be the FIRST IN NORTH AMERICA to experience the 23 dragons, some with wingspans up to 46 feet.  That's right!  The North American tour starts right here in NEPA with 8 performances beginning next Wednesday.

Here's one of the crew putting the finishing touches on Gronckle, one of the larger dragons. 

Each of the large dragons weighs over 1.6 tons and contains 24 microprocessors to control movement. They take about 3 months to build with up to 25 people working on them through the entire process. 

This is the head of Nightmare, the 2nd largest of the dragons.  Don't get too close, this baby breathes fire!

No need to wax your eyebrows.  This dragon will burn 'em right off!

High-flying, fire-breathing dragons along with Viking warriors and world-class circus artists and acrobats are coming.

Don't miss out!



Wednesday, June 27, 7:00pm
Thursday, June 28, 7:00pm
Friday, June 29, 7:00pm
Saturday, June 30, 11:00am, 3:00pm & 7:00pm
Sunday, July 1, 11:00am & 3:00pm

Tickets are on sale now and range from $29.50 to $79.50.

Get yours today at the Mohegan Sun Arena Box Office, charge by phone at 800.745.3000 or online at

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Way to Go Sparty People!

              Ailene, Janet, Sue, Kara, Lissa & Beverly

Lissa & I want to thank all the listeners who joined us at the Styling Studio in Dallas for our monthly SPARTY!!
We all compared pedi's mani's and gel nails......sooooo cool we all looked like a million bucks when we were done.

Our thanks to Libby and the crew for all their effort is making it a really great night for everyone!!

Be listening for your chance to win at the next one in July!!!!!

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Embarrassing Video

Last week I was screwing around on YouTube looking at old radio videos from DJ's that I used to work with when I found this!

I had no idea this video existed. It's me at my 2nd radio gig, doing a mid-day show on an AM station in Charleston, SC. I don't know what's more disturbing...the goggles for glasses or my Grizzly Adams beard.

Ever find a video or pic on the web that you didn't know was out there?
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Anyone for a Round of Dunk the Scum?

I was relaxing on the deck thinking about what to blog about tonight after a great bike ride around Harvey’s Lake.  Should it be the creepy looking Ice Cream truck that I saw circling the lake?  Or how about the boat named the S.S. Horny?

Then I remembered the GOOD NEWS we heard this morning on WNEP.  The scum that “allegedly” burglarized then torched the Plains Little League refreshment stand was caught.  I guess we can drop the allegedly, because he confessed to the crime after Plains cops hauled him in.  And the police can thank this mental midget for making it so easy for them—he left his cellphone at the scene of the crime.

So what’s next?

Obviously, this low life isn’t working, so they can’t garnish his wages.  And it’s a waste to have him sit in jail.

Why don’t we put him in a dunk tank and have the Plains Little Leaguers practice pitching.  I’m sure I’m not the only one that would be willing to donate a 5 spot every time Mr. No Moral Fiber went for a swim!

Here’s how you can help:

Benefit Fundraiser
Sunday June 24 Noon-6pm
Hun’s West Side Café
570 Union St, Luzerne

$5 donation at the door
Raffle for door prizes

If you or your business would like to donate a gift basket or gift certificate for the raffle, or make a cash donation, contact:

Leah Wysocki

Jimmy Finn

Donations can be sent to:
Plains Baseball Inc.
P.O. Box 1541
Plains Township, PA 18705

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You Can Be Our BIEBER V-I-P!

BIEBER FEVER hits the Rocky & Sue Show this Wednesday morning!!!

If you or your Bieber fan want to be our VIP for Justin Bieber in NYC at the Today Show THIS Friday, here's what you must do:

1.  Make a Justin Bieber sign
2.  Be at KRZ (305 Highway 315, Pittston) Wednesday morning between 7-8:30am

You must be at KRZ no later than 8:30am Wednesday morning to be eligible for the VIP package.

The package includes overnight hotel accomodations in NYC and one pair of VIP passes to see Justin Bieber's Today Show performance.

