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Can I Marry Your Daughter?

I pretty much got killed on phone calls and texts this morning after I said guys don’t ask their girlfriend’s Dad for permission to marry anymore.  I really thought this was a tradition from another generation.

Didn’t this custom disappear with malt shoppes, 57 Chevys and sock hops?

My question:  Does anyone UNDER 30 still do this?  I didn’t think so.

Wow!  You would’ve thought I said something bad about puppies or the First Lady!

It is still the proper thing to do. 

And as we found out from a lot of our listeners, YOUR future in-laws will appreciate it.  You just might even catch them off-guard.  AND you will get this new relationship (with the in-laws) off to a good start!
I’ve been wrong before, but never THIS wrong!

Til the morning…


I'm 39 and I got married at the age of 21 and I don't think my husband asked for permission. I do have 2 young boys though and I would hope they would ask for permission because it is respectful.

Hi my name is Andrew I asked my father in law twice to marry my wife the 2nd time he gave his permission.  I’m 34 now I was 29 when I asked.

If a guy asks the parent,s permission ithas more to do with the respect the girl had for them, not his personal opinion.

I fully expect my daughter’s fiance to ask permission when they’re ready...respect should never go out of style.

I didn't ask her parents.  What the heck do I care what they have to say. I'm 27. We’ve been engaged for 7 months.

I was married once and got engaged in February this year and am getting married in September.  Neither time were my parents asked.

My 21 year old asked me about 6 months ago if I would be upset if he married his girlfriend and I told him make sure he asks her dad.  He said I already did!

My now husband asked my Dad for permission when we were 26 and we are now 29. My father’s response was "good luck with that... What am I getting in my dowry?”

Asking the bride’s parents permission or blessing is a tradition that is worth keeping no matter what age. I asked my wife’s 12 yr old son because her parents were gone & the son was the man of the house.

I'm 31 and my husband is 29. We are married a year and he talked to my Dad before he proposed.

My fiance, who is 24, asked my Dad for permission to marry me. We got engaged about 2 months ago.

I’m 26.  My fiance asked both my Mom and Dad before he proposed. I felt it was a huge act of respect not so much for us, but more for our parents because that is the era they were raised in.

My husband is 30 and we've been married 7 yrs and he asked BOTH my parents via fortune cookie!

Hey Rock. I’m 25 my hubby proposed AFTER asking my Dad when I was 23. All of his brothers have asked their Dad-in-laws before they asked their wives. There is  3 of them and the oldest is 31.

Me and my husband got married August 15th of last year. I am 22 he is 21. He did NOT ask my Father. the third floor from my parents now so it’s a bit tense. My Father didn’t even show up at my wedding. My mother walked me down the aisle.

Parents don't control who their daughter marries really anymore.  I would never make my daughter’s fiance ask my husband for permission.  It's as if he believes they own me when it's my decision so,  no,  men don't have to ask for their Father’s permission nor any of that!

Hey I’m 23 and I asked for my wife’s Father’s permission to marry her. I even asked him permission to date her.

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My Thoughts on The Blade Runner

One of the most memorable images so far in the Olympic Games was the sight of Oscar Pistorius of South Africa this weekend.  Oscar, or “the Blade Runner” as he’s called, became the FIRST EVER double amputee to compete in the Olympics.

Pistorius had both legs amputated below the knee and was fitted with a pair of carbon-fiber blades.  He finished 2nd Saturday in the 400m race to make it to the semi-final round, than finished last and dropped out of medal contention.

Competing at the Olympic level is a major accomplishment for ANY athlete, let alone one missing limbs.

But as Sue and I watched the highlights, I started thinking of the other athletes.  What if one of them cramped up or pulled a muscle while racing to the finish line?  Is it fair they are competing with someone that has non-human parts?

I don’t want to take anything away from the “Blade Runner’s” accomplishments. What Pistorius did over the weekend was absolutely stunning, and I’m sure an inspiration to anyone with any sort of disability.  But is it REALLY fair?

I’d love to hear what you think.


