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Remembering the SEALS

Clockwise from top left: Kevin Houston, age 35, W. Hyannisport, MA; Brian Bill, age 31, Stamford, CT ; Patrick Hamburger, age 30, Lincoln, NE; John W. Brown, age 33, Talahassee, FL; Michael Strange, age 25, Philadelphia, PA; Chris Campbell, age 36, Jacksonville, NC. 

Photos courtesy of their families, published in

The U.S. Defense Department yesterday released the names of the 30 U.S. military personnel killed in Saturday's downing of the Chinook helicopter in Afghanistan.  22 were Navy personnel, the other 7 were Air Force Special Ops.  Of the 17 SEALS lost in the blast, 15 were members of SEAL Team Six, the elite force that took out Osama Bin Laden. has published a beautiful tribute to these men and their families who remember them.  They were real people, men mostly in their early 30s -- the prime of their lives.  Some were fathers of young children.  Many leave behind grieving young widows or fiancees.  Many were fondly recalled by their high school football and wrestling coaches, their friends and their parents.  All were heroes.  All are gone too soon.

Click here for the article, get to know these guys a little bit: 

I would have been proud to have known any of them.  Please consider making a donation to the Navy SEAL Foundation by clicking on the NEPA Perks banner on the homepage of  We're extending the fundraiser through the weekend.  Every penny benefits the families of these fallen heroes.  Thank you.

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08/12/2011 2:41PM
Remembering the SEALS
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