A special Bieber Staging Area will be set up in the Ken Pollock Suzuki parking lot next to KRZ for all the Bieber fans.

Give Justin Bieber a sign that you are his biggest fan!!!

And we'll see you Wednesday morning starting at 7am.

Good luck.
Rocky, Sue & Lissa

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Sometimes LOSING is WINNING!

This weekend I hosted another Big Brother/Big Sister event.  Meet our newest little, Dale.  Dale is a 12 yr old from Larksville that LOVES sports.

We hit Rich's Golf Center in Wyoming for Mini-Golf, the batting cages, video games and the Bumper Boats.  And as you can see in the above pic, I lost our water fight! 

Dale is one of many littles waiting on a match in the Big Brother/Big Sister program.  Want to learn more on how to volunteer?  CLICK HERE.

And I have some GREAT NEWS about the program.  Omar, the little I took to the Monster Truck show at the Arena was just matched with a Big!  That makes me so happy.

You'd be surprised how, in just a few short hours every month, you can make a difference in a young kid's life AND your own.

Get involved today.


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Only 2 Days Left!!!

I meant to post this in my Blog earlier this week.  Don't miss out!!!  There's only TWO DAYS LEFT of the amazing Greek Food Festival at the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church in Scranton.

Sue and I FINALLY made it up there for lunch today.  You can eat in or take it back to the office.

And they have all your favorite Greek specialties like Spanakopita, Dolmades (stuffed grape leaves), Gyros, Mousaka and of course, all the famous desserts starting with Baklava.

Make sure your stop by.

2 more days!!!

Friday June 8 11a-8p
Saturday Jun 9 11a-8p

Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church
505 N. Washington Ave.

For Take-Out Orders
Phone:  342.0566
Fax:  342.9722

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Parental Dilemma from This Morning...

Lissa has a friend that is a single Mom with a 15 year old daughter.  The daughter has been invited to go on vacation with her 17 year old boyfriend and his parents.  As a parent, would you let her go?

We could've stayed on air til 10 taking your phone calls and texts.  And, to my surprise, some of you actually agreed with me!!!

First off, I have a problem with a 15 year old girl having a 17 year old boyfriend.  But, if you approve of that, why does it make any difference if they are in Florida under parental supervision?  They will be supervised just as much (or as little) as they are back home.

Your thoughts?


Text Club Comments--

--When i was in high school I never dated anyone less than 2 years than 2 years older. And my mother was lenient, i went to ocean city with him and his family, it was a blast.

--HELL NO!!!!

--If they r all over each other now they've probably already had sex.

--I'm a 26 yr old female.   I've been in her shoes. It'd be different if it was two 15 yr olds going to the beach, for example. The parents don't have to keep an eye on the boyfriend b/c he's 17. Things will happen anywhere, Mom can't stop that but a cruise w/ flakey parents. Sorry girlfriend!

--Her mother better wake up and smell the roses or she will be a grandmother sooner then she planned she obviously isn't secure with her daughter's decision around this guy and his family they don't sound like responsible parents to instill good choices in life to their son so their is no decison to make the answer is NO

--If her mother has any trust she would let her!!!! I have six kids and they all know right from wrong trust is the best thing. My kids and I are open to each other. I think she would do the right thing and if her mom don't let her go she might hate her for it in the long run.

--Im a 20 year old woman and i know what was on my mind as a naive 15 year old. I would've gone. But i know i wouldve gotten in trouble. My mom was up my butt all the time and i still someeeeehow managed to get myself into a lot of situations. It doesnt matter how much you are around things will happen beyond the parents control. If i had a boy over there were STRICT rules. But we got away with a lot anyways. You cant tell a 15 year old girl no. She’s just going to fight you and go behind your back 20000 times more. Just sayin from experience

--I agree with Rocky also. I am a single mom of 4 children, 3 of who are girls. But my decision would be based on my daughter, the boy, and his parents. If they arent responsible people i would have second thoughts. If they are going to have sex they dont need to go to florida to do it.

