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Fishboy's Blog 

OOPS When a prank goes completely wrong!

So last Thursday my friend Steve wanted to test his new girlfriend by seeing if she has the kind of sense of humor he's looking for in a girl. So foolishly he turned to me! May the prank begin. Well here's an update since the prank call on Thursday. Steve is now once again single! Apparently she didn't take our prank to well! Hear the audio below!

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I Don't Have To Wear Pants!!!!!

Being left all alone in a building with 4 radio stations can give you a lot of temptations!! For example untill they started checking the camera's I was able to walk around in my boxers lol. Not to mention deciding to blast KRZ out of every room!!!  Sorry Red Solo Cup not on my watch!!!  Plus have you every played hallway soccer or hallway golf? You should give it a try!!! Just wanted to share my behind the scenes lull points.GOAL!!!!!! OOPS Ok back to work! But seriously I have the coolest job ever!!!!!    
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Put Some Lipstick On This Fish!!

Well I survived picture day at work!! After 45 minutes locked in our Green Room with Mr. Manly I was ready! (the most awkward 45 minutes of my life might I add!). After 3 wardrobe changes and Amanda from the Jeff Walker Show leaving lipstick marks on my face. I was ready for the camera! Thanks to Bruce Morgan of i'mage photo studios the most patient photographer I ever met!!! Not to mention he made me look really good. That guy has skill cause that is not an easy task!  Pics should be in next week I'll def post them as soon as I get them.  PS sorry for breaking so many lenses Bruce!

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Holy Crap My Blog Works!!!

Been a long time. So tomorrow in my world is a day I feared every year in school! It's Picture Day!!!!! So tonight I'll be dusting off the iron and pulling shirts out of my closet which haven''t seen the light of day since like 1998! You know you might be fashionably challenged when Mr. Manly wants you to show up 45 minutes early with 4 different outfits! I don't think I own that many. Check back soon for pics. But keep this in mind there's a reason why you can't see people on the radio!!! 

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Britney's " I Wanna Go" Video

Love the Begining! Check It Out

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Rhianna"Man Down" Has she gone to far?

Let me know what you think?

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"Fishboy and I are still waging war on each other, but we’ll hafta call a momentary truce"
The above quote was taken right from Lissa's blog page posted earlier today.

I can totally understand Lissa's fear.

So I will offer this deal and perhaps reduce the major punishment to minor.
If and only if that other ticket purchased for one said Eddie Money (one of my favorite musicians) is given to me!

This will at least begin the healing process.

However I want to offer this fore warning, if by some chance this is another dirty and disgusting prank to some how belittle me in front of the all time 80's music God I will not be responsible for the actions I take!!!

So yes Lissa as far as the truce I accept it only if the above mentioned is met in a timely and courtious fashion!!!

To show how serious I am I have left just a small example of what I can do in your office!!!

So will it be Two Tickets to Paradise?

Or will you Wanna Go Back and Do It All Over Again?

Only You Decide Your Fate!!

Choose Wisely!!!!
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As you may or may not know- one year almost to the date, Rocky and Sue inherited a brand new producer!

We know her or him-I really can't tell- as Lissa.

I will give her credit she got right to work and obviously picked the best and most attractive person on the KRZ Staff to harass. If you couldn't guess I'm talking about me.

Was it because of my winning personality and stunning good looks- probably?

But I digress...

Getting back to the reason why this feud began, I quote from a blog written by one said Lissa:

"When I started here at KRZ (my third day actually) I noticed that one of our computers in the main studio had been left logged onto Facebook. It was Fishboy’s account. So…..I changed his profile picture to a dog taking a crap. And I changed his status update to indicate that he was coming out of the closet."

As you can see she or he Again I'm not sure openly admits this malicious attack against what is the Lifeline of the Night Show. This careless and disgusting act offended the thousands of my FB fans (btw you can add me FISHBOYKRZ).

Since that horrible day I have vowed revenge. This feud would have stayed between just her and me but then on what I consider my national Holiday Parade Weekend another member of the KRZ morning show took aim at me with what most people might consider a case of simple assault. The incident in which I speak of has left scars of emotion and irreversible damage.

While proudly marching in the parade and waving to my fans one said Rocky purposely pushed me into a pile of Horse Dung!!! Now there have been rumors that this was an accident but I can tell you that is false!!!!!

This was yet another feeble attempt to turn my fans against me. I will and I repeat will get my Revenge. The countdown is on so LISSA and ROCKY BEWARE!!!!

Enjoy your sleepless nights!!!!

You never know when I will strike!!!!!!!
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Warning Content is Unedited Parental Advisory Suggested!!!

Live Broadcast by Ustream.TV
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Ok so recently I have been following this story closer and closer!! Truthfully at first it seemed as if good old Chuck had finally lost his mind! But then I got to thinking. Who are we to judge a guy none of us really know. He's an actor who's known for partying. Think about that for a second! Besides what you hear from the so called social media outlets, what do we really know about him? At this point if you get easily offended I'm going to ask you to stop reading. Truthfully I can't and won't encourage drug usage. But that doesn't mean I think we should harass and berate someone who chooses that lifestyle. Let’s be honest Charlie isn't and never was a role model. In fact in multiple interviews he has said that HE IS NOT A ROLE MODEL. So if you are using the simple defense what about the kids watching all this. Well parents it’s your responsibility to teach them the difference between right and wrong not Hollywood not Network TV and Facebook, Twitter, whatever. You get the point. Truthfully we need to focus on ourselves and stop worrying about people we don't even know!
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