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People you SHOULD NOT be friends with on FB

1. Your therapist. Leave the issues on the couch.

2. Your parent's friends. They still think you're 11 - don't ruin the illusion.

3. Family members who like to gossip.

4. Any stranger who's just friending you cuz "you look good....". Um, creeper alert!

5. Any stranger you just happen to have "friends in common with"

6. Your boss

7. Professional associates/contacts

8. Fundamentalists or extremists

9. Any person whose WHOLE LIFE revolves around their small child

10. Farmville/Foursquare/Mafia Wars fanatics

11. Anyone you were enemies with in high school

12. People you've had a falling out with

13. The guy/girl your friend is crushing on

14. Your ex's new significant other

15. Anyone you're dating casually

10/08/2010 3:11AM
People you SHOULD NOT be friends with on FB
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10/08/2010 7:26AM
HEY!! I resemble number 10. I love Farmville!! (My kids tease me about it all the time.) Don't worry though, if you don't share my passion, I won't ask for gifts from you. :-)
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