--15 is way too young to be going away with your boyfriend whether his parents are there or not. It only takes a few mintues to get in trouble!

--I have two young girls so now is not a problem. But I wouldn't let either of them till there 35! I am also a bouncer at a popular night club and after seeing how girls act now a days they (my girls) are not ever going to a bar/ club scene ever!! Some things I have seen or caught these girls doing would make you sick!

--I agree with the woman who called in! Yay.Rock! I agree. I'm not a parent but I agree you can not watch them all the time. I know how I was when I was 15yrs old I had a lot of freedom too and never did drugs or anything.

--Let her go! Cut the cord already. Being 2 protective is not good help.  And yes, I have a 17 year old!

--I have a 14 year old daughter that is not dating or is interested. I think it is totally not good for her to go on vacation with her boyfriend. Vacation is family and until there is a ring on her finger he is not family.

--HECK daughter is 17 & I won't let her go away w/no boy but I would let him come w/us on vacation..double standard I know but I can't keep an eye on her if she's w/them.

--I agree w/Rocky.... I'm a mom & there's NO way u can watch all the time... They can do anything here that they can do in Florida or at the movies or out for ice cream.

--No way! As a Mom, u have to protect your child as much as you can! She’s too young and sorry Rock, but I am with my 13 year old daughter all the time. Why put your daughter in a situation where she could easily make a poor choice that she would regret! Mom can’t run and pick her up when she’s that far away!

--NO! I work in the vacation spot where people bring their kids with their boy/girlfriends. THEY DO NOT WATCH THEM! Sometimes they even let them have their own room.

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Love this Website!

I had a chance to talk to Adam Lambert’s tour manager a few weeks ago when he was in town for the big KRZ show at the Kirby.  The guy was wearing a vintage looking Cleveland Indians t-shirt.  As a lifelong Cleveland fan, I had to know where he got it.

Wow!  I found out there’s a website loaded with old school looking shirts.

I love this site!  I just placed an order today.   And it probably won't be my last.

This is an Ohio based company, but there’s a pretty decent amount of shirts for Phillies, Flyers and Yankees fans.

Let me know what you think.


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Colbie Caillat Bug Attack Video

Here's Colbie Caillat doing her big song "Bubbly" while getting attacked by bugs!  What a trooper.

(the bugs kick in at about 2:00)

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Save this Shirt!!!

So Sue is having a HUGE garage sale this weekend and she wants me to get rid of a lot of my old stuff.

And some of that stuff includes sentimental shirts that I've been carrying around since the 80's!

Here's an example--

This is one (yes, there's more!) of my all-time fave bowling shirts.  I say it's VINTAGE.  Sue says it's UGLY.

What say you?

"And your name is not even Don!", Sue constantly reminds me.

"Yeah, but I love the color Orange!", I reply.

And I bet this would sell for at least $75 at a vintage clothing store in NYC.

Your thoughts?

Don't leave me shirtless in PA!

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Behind the Scenes at Summer Smash

Thanks for making the KRZ SUMMER SMASH concert a huge success and a fun night.  We ran into Adam Lambert fans from all over NEPA and the US.  Some came as far as Canada!

Smile, you're on Adam camera.

Sue got real excited when Adam said to her "Hi Sue, nice to see you!"  She thought Adam remembered her name from 2 years ago.  I'm sure it had nothing to do with the name tag hanging around her neck!

Adam hits the stage.  As you can tell, your view of the concert was better than ours!

Neon Hitch wanted to rest her feet, so I obliged.

The Cab sounded awesome.

Kevin Rudolf "Let it Rock"

Me & Kevin Rudolf

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Biking & Bieber

Just got back from 2 laps around Harvey’s Lake and once again I am not a statistic.  Either you guys got the message about the 4 foot rule for bikes or my glow-in-the- dark shirt alerted you to my presence!

