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Random Texts from Lissa

I was clearing out texts on my phone last night when I came across the Lissa thread. How could I delete THESE? These gems are classic.
You don’t need to know the context of the conversation. In fact, I think they are WAY FUNNIER out of context.
So here you go…some random texts from Lissa--

Go poop in ur hat.
Duuuuuude. If u are correct, I will buy u a pony!
I hate when ur right.
Mice. Big dogs. Wrinkles.
Happy Birthday to the ONLY coworker I’ve never felt like punching.
See you tomorrow…I mean, if you don’t have Senior Bingo.
I hope ur not out on the town right now cuz if SO, ur missing one helluva Matlock!
Stupid question: do I hafta get my car inspected EVERY year before my b-day?
Poooooooooop. Yep.
Still feeling like poopstains but I really feel that u & Sue deserve to witness it.
Yeah, but what if I get a screamin’ case of herpes?
Humor helps me through the pain. Imagine what a hoot I’d be during childbirth!

This is the stuff of genius, right?  Ok, maybe not, but it makes me laugh.

11/17/2011 10:35AM
Random Texts from Lissa
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