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Fishboy's Blog 

Pregnant and Confused

Dear Fishboy

Please help

Was with a man for over a year - on and off for the last 6 months. A year and a bit. Recently found out I am pregnant in July. He didn't take the news well at first and freaked out via txt. I found that weird and so ignored. When he finally became happy about the baby. I then came clean and told him when we were broken up I had a one nighter during that month that went wrong... Anyway the ex is not speaking to me . He missed the recent scan though he said he wanted to go - I ended up alone. He then rang that night out of curiousity and guilt I guess...but still he decided to 'move on' and totally ignore me, he was supposed to be going with me to it. Now he won't even reply to me  and tell me if he wants to go or not to the next scan and I don't find this fair. So I'm going to go without him if need be, but how long is this rubbish treatment from him going to go on, I am scared to totally resent him if he waltzes back into my life at the end of the pregnancy as he is making me struggle alone as it is. He is making out like the baby isn't his..but people given the facts I have just presented to you..surely its more likely to be him?? I said I was cool to a paternity test cos it was a bit of a mystery to me how I conceived at all! The ex has not seen or spoken to me in over a month now and thinks there is only a 5% chance it could be his, given the dates. .. I just want to know will he ever speak to me again? His last txt read, promise you, last txt ever...and he hasn't written ever since.  I don't know what his problem is?  He knows I am not faking as I showed him the tester...and documents. Just to show him that no really its happening. BUT now what?? I want him back and even though I am capable of doing this alone. I find it unfair.



Ok gang let's help Becky out comment your advice

10/15/2009 3:29PM
Pregnant and Confused
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