All kidding aside, it was a beautiful night for a ride.  Hopefully you had a chance to take advantage of this amazing late May weather.  Didn’t Snedeker say rain this morning?  Glad you were wrong this time, Joe!

We got word earlier today that JUSTIN BIEBER is coming to Philly in November.  Tickets go on sale NEXT weekend, but we’ll have a bunch to give away once we get back from Memorial Day weekend.  We’re kicking around a few ideas for these hot tickets.  We’re thinking parents would do just about ANYTHING to win Bieber tickets for their kids.  True?

Keep listening…this is gonna be fun!

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Anchorman 2 Trailer

He's back!!!  Ron Burgundy returns in "Anchorman 2".  Shooting doesn't start until next year, but a teaser trailer was released yesterday.

"I don't know how to put this but I'm kind of a big deal. People know me. I'm very important. I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany." -Ron Burgundy

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

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Miracle for Ava Benefit

Ava Gioe
is a 5 year old little girl from North Scranton.  She suffers from DIPG, a rare form of brain Cancer that has been so far resistant to chemo. 

She is currently in a hospital in Maryland where she had a surgical procedure to directly apply a potent form of chemo directly to the affected area of the brain.  The tumor itself is inoperable because it is a soft tumor that has intertwined the brain stem. This surgery has only been done on 4 others with DIPG(none of which were children)  She is still in ICU recovering from the 10 hour surgery. 

You can follow her on Facebook  "A Miracle for Ava"  or Twitter #prayforava

Dina Cipriano, owner of Fusion Hair Design is hosting a "Cut-a-Thon" Benefit to raise money for the family.  100% of the proceeds will go to the Gioe family.

Sunday May 20, Noon-5pm
Fusion Hair Design
1138 W Market St, Scranton

Kid's cuts:  $5
Men's cuts:  $8

Women's cuts:  $15
Manicures:  $10

There's also a bake sale, 50/50 drawing & raffle.

For more info go to:


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Today's Show was Boobtastic!

Today's show was simply Boob-tastic!  We read an email we received from a Mom having a dispute with her husband.  She wants to give her 18 yr old daughter a boob job as a graduation gift.  He is totally against the idea.

I agree with the Dad.  First off, 18 is WAY TOO YOUNG to be making such a big decision.  Most of us don't have things figured out til we're in our mid to late 20's.  And why would you give your daughter a medical procedure as a gift and risk complications when she doesn't really need it?  Is getting teased in High School about your small chest really reason enough to go under the knife?  I don't think so.

I was surprised how many comments we got siding with the Mom and the daughter.


Here's a few of the texts--

--I work with kids everyday with low self esteem. There is always going to be someone to make fun of her. She is too young. She needs to rise above it and not let others dictate who she is. She needs to find a way to love herself.

--I think the mom should not buy breast implants for her daughter. Everyone is made differently. Embrace being flat chested, enjoy wearing plunging necklines, they'll look classy. A big busted woman would just make it look trashy.

--I think she should pay and work for it herself to determined if she really wants it
Omg! She is way too young. I didn't get my figure until I was about 22!! She's not done developing!

--I'm for it. She has been picked on in high school, she's going away to college for a fresh start and if they are moderate size to look natural, I think it's ok. I would do it for my daughters however with how busty I am I don't think they'll have that problem

--My natural boob job--Child birth

--I wasn't big breasted and dont regret it. They are too young to know reality. This does not need to be.done to a kid. I ended up with breast cancer and it probably wouldn't have been found if I had implants.

--She’s not finished growing. My daughter went to a plastic surgeon for a reduction consult & he recommended waiting bc she might have to have surgery again in her twenties.

--As a father of a young daughter she will be 3 next week, I can't say that I understand completely how the dad feels, but as a father I want both of my kids to be as happy as they can be. I know self-image is a huge part of that, especially for girls. I would let my daughter do it, and I think the mother is being amazingly mature and open to the idea.

--I think its fine as long as she is flat & not too big. I can understand her being teased. I would have her research it fully too.  My hubby is ok with it.

