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Nov 8, 2012 ~ awful turned awesome...

Funny how sometimes your plans get crapped on, but then you get the opportunity to take that crap and….I dunno, make crap-ade. Kay, that made no sense. But my point is: our original plan was to run the NYC Marathon to benefit Allied Health Services - Me, Ryan Leckey from WNEP TV, and a slew of local athletes made up "Ryan's Run", a team that'd been fundraising for months, excited to run for a great cause, UNTIL........ Sandy decided to show up and be a giant hosebeast all across the northeast.

Our marathon team got word on Friday that the race was canceled, so we decided to flip it and take the entire race day (Sunday) to collect donations for hurricane victims INSTEAD! We raised two semi-truckloads full of stuff!!!! WOWEE! “Ryan’s Run” turned into “Ryan’s Recovery”. We split up in two locations: I was with the crew at Allied Health in Wilkes Barre, Ryan Leckey was with the team at Allied in Scranton. We, along with our terrific volunteers and helpers, filled two trucks full of donations and those semi trucks took off yesterday for Toms River, New Jersey and Staten Island.

I’m proud to say all the donations were delivered, and we received many gracious thank yous from recipients. THAT’S ALL YOU, NORTHEAST PA!! Thank you for helping us turn a negative into a positive!

I was honestly sick to stomach on Friday cuz I didn’t know if the charity we were running for (Allied Health) would get its money since the marathon got canceled, and I was disappointed with all the bad vibes surrounding the entire event. But now that I know Allied Health WILL get the funds we raised, and I know we turned this day into something positive – I seriously can’t stop smiling. Thank you again for all the wonderful donations! This. Freaking. Rocks.

TWO of these bad boys! Filled to the top with warm, donationy goodness....

Police escorted the trucks to Staten Island :)

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11/08/2012 11:20AM
Nov 8, 2012 ~ sometimes angels have human faces
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