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Oct 23, 2012 ~ my SURPRISE weekend!

Omigosh, I got home to MICHIGAN this weekend!! It was crazy! I've been very (seriously) depressed this last year about not seeing my Grandparents in two and a half years, so my dad bought plane tickets for me AND my younger brother!! He didn't even tell my mom he was doing it - he told her they were going to pick up a couple Japanese exchange students at the airport, cuz he's a Japanese teacher (makes sense, right?) but then my brother and I got off the plane! She FREAKED! Haha - it was awesome!

I got to see both sets of Grandparents, got to go to church with my whole family, and got to spend some quality time in Paradise, Michigan where I grew up. Paradise is my favorite place on earth. I always tell people I'm gonna retire there someday and be a lonely old hermit who speaks to no one. They think I'm kidding.... nope.

SO..... allow me to bore you with some pics of people you don't know, probably will never meet, but are more precious than life to me  :)

Andy (my brother) & I with my Grandma & Grandpa Lamb = LOVE!!

Andy & I with Grandma & Grandpa Krahnke = LOVE and a cornstalk!

My Grandpa Krahnke used to play football for Michigan, so he was VERY excited that they won that day! But his granddaughter was wearing Michigan STATE colors! Eeeks! Hope I don't get disowned.... 'twasn't my fault, Grandpa! It's BillaBong's fault...haa

The Whitefish Point Lighthouse in Paradise - the Edmund Fitzgerald went down here. They have a whole shipwreck museum and movie display about it - you should GO if ever in the area! Fascinating! We took frequent field trips there as kids. Was ten miles from my school..... probably saved on gas.

we climbed the lighthouse...what a view from up top!

Mom & I on top of the lighthouse :)

Andy, Dad, Me, & Mom on the beach. None of them would go swimming with me..... wonder why...

Lake Superior - I LOVE YOU! Canada's only a 19 Mile boat ride across! Not kidding. They used to run booze across this bay during prohibition. Brilliant!

This sandbar is actually quite a distance out in Lake Superior, though you can't really tell from this pic. Maybe it was Dad's plan to bring us all the way out here and then run back really fast and leave us? Hmm..... foiled again old man!!!

Me & Mommy :)

Me & Daddy :)

The only way the weekend could've been MORE perfect was if Jason, Sara, and Benjamin could've joined us! But oh well - Benjamin's 2nd birthday is tomorrow, so Aunt Lissa miiiiiight use that as an excuse to post some more uber-cute pics. Of the ultra-adorable toddler variety. Til then, lighthouse climbers!

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10/23/2012 11:48AM
Oct 23, 2012 ~ my SURPRISE weekend!
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10/24/2012 5:29PM
I Know Another Lighthouse
You know Montauk Point on the edge of Montauk on Long Island, New York? I usually see it as I go off the harbor when weare fishing there while we're on vacation. Just in case you are wondering who sent this, my name is Joey Purser. I'm 12 years old and a resident of Blakeslee, PA
10/24/2012 5:31PM
I Know Another Lighthouse
You know Montauk Point on the edge of Montauk on Long Island, New York? I usually see it as I go off the harbor when weare fishing there while we're on vacation.
10/24/2012 5:32PM
My Mistake
Sorry I posted the same comment twice.
10/25/2012 10:14AM
Hi Joey! :)
Joey, that's cool! I'll have to check that out - sounds like a BEAUTIFUL place! Thanks for the comment sweetie! ~Lissa
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