--At 18 you are legally an adult. If she wants to get her boobs done she will find a way to get them done. At least this way the parents are a part of the whole thing.

--The daughter should consider trying temporary solutions. A bigger chest is more to deal with...especially when you haven't always had it. I can't tell you how many people I know that got implants and have reversed it because of the added weight.

--I'm not a parent....but aren't parents supposed to teach/encourage their children to be proud of who they are? Everyone is teased in high school!

--I was flat when I was young and very tall and very thin . I always said I wanted a boob job . I was a late bloomer and didn't develop until my late twenty's and I'm so glad I never got a boob job . because I was a small be in high school and I'm now a natural d and have been since my late twenty's . now that I have them I miss that small b, clothes fit much better on a b.

--I know if my 23 year old asked me i would have told her to wait until after college when she has matured more and c if she still feels the same about it

--Hell NO!! I'm 26yrs old and just went up to a cup size D...when I graduated I was 18 and was only in a Bcup...your body is still not done growing! Stupid mother trying to be a friend not a parent!

--I had no chest all thru college, hated it, then at 25 I all of a sudden developed and I'm 31 and a 36c and I wish they would go away!! I hate boobs!!

--I think 18 is a little young. I would think about getting a gift certificate to Victoria 's Secret or Fredericks of Hollywood and in the meantime do some shopping for plastic surgeons and give the boob job as a college graduation gift.

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Look What Came in the Mail

A former KRZ DJ, Bob Loftus, sent us a box of memories this week.  Wow!  This guy is more of a pack rat then Sue and I combined!!!

We opened the box live on the air this morning, and were blown away by what we found inside:  vintage photos with hairstyles & eyewear we'd soon wish to forget, station playlists, memos from our GM and old concert tickets.  Bob saved EVERYTHING!

Funny, this playlist from '93 reads like Lissa's Ipod!  Check out the artists:  Bad Company, The Outfield, Journey, Heart & Def Leppard.

Bob even saved the memo announcing our arrival from March of 1989.

Remember the Bud Light Amphitheatre at Harvey's Lake?  Here's a ticket from a Little Feat/The Band concert from '93.  And how about that price?

Thanks Bob.  You're one of a kind.  And if this is any indication of what you've saved over the years, you might want to give the guys from American Pickers a call.
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Meet & Interview Cody Rhodes of the WWE

The WWE's SMACKDOWN returns to NEPA Tuesday May 22. (7pm @ the Mohegan Sun Arena).

The matches include...

Double Main Event
Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan (World Heavyweight Championship Match)

Randy Orton vs. Kane (Street Fight Match)

Plus WWE Superstars including:
Cody Rhodes
The Big Show
Mark Henry
and many more!

We'll get a preview on the Rocky & Sue Show that morning, thanks to a visit from CODY RHODESAnd we're giving Junior WWE fans the chance to meet him.

If your kid would like to interview Cody, send an email to:

Please include:
--your name, town & phone number
--your kid's name & age
--one question to ask Cody

CODY RHODES willl be in studio Tuesday May 22 @ 7:20am.

Winners will be contacted Friday May 18.

Good luck!!

Rocky, Sue & Lissa


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Way to go Riverside Vikings!

If you’ve been on any of the Social Networks this week, you’ve seen the hash tag #KeepFightingGary

Gary is GARY LUKASIEWICZ, a High School Senior and Class President at Riverside High School.  He has a rare form of Cancer.  His classmates have joined together to create the #KeepFightingGary campaign and get worldwide support for their friend.

These cool kids from Riverside High School joined us in studio today to talk about their friend.  What an inspiring bunch!!!

Our prayers and thoughts are with Gary and his family.

Continue to spread the word on Facebook and Twitter-->


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Greek Food Festival

Sue and I are BIG fans of Greek food so we had to check out opening night of the Greek Food Festival in Wilkes-Barre Wednesday night.

