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PJ's in Public

One of my followers on Twitter came up with a great question for today’s show.  @HollyKull wanted to know if dropping your kid off at school while wearing pajamas was common or just play ghetto fabulous.
I don’t have any problem with it…as long as you STAY IN THE CAR!!!

I’m always blown away by how many people (mostly young women) I see at the mall or grocery store walking around wearing pajama bottoms.  When did dressing like Honey Boo Boo’s family become OK?

Think about it.  You are leaving the house wearing something you SLEPT IN. 

And what kind of message does this send?  Hello world!  Here I am.  I am so lazy I COULDN'T EVEN GET DRESSED TODAY.  Take me as I am.

So put some pants on and let me know what you think!


(Comments from today's show)
--After working swing shifts, and having days off in the middle of the week, I wear them. I don't care. Don't like it?  Don't look

--I see that every day!!! What gets me is when they wear their slippers!!!! Drives me nuts!!!

--I do it all the time as long as I look good from the waist up.

--That's straight up gangsta!!! Definitely not cool

--Hey Rocky & Lissa I just dropped my son off for practice and yes I'm in my PJs

--I do it all the time it's fine I only get dressed if they are late and I have to bring them in

--Not acceptable!

--I remember seeing that in the Wal-Mart in Pittston a few times while living up there! To me I just see it as a way of life.

--Not Ghetto Fabulous. Actually Lazy Slobulous.

--Perfectly acceptable especially for us nurse moms that work night shift

--Definitely not!! Even my 7 year old daughter would be embarrassed as she says one morning you are changing right!! Ha ha!

--I work in a daycare and every one of my parents come into my classroom wearing their crusty PJs that they obviously slept in, daily. They then complain that our program's 9am start time is just too early for them!

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01/11/2013 12:11PM
PJ's in Public
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