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Rocky & Sue Show...Friday recap

Who saw this one coming?  The Philly Eagles signed Michael Vick.  Wow!  How will the fans react?  We all know the famous story of Eagle fans booing Santa.  These are the same fans that cheered when Donovan McNabb went down with an injury.  What about when Michael Vick steps on the field for the first time?  It could happen Aug 27 in a preseason game @ the Link.



Here's some of your comments from our Facebook page.

"Thank God the Steelers didn't sign him!"
"Not to worry, the Giants defense will take him out the first game!!!!"
"Do you think they will play WHO LET THE DOGS OUT to pump up the fans?"
"Eagle fans will love him if they are winning.  On the flip side, if they are losing...everything will be blamed on him."
"To all you fake Eagle fans that say I'm not watching them anymore boo hoo...u r either in or out but don't come crawling back when we get over our hump.  U don't have to like Vick."
"The guy did his time but what is sad is that u get a harsher punishment from abusing animals than u do kids or animals."
"These egomaniac MEATHEADS need to get off their high horses and realize they are not above the law.  What he did was cruel and yes, he did do his time, but those poor animals suffered and many died, and that man does not deserve to play football.  He is a very sick person and so are you to stand up for him."


Sue & I had so much fun @ last night's Walk Around Wilkes-Barre fundraiser for Big Brothers/Big Sisters.  We got to hang with 2 of our fave local TV people Kristi Capel & Eva Mastromatteo from WBRE and all the awesome volunteers @ BBBS.  You definately want to be part of this event next year as we got to drink & eat @ some great places in downtown WB.

The  crew from BBBS & Kristi & Eva
BBBS Volunteers & Kristi & Eva

Kristi Capel mugs for the camera

Eva Mastromatteo




This just in from Kim Kardashian...

"i have a really odd talent. i can smell when someone has cavaties!  i have never been wrong yet!  they don't even have 2 be super close by to me."

Thanks for that bit of wisdom, Kim.  This is the reason I'm on Twitter...just for pearls of genius like that!  Hey Kim, I have a really odd talent too.  I can smell when someone's been to Taco Bell for lunch.  I have never been wrong yet. 

If you want to follow my mundane life on TWITTER click here!


Zach from Zach & Rocco's in Old Forge joined us in the studio this week for the Friday Morning Happy Hour.  We can't wait to try this restaurant this weekend.  Sounds awesome...and they are next week's HOT DEAL.  You can get a $50 gift certificate for half-price Thursday morning @ 8am @!

Sunny & near 90 this weekend.  Hope to see you outside!  Have a good one.

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08/16/2009 8:46AM
Rocky & Sue Show...Friday recap
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08/06/2010 5:07PM
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