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Rocky & Sue Show...Thursday Recap




Yesterday Intern Snuggy called me with some jaw dropping news.  He demanded an apology because I doubted he could accomplish this goal.  What was the news?  We spent an hour on the show taking guesses.  Great stuff....

>>He's getting a sex change
>>He's gay
>>He's going to become a baby daddy
>>He got hired by you guys
>>He got a part in a movie
>>He already got kicked out of his college apartment by the 4 girls
>>He got a promotion at Walmart

So what was Snuggy's Big News?  He will be in an upcoming Weekender as Model-of-the-Week.  Still can't believe it!  If you can't find the Weekender that week, it's because Snuggy emptied out all the sidewalk boxes!



Music Billboard Top Albums

Chris Daughtry announced that he's hitting the road with an Arena-only tour.  Hmmm...we have an Arena, and we also have a lot of Daughtry fans.  It's not official yet, but NEPA is buzzing about the online leak of Daughtry's show Nov 16 @ the Wachovia Arena.  Keep listening for on sale details and an internet pre-sale. 

"We dreamed about how it would feel to play these songs to packed arenas, and we're excited to get our chance," said Chris about the upcoming tour.  "We have a great show planned and can't wait to hit the road to share it with our fans!"

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08/23/2009 3:21PM
Rocky & Sue Show...Thursday Recap
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