Here’s what some of you had to say this morning--

The "Blade Runner" has the disadvantage of not having human ankles & feet that help w/ balance. He has compensate w/ the rest of his body, something that most people take for granted

I would imagine the Olympic committee looked at whole situation thoroughly & if the "blade runner's" competitors r ok w/ him, what’s to question?

Yes its fair... he has certain disadvantages... He is slow of the start becouse of the lack of muscles... and i am sure he has his own concerns to worry about... And if someone doesnt prepare enough how is it his fault if they cramp or get injured... He has no legs below his knees... How is that an advantage?

Personally if they think he has an advantage, let them chop their own legs off to even things out.

Have you thought about the area of attachment of the prosthesis? I imagine that area must be quite beat up after a race.

While his accomplishments should not go unrecognized, this is similar to the bathing suit technology controversy. It is a fabricated scientific enhancement.

You said carbon fiber, Not steel. Huge difference between the two. Carbon fiber extremly light weight flexible and far superior to steel. Those can not weigh no where near the weight of a human leg thus making it easier on the heart and breathing, UNFAIR to others. Amazing yes, but fair no.

I never thought of what you were pointing out. But, thinking wear and tear on the "stump" that's hitting the prosthetic leg. That's got to count for something And something "normal" runners won't ever experience. Finally, the human foot can balance against hitting barriers (such as a stone or whatever) in the path -- where the blade can't. Just sayin

They had done very extensive testing and have reports to prove that his springs are not making him faster or have an advantage over a human leg

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Creeped out by Twins!

Can I be the ONLY ONE freaked out by twins?  Is it only when they dress alike?  Or does it all go back to those Grady Twins from “The Shining?”

And don’t even get me started on twins that talk in unison or finish each other’s sentences!

This morning we talked to a twin named Dave who goes to a twin convention every year.  A freakin’ CONVENTION of twins???  I can’t even imagine what kind of freak show that would be!

And Dave said there is typically over 3800 twins that go to this convention.  That’s SETS OF TWINS!!!

Help me overcome my fear.  We need twins in the studio next week for our TWIN-TERVENTION.

If you are a twin, or know of identical twins, get in touch with us ASAP.



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Best Case of Distracted Walking Ever!

Can you top this case of DISTRACTED WALKING? 

And what do you think it sounded like on the other end of the phone?


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Bring Home the Gold!!!

Some of you have asked about the US Women’s Field Hockey team competing in the Olympics.   It’s true!  9 out of 16 on the team are from PA including Paige Selenski from Shavertown and Keli Smith Puzo from Selinsgrove.
How cool is that?
Paige even has a sundae named after her at Hillside Farms in Dallas.
Show your support AND cheer the team on in their quest for GOLD in London!
Tuesday July 31
Women's Field Hockey: USA vs. ARG
2:00PM - 3:30PM
Thursday Aug 2
Women's Field Hockey: USA vs. AUS
5:45AM - 7:15AM
Saturday Aug 4
Women's Field Hockey: USA vs. NZL
2:00PM - 3:30PM
Monday Aug 6
Women's Field Hockey: USA vs. RSA
5:45AM - 7:15AM
Email support to the team:
Follow them on Twitter:

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We STILL ARE Penn State!

Let me start by saying I am not a lifelong Penn State football fan.  Throughout my radio career, I’ve adopted the local college team as MY team.  I’ve followed and been a fan of West Virginia, Ohio State, The Citadel, Colorado State, Central Florida and of course Penn State.

There’s been a lot of talk of Penn State football this week in light of the sanctions dished out by the NCAA.  It’s not going to be easy for anyone associated with the team.

But this is not the time to abandon them.

I think NOW more than EVER you should be supporting the Nittany Lions.  Buy a ticket.  Wear blue & white.  Go to a game.  And CHEER FOR THE TEAM.

Wednesday more than 30 players on the team said they will stay at Penn State and not transfer to another school.

“We take this as an opportunity to create our own legacy, “ said senior Michael Mauti.  “This program was not built by one man and it’s sure as hell not going to get torn down by one man.”

Well put.

Don’t take out the horrendous acts of one man on the current team.

