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Parental Dilemma from This Morning...

Lissa has a friend that is a single Mom with a 15 year old daughter.  The daughter has been invited to go on vacation with her 17 year old boyfriend and his parents.  As a parent, would you let her go?

We could've stayed on air til 10 taking your phone calls and texts.  And, to my surprise, some of you actually agreed with me!!!

First off, I have a problem with a 15 year old girl having a 17 year old boyfriend.  But, if you approve of that, why does it make any difference if they are in Florida under parental supervision?  They will be supervised just as much (or as little) as they are back home.

Your thoughts?


Text Club Comments--

--When i was in high school I never dated anyone less than 2 years than 2 years older. And my mother was lenient, i went to ocean city with him and his family, it was a blast.

--HELL NO!!!!

--If they r all over each other now they've probably already had sex.

--I'm a 26 yr old female.   I've been in her shoes. It'd be different if it was two 15 yr olds going to the beach, for example. The parents don't have to keep an eye on the boyfriend b/c he's 17. Things will happen anywhere, Mom can't stop that but a cruise w/ flakey parents. Sorry girlfriend!

--Her mother better wake up and smell the roses or she will be a grandmother sooner then she planned she obviously isn't secure with her daughter's decision around this guy and his family they don't sound like responsible parents to instill good choices in life to their son so their is no decison to make the answer is NO

--If her mother has any trust she would let her!!!! I have six kids and they all know right from wrong trust is the best thing. My kids and I are open to each other. I think she would do the right thing and if her mom don't let her go she might hate her for it in the long run.

--Im a 20 year old woman and i know what was on my mind as a naive 15 year old. I would've gone. But i know i wouldve gotten in trouble. My mom was up my butt all the time and i still someeeeehow managed to get myself into a lot of situations. It doesnt matter how much you are around things will happen beyond the parents control. If i had a boy over there were STRICT rules. But we got away with a lot anyways. You cant tell a 15 year old girl no. She’s just going to fight you and go behind your back 20000 times more. Just sayin from experience

--I agree with Rocky also. I am a single mom of 4 children, 3 of who are girls. But my decision would be based on my daughter, the boy, and his parents. If they arent responsible people i would have second thoughts. If they are going to have sex they dont need to go to florida to do it.

--15 is way too young to be going away with your boyfriend whether his parents are there or not. It only takes a few mintues to get in trouble!

--I have two young girls so now is not a problem. But I wouldn't let either of them till there 35! I am also a bouncer at a popular night club and after seeing how girls act now a days they (my girls) are not ever going to a bar/ club scene ever!! Some things I have seen or caught these girls doing would make you sick!

--I agree with the woman who called in! Yay.Rock! I agree. I'm not a parent but I agree you can not watch them all the time. I know how I was when I was 15yrs old I had a lot of freedom too and never did drugs or anything.

--Let her go! Cut the cord already. Being 2 protective is not good help.  And yes, I have a 17 year old!

--I have a 14 year old daughter that is not dating or is interested. I think it is totally not good for her to go on vacation with her boyfriend. Vacation is family and until there is a ring on her finger he is not family.

--HECK NO...my daughter is 17 & I won't let her go away w/no boy but I would let him come w/us on vacation..double standard I know but I can't keep an eye on her if she's w/them.

--I agree w/Rocky.... I'm a mom & there's NO way u can watch all the time... They can do anything here that they can do in Florida or at the movies or out for ice cream.

--No way! As a Mom, u have to protect your child as much as you can! She’s too young and sorry Rock, but I am with my 13 year old daughter all the time. Why put your daughter in a situation where she could easily make a poor choice that she would regret! Mom can’t run and pick her up when she’s that far away!

--NO! I work in the vacation spot where people bring their kids with their boy/girlfriends. THEY DO NOT WATCH THEM! Sometimes they even let them have their own room.

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06/05/2012 10:02AM
Parental Dilemma from This Morning...
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06/05/2012 11:32AM
Parental Dilemma from This Morning...
I don't see any difference if they are away with his parents, supervised .....OR...... on a class trip with only a few chaperones. I was a band geek and trust me, we got into a lot more trouble on the band trips then we could have with parents around!!
06/06/2012 6:25AM
Hey Band Geek!
I said basically the same thing on air yesterday and got beat up for it! ~Rock
06/09/2012 11:17PM
So and so
I think if ur kid is good and u trust him/her u should let them but if she/he has done bad things and u don't trust them don't allow them just think can I trust them there.
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