Parades, Beer & the Banana Man.

How you had a good weekend.  It was a busy but fun one.

Friday night we went to a surprise birthday party for one of Sue's Real Estate buds.  Do you know how hard it is for 25 people to keep quiet in the dark for 20 minutes until it's time to yell "surprise!!!"?

Saturday we did the Scranton Santa parade.  The weather was perfect.  And the crowd lining the route was huge.  Sue and Amanda drove the KRZ vehicle while I walked the route handing out candy canes to the little ones.  After years of practice, I think I've finally perfected the parade wave. 

We were lined up just ahead of the crew from WNEP, Tom & Noreen Clark, Jon Meyer, Tom Williams and of course Joe Snedeker.  He brought out his Miata (girlie sportscar!) and his beautiful wife Dawn.

After the parade I hit the Beer Festival at Split Rock.  Huge crowd.  And who knew that you pre-game for a beer fest?  There was tailgating in the parking lot before the festival started.  I love discovering new beers.  My favorite of the festival was Aderis Porteris, a sweet porter from Latvia.  A most excellent brew!

Why would someone dress as a banana at a beer fest?  I forgot to ask.

And what a weekend for the new Twilight movie.  It rocked the box office bringing in $139 million, and here's why!

This is my friend Lisa.  She went to the midnight show Thursday and then went back again Friday morning!  She finally OD'd on Edward and passed out in front of the theatre!

Here's to a great 3-day week.


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11/20/2011 9:17PM
Crabs, Beer & Snedeker
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