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Rocky & Sue Show...Friday Recap

Finishing up my 3rd week since heart surgery.  Holy ----!  Hard to believe this Tuesday it will be exactly 2 months since I was fileted like a fish!  Every day gets better.



I so want to see this movie but Sue's parents are in town for the weekend.  Sue's Dad is a history buff.  Should I try convincing him that the new Tarantino flick is nothing but a WW2 flick?  Would that be selfish of me?  Would he appreciate Quentin's take on the war?  You guys had some great advice.




Our intern is about to move in with a house full of girls @ Bloom.  They have already come up with a list of rules Snuggy must follow or else he gets kicked to the curb.

Here's the list:

1.  You must ALWAYS wear pants!

2.  You break it, you out!

3.  You eat it, you out!

4.  After you're done in the bathroom, PUT SEAT DOWN!

5.  When we say "Don't come in," we mean DON'T COME IN!  (includes bathroom, bedroom or if we lock you out of the house for any reason)

6.  No girls allowed unless you have permission.  (This won't be hard to follow because you can't get one anyway!)

7.  Pay your part of the rent, or get out!

8.  No partying unless permitted.  (We're here to go to school)

9.  CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN! (Do your chores and no one gets hurt)

10  NO SINGING AT ANYTIME (You can't, so don't!)

There they are!  Did they miss anything?  Are the girls being to harsh on Snuggy?  How long do you giving this living arrangement?  Let us know what you think.



I get to hang with our new little brother Ryan this weekend.  We plan on hitting Rich's Golf Center in Wyoming for mini-golf & video games, then pizza or ice cream right after.  I've been in the BBBS program for over 2 years now and have had a blast.  I get to meet some great young kids that need someone else to look up to in their lives.  If you can give up some time, why not volunteer to be a Big Brother or Big Sister today?  You won't be disappointed.


CLICK HERE to learn how to be a Volunteer.


Out the door for the weekend.  We've got tix in the FIRST 5 ROWS for W-W-E RAW next week.  Find out how to win Monday morning @ 8!

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08/23/2009 4:01PM
Rocky & Sue Show...Friday Recap
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