Sue can't wait to dive into the Greek-style Chicken, Grape leaves & Spanakopita (Spinach pie).

Winner winner, chicken dinner!

I love me some Greek food!

And how about a little Baklava to top off your meal.  Make sure you save room for dessert.  The extra time on the treadmill will be worth it!



Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church
32 East Ross Street, Wilkes-Barre
May 9-12  11a-8p

Check out the menu here--

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Dragons are coming!!!

Here's the show we were talking about this morning:  HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON

The live action arena spectacular is based on the movie of the same name.  Look for the dragon invasion at the Mohegan Sun Arena June 26-July 1.

This $20 million production includes 24 life-size animatronic dragons and 80 cast members.  Your kids will freak!

Tickets go on sale THIS FRIDAY May 11 but you can win tickets in the first 4 rows all this week on the Rocky & Sue Show.

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I Wish I Didn't Know My Mom...

It's a MOTHER OF A WEEK on the Rocky & Sue Show.  Every day we'll be asking you to reveal something about YOUR Mom. 

This morning we asked:  What do you know about your Mom that you wish you didn't?

You guys didn't disappoint!!!

I wish I didn't know that every time she has sex she calls it "doing her taxes" yuck!

At 1 point, my mother told me about her 1 night stands. Definitely something I wish I didn't know!

Wish I didn't know my mom had a secret compartment behind her top dresser drawer (if u took top off) that stored her crotch-less lingerie.
I wish I didn't know my mom has a name for her private area.

Love my mother to death. But I found out that when I was two she left me and my father for another guy for a year but she did come back to us. I'm 37 and I just found this out two years ago. Its hard not to think about it now. But I get by because I know she love me.

I wish I didn't know that my mom has a belly button ring because my dad thought it was hot.

I wish i didn’t know my mom is obsessed with the book 50 Shades of Grey!

I wish I didn't know my mom slept with no underwear on.

When I was about 3 or 4 I went downstairs & my mom was doing santa... My dad was dressed as Santa... Omg

I wish I didn’t know about every detail of my mother’s terrible bowl issues.

I wish I didn't know my mom has a "goodie drawer".

I wish I didn’t know my mom kept dirty magazines under her mattress!

I wish I didn’t know the color of my Mom’s lingerie.

I wish I didn’t know that my Mom kept an old issue of Playgirl with Sly Stallone in it.

I wish I didn’t know that my Mom used to hunt squirrels and eat their brains.

What I wish I didn't know about my mom is that she is 51 and goes out and parties and has parties that are crazier than any person young or old that I have ever met.

I wish I didn’t know that I was conceived (accidentally) on the pool table in my grandparents basement.

One thing I wish I didn't know about my mom is she's doesn't shave anything or anywhere.

I wish I didn't know her favorite song was “Poor Some Sugar On Me”.

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Big Brother Day Out

Saturday was another day out where I got to act like a kid.  My new Little Brother Josh and I started our adventure at Pike's Creek Raceway Park on Rt 118 in Hunlock Creek.  What a great place for any kid, big OR small.

It was Josh's first time hitting the oval on a go cart and he had a blast.

We made a new friend on the Mini-Golf course.

There's no better way to wrap up a day at Pike's Creek then with a famous Ranch Wagon footlong.

Call 477.3188 to book your kid's next party at Pike's Creek.

Our next stop, Back Mountain Creamery on Carverton Rd, Shavertown.

Thanks to BMC owner Carl, Josh dished out the samples of homemade ice cream.

Like a kid in a candy, er, ice cream store.

And Josh was a pro behind the counter.

The happiest kid in NEPA!

Josh is one of many cool kids in NEPA waiting on a match in the Big Brother/Big Sister program.  Why not give up a few short hours every month a make a difference in someone's life?  You won't regret it.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Big Brothers/Big Sisters of the Bridge.

And follow them on FACEBOOK.