Get your butt in the seats.

Support the local businesses in State College.

They need you now more than ever.

We STILL ARE Penn State!!!

What do you think?


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Here's Where You'll Find the Next Superstar Comedian!

Will Ferrell was on Letterman Monday night.  He told a story about his 2 year old son.  He LOVES to say to Will's friends "You have a small penis!" 

How can you not LOVE kids?  It's like radio without the FCC!  They have absolutely no content filter.

And obviously, Will is not alone.

Here's what you had to say when we asked for EMBARRASSING THINGS YOUR KIDS SAID IN FRONT OF PEOPLE.

Thanks for all the calls & texts!!!

And as always, THANKS for starting your day with KRZ.


My son is 2. Favorite show is Thomas and friends. Favorite train is Pursey. He doesn’t pronounce the “R”.  He says “pussy.”  He goes around the house “Where is my pussy?  I can’t find my pussy!”

I have been on jury duty all week so at dinner last night my daughter told everyone how I’m always at the courthouse because that’s where all the bad people go. She is five.

My then six year old son and I were in the pet store looking at a puppy. The puppy was nibbling at him as all puppies do and went below the waist and "got" him through his shorts. He laughingly yelled at the top of his lungs, "My wiener, my wiener! The doggy's biting my wiener!"

When my son was 3 or 4 he loved to put batteries in flash lights. One day he was up stairs playing and just as my Mom walks into my house, he comes down the stairs and says “Look mommy I found it in your room and it works now but it won’t stop shaking.”  He’s holding an adult toy.

My son, who is 2 1/2, is being potty trained, grabs himself, and says  "I'm doing it with my balls".

When we took my 4 yr old son (now 18) to see Santa, when he was finished telling Santa what he wanted, he asked him for things for us as well. He wanted a new coffee cup for Mom (because he dropped and brroke my favorite) , he wanted Shania Twain in her birthday suit for his Dad, and for his 2 yr old sister - a new address!

When my son was little he would tell the Dr I didn't feed him and made him sleep on the porch and the other son would hold up a sign in the car window that would say “Help me.”

My son was at Hershey Park on the pirate ship and screamed that this ride was tickling his penis .

At the local zoo seeing the porcupines, my son says out loud:  “Don’t worry Mommy these pricks won’t hurt me!”

I picked my two yr daughter up at Daycare, and in front of the owner she pinched my boob and said “You like it?” Her sweet voice didn’t mask my red face lol.

My 2 year old son was asking the nurse at the hospital if she had a "pee-bug".

My three-year-old is obsessed with saying the word penis in front of anybody. He knows it makes me so mad and embarrassed.  He always does it when my 12-year-old daughter has her friends over and all her friends start laughing and scream and when he's running around saying it.

We were at the mall and my 6 yr old read a shirt that said “Hello titties” instead of “Hello Kitty” so he walked around all day saying it to people.

My friend’s 2 year old little girl says” Bye bitches” all the time.

I’m a single Mom and when I took my son to a ballgame i introduced him to a guy friend and my son says “Does that mean your’e not sleeping at our house tonight?’  He was 5.

Whenever we are in the minivan my son rolls down the window and says “if the van is rocking don’t come knocking.”

My daughter slaps my belly and says "Look at Mom’s bowl of jello.  It's giggley"

We were having lunch in Wendy's one day and a guy walked in that didn't have any arms and my three-year-old asked very loud where are his arms and how is he going to eat with no arms?

He would put his fist up to people at the store and say “You want five where you sneeze?” and  “What you looking at!” He's only 4.

Sitting on the couch with a guy I just started 5 yr old daughter walks up..."My Mom thinks she can dance but she can't and.....she farts". Ya that guy didn't last long.

My son is 4 and LOVES to tell everyone he has 2 testicles lol omg

My Mom was babysitting this one girl & they were eating lunch at a Chinese buffet and she looked at my Mom and said:  “Have you ever had crabs before?”

My 7 year old daughter says "Ken-*ucky" Fried Chicken, meaning, KFC.

My 3 yr old says to people nice bum where u from.

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