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April 11, 2014 ~ national anthem vid and two gross pics

THANK YOU, Scranton/Wilkes Barre Railriders for having me sing the national anthem last night at the home opener!!

And please don't let my mom look at these!!! (Dad, I'm talking to you)....Had reptiles in the studio Wednesday and I enjoyed it a little too much!

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April 2, 2014 ~ Poconobody loves us like the Poconos

Just wanted to express extreme gratitude to EVERYONE who came to see us open for Rick Springfield at the Sherman Theater in Stroudsburg on Friday! A bunch of you called in to the radio show Monday morning to say very kind words and we appreciate THAT TOO!!! Jackson and I had a blast opening for Rick and the Sherman Theater staff was wonderful to us as always.

Such thankfulness we have for all of you who support local/original music!!

me & Jackson Vee
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March 21, 2014 ~ TV performance yesterday

THANK YOU everyone at PA Live on WBRE TV for have Jackson and I back to perform yesterday! We had a blast! See you all at the Rick Springfield show, opening gig, March 28 @ Sherman Theater in Stroudsburg!!
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March 12, 2014 ~ gratitude from my face

THANK YOU to some very dear friends of mine for putting my face EVERYWHERE in Northeast PA this week! Kyle at The Sherman Theater for making this supercoolio banner for my gig with Rick - you rock!! Come see me open for Rick Springfield, March 28 at the Sherman. SO EXCITED!!!! And thanks to The Weekender for doing a lovely article/photo shoot with me - you guys & gals are the sweetest! I really appreciate you taking the time to include me in your awesome magazine!

To read the article CLICK HERE

For tickets to the Rick show, CLICK HERE

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Feb 18, 2014 ~ Lissy went looney tunes

Lost my mind yesterday, you guys. Snow finally got to me. The proof.....

My saving grace was the wonderful group of KRZ winners I got to chill with at Salon You in Taylor for our Monday night SPARTY! Check out our purdy painted piggies & digits.....

And BIG THANKS to The Dress Lounge/Bratty Natty's in Kingston for dressing me for the Valentine's Party at River Grille on Friday! I was the hostess, and I had nothing to wear. Nothing. Well, unless you count gym shorts and a Quiet Riot t-shirt but that's more a Christmas outfit....(?).... LOOK AT THIS BEAUTIFUL DRESS!!!

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Feb 4, 2014 ~ SHIPROCKED!!!

Thank you for all the "welcome back" messages in our text club this week! I was hosting Shiprocked Cruise last week with my rock radio show (The Tour Bus in NYC). Went all over the Bahamas with some of my favorite bands, emceeing shows, hosting meet & greets, even got to perform a little bit! Awesome fun!!! A few pics to share...

My cohost and I with Five Finger Death Punch

the crowd view from onstage.... YEAH!!!!!

On the beach with my friend Cheri Mae

with comedian Jim Breuer - got to host his show :) LOVE HIM!!

with Lajon from Sevendust

with Lukas Rossi from Halo Method

blue blue H20!!!

we raised over $140,000 for our charity "Cancer Sucks" at our Rock n Roll Auction!!

cruising back and forth between shows....

bringing Candlebox on stage with my cohost

I see a tree, I must climb it!

last night of the cruise, that's me singing in front - what an honor to jam with all these AMAZING MUSICIANS!!!
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Jan 6 2014 ~ new year, same cheer

Here’s the thing about New Years resolutions: you're NOT capable of making massive life changes just because it's a new year. You're capable because you're awesome. You were AWESOME LAST YEAR, and you're AWESOME THIS YEAR! So realize it!!!! Be you. You're the youiest you that ever you'd. Own it. Love it. You can always improve yourself if you want it bad enough.
That being said, here's how you know you're NOT quitting smoking in 2014: if you trundle outside ANYTIME in the next two days to suckle at your cancery teet, when it's colder than a polar bear's nutsack - you're screwed. I'm sorry. Focus on learning to crochet or something.
Best of luck in this new year! Here’s a pic of me and my dear friend ringing in 2014 in NYC. I’m the one in the stupid hat. I know – you figured.
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Nov 12, 2013 ~ ring ring... it's God

First time in my life forgot to shut my phone off during church on Sunday! MORTIFIED!! My "Super Freak" Rick James ringtone went off during the sermon  ...Coincidentally the lesson was about a bible chick who married seven dudes. A very kinky girl. The kind you don't take home to mother...

We sang the Star Spangled Banner before the service in honor of Veterans Day. Teared up thinking of my Grandpa, my favorite WW2 vet. Miss him so much!!! (He's back in Michigan, not gone for good. Didn't mean to make that sound morbid). Did you see on the news yesterday where President Obama visited that 107 yr old WW2 veteran? VERY cool. Things only got a little awkward when he made the guy purchase maternity healthcare coverage.

This just in... no longer snowing in Scranton. I'm gonna make a grass angel. Cuz my Grandpa fought for my right to flail on the lawn. God Bless the USA!

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Nov 9, 2013 ~ Hey Ma! I ran da NYC marathon...

Never in my life have I felt more like an athlete. And never in my life have I had more than a hundred people yell "Run Forrest" as I pass them on the street.... Haaa. The NYC marathon was an unbelievable experience! Next to skydiving, the biggest rush of my life! Our Ryan's Run 4 team raised over $296,000 (not a typo) for Allied Health Services to help kids and adults with disabilities. I couldn't be more proud. Only got a few pics. But wanted to share....

the start line

crossing the finish line... (sorry I know it's crappy quality - screen capture)

my MEDAL!!! ............(yes, every runner gets one... but still)

Our FUNDRAISING totals! Go Northeast PA!!!!! Your donations made this possible - THANK YOU so very much! xo

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Oct 29, 2013 ~ heyyyyyy burfday weekend!

So Friday was my birthday. Turned 87 years old (Oil of Olay - endorsement opportunity hellooooo).... had the best birthday weekend since I was eight and got a Janet Jackson album from my aunt (played it til it broke). Something I've realized in my old age: great friends are even better than Janet Jackson albums. No, really, I know Design Of A Decade was good, but check out what was waiting for me first thing Friday morning from my friend Shannon....

haaaaaaaaa sexy, no?

THEN I got to see Jeffrey Ross's comedy show at the Kirby with my friends Nicole & Jenis Friday night, and SAMMY HAGAR on Saturday!! Yeah, we were front row - I'm not ashamed to say I totally lost my mind!!!!! Check this view....


Jenis, Desiree, and Me :) goofballs. LOVE these chickas. What a perfect birthday weekend!! Now on to NYC marathon (Sunday). New year = new reasons to smile!

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