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Summer Movie Guide

Cookouts, tank tops and construction on 81…the summer season is starting to heat up.  Since THE AVENGERS kicks off the Summer Blockbuster season at the movies this weekend, we put together this handy guide of the biggest movies of the summer.

What is the movie you are MOST LOOKING FORWARD to seeing?

Here’s the list--
The Avengers  (May 4)
--A “Who’s Who” of Marvel comic super heroes.  Can’t miss.

Dark Shadows (May 11)
--Tim Burton directs the gothic soap starring Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins.

The Dictator (May 16)
--Sacha Baron Cohen returns.  Be prepared to be offended.

Battleship (May 18)
--Rihanna battles aliens.  That’s hot!

Men In Black III (May 25)
--Will Smith travels back in time.

Snow White & the Huntsman (June 1)
--New take on the Disney classic.

Prometheus (June 8)
--Ridley Scott, the dude that did Alien isn’t giving up too much about the plot of this Sci-fi thriller.

Madagascar 3:  Europe’s Most Wanted (June 8)
--All-star vocal cast returns.  Chris Rock, Ben Stiller, David Schwimmer.

That’s My Boy (June 18)
--Raunchy comedy starring Adam Sandler as Andy Samberg’s father.

Rock of Ages (June 15)
--Haven’t you always wanted to hear Tom Cruise sing “Pour Some Sugar on Me”?  Me neither. 

Abraham Lincoln:  Vampire Hunter (June 22)
--I must have missed that chapter in History class.

Magic Mike (June 29)
--Channing Tatum as a male stripper, which I guess he was at one time.  Women will be all over this one.

G.I. JOE:  Retaliation (June 29)
--Channing Tatum, The Rock, Bruce Willis.  Make it a Channing Tatum weekend.

The Amazing Spiderman (July 3)
--Peter Parker returns, this time in 3D & Imax.

Ted (July 13)
--Comedy from the warped mind of Seth MacFarlane stars Mark Wahlberg & a talking Teddy Bear with a foul mouth.  Trailer is hilarious.

The Dark Knight Rises (July 20)
--Big time budget of $250 million.  Box office should be big as well.

Neighborhood Watch (July 27)
--Comedy starring Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn & Jonah Hill.  Not the best timing with the Trayvon Martin story, but looks to be funny.  And they battle aliens!  The green kind.

Total Recall (August 3)
--Colin Farrell in the Arnold role.  Why mess with a classic?

The Bourne Legacy (August 3)
--No Matt Damon.  Jeremy Renner plays a new CIA agent.

Hope Springs (August 10)
--Steve Carell as a marriage therapist.  With Meryl Streep & Tommy Lee Jones.  Zzzzzz.

The Campaign (August 10)
--2 of the funniest guys on the planet Will Ferrell & Zack Galifianakis are running mates.

The Expendables 2 (August 17)
--Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Willis, Norris & more testosterone than the first one.

Sparkle (August 17)
--Whitney’s last movie.  Need I say more.  Jordan Sparks plays Sparkle.

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Wonder Bread's Last Day & a Penguin Visits

This morning we said good bye to our latest intern Wonder Bread.  Our friend Kathy from Truly Scrumptious in Kingston created a work of art as a send off...a Wonder Bread cake!  You definately need to look her up if ever you need a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.  (

And Wonder Bread was truly surprised by his pastry-riffic namesake.


GREAT job Wonder Bread.  We can't wait to have you back on the radio this Fall for Intern Revenge.  You took a lot of punishment, and soon you'll be able to dish it out.

Look who waddled up to our front door this morning.  That's Calder the Penguin, the unofficial mascot of the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins. 

Look for Calder at the Pens games this Saturday, Sunday & (if nec) Tuesday.  And be sure to follow his exploits on Twitter. (@CalderPenguin)

Lissa found out what happens when you get too close to Calder

Calder with his official "We Salute You!' t-shirts.  Get yours today at the Pens Team Store (40 Coal St, Wilkes-Barre) and be sure to call 208-PENS for playoff tickets.  Plenty of good seats available for this weekend!



