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Possibly the best gift idea i've seen in a while . . .

Hey friends!  As many of you have probably come to realize by now, I'm a little psycho when it comes to planning and gift giving. I think about what i'm going to give people for their birthdays or other holidays months in advance and feel underwhelmed when I don't feel like I NAILED it. A girl named Ashlie who listens to our show emailed me about these necklaces and I was instantly in LOVE and had to tell you about them. This is a no-brainer AMAZING gift for any lady in your life from kid . . . to grown adult.

I had never seen these until now . . . but how darn cute are these necklaces? The company is called ORIGAMI OWL, but no, you don't fold paper or need to be crafty. They are necklaces that you get to customize to your liking and personality. T Everything from the chain to the charms . . . you pick it all. While you can choose to host a party and design the custom jewelry, you can also just order from Ashlie's website (which is super easy and convenient.) I can't wait to order these for some ladies in my life . . . the possibilities and designs are endless!

I put a camera, some headphones, a fleur de lis, cross, and key inside mine. (The one pictured to the upper left hand side.) Those are just things I love . . . but you can make yours look however you want!

When I saw these, I HAD to share them with you! Hope you like them as much as I do. Now to decide . . . who's getting these for their birthday . . . :) 

Check out her site here and click on LIVING LOCKETS:

Wicked cute, huh?!

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01/25/2013 2:47PM
Possibly the best gift idea i've seen in a while . . .
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01/25/2013 7:25PM
jen singer
Pretty sweet!!
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