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Don't Click This Link

...or you will be singing this ALL DAY tomorrow.

"He's poor but honest, sad but hoo hoo hoo hoo!!!"

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What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Did you hear this story Sue read this morning?  A dentist in Poland took out revenge on her ex by pulling out ALL HIS TEETH. 

I’ve never been a fan of going to the dentist (nothing personal Dr. Z, you’re the best!) to begin with, but I can’t even imagine going to a dentist if she was my ex.

Chew on this (if you still have all your teeth) for a minute.  A guy dumped his dentist girlfriend for another women AND still goes to his ex for dental work.  Is he outta his freakin’ mind?

Would you let your ex put you under anesthesia and then do who knows what to you while you’re out cold?  This brainiac would!

If you were lucky, maybe you would wake up covered in Sharpie generated graffiti.  We've all been there.  Not this time.

“I tried to be professional and detach myself from my emotions,” said the dentist   “But when I saw him lying there, I just thought, ‘What a bastard.’”

Gotta go.

I have a 1:00 appointment with my ex, who just so happens to be my proctologist.  What could possibly go wrong?

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Am I the Only One...

.that eats Ramen Noodles dry, right out of the package?

Sue, Lissa and even our intern Wonder Bread looked at me like I was from another planet when I said this on the air this morning.

I lived on these tasty treats all through college and even a few years after that when I was a struggling DJ. I can remember rushing home to my apartment for a quick between-class-snack. Who had time to boil water?

Seriously…you NEVER ripped open a package and broke off a piece of delicious crunchiness?

I can’t be the only one!!!

Friday morning we’ll be feasting on dry Ramen noodles…and I’m buying!

In the meantime, here’s a few texts that we got from Ramen haters/lovers.


--Omg i had a coworker that ate raw Ramen! I thought she was the only loon.

--Hey Rock, not only do I eat raw Ramen but I also sometimes dip my finger in the flavor packet.

--Rocky don't feel bad I'm 39 and I've never eaten cooked Ramen. I only eat it raw.

--I eat Ramen right out of the package too! I actually prefer it that way.

--I've eaten Ramen noodles dry. When I was younger I would eat the whole package before the water would start boiling.

--I'm a grown woman and eat raw noodles of any kind. I even got my son to start eating them.

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In My Day...

WNEP was the talk of the show this morning.  I flipped on 16 when I first walked into the studio at 5am and ABC News was running a piece on the bears in the backyard.  Weather guy Kurt Aaron ran inside while 4 bears ran wild through the weather set.  I wonder if they found Snedeker’s mannequin head stash?

And then when Joe was on with us doing the weather he mentioned that Monday his daughter was home sick from school, so he took her to the movies.  All 3 of us thought this was kind of odd.

Not to sound old, but IN MY DAY, if we were sick, we couldn’t leave the bedroom unless we were being wheeled out via gurney!

What do YOU think?  Is it OK to take your kid out of the house on a FUN event, when they are home sick from school?
--My mom is a nurse and would never let me stay home sick she always thought I was faking it. Then I threw up on the kid next to me during the pledge of allegiance and she never argued with me again about staying home sick!

--I ask my son if he is sick if he wants to go to Chuck E Cheese.  If he says yes, we get in the car and I drive him to school. If he says no, I know he’s sick.

--My kid is home sick today. I left a note of stuff to get done in the house I'm going to work. I'm working my 14th day straight I need a mental day!

--I was a straight A student. My parents let me stay home if I wanted.

--I would take my kids somewhere without a doubt! As long as they don’t have a fever sometimes kids need a break just as we do from work. Don’t u ever just need a break?

--For the parents that are giving their children a "relax" day--don't they remember these kids have summer break?

--I teach and have had a student this year out sick.  The next day he tells me his Mom took him skiing.

--I'm keeping my daughter home Friday to have a "relax day" kids are like adults they need a day off from school every once in a while too.

--If they're okay to go to the movies, then there okay to go to school.

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