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Nov 2, 2012 ~ hate me for other reasons, NOT this

Wow. It’s been a weird day here at KRZ. This morning we were on the air talking about how I’m running the NYC Marathon this Sunday. What started as a light-hearted conversation apparently turned into “Please call and say mean things to Lissa because she obviously doesn’t care about hurricane victims.”

I got nasty comments on Facebook and I’m still getting hateful emails because a lot of people don’t think we should be doing this race. Lemme just get one thing off my chest: I DON’T THINK WE SHOULD BE DOING THIS RACE EITHER! I don’t agree with Bloomberg’s decision - he should’ve postponed the marathon. But that wasn’t my call. The way I see it, I’ve got two options: I can stay home or I can go. There are dozens of patients at Allied Health Services (two special little girls in particular) who believe in me and want me to run for them and I’m NOT letting them down. I gave my word to do this and I’m gonna do it!

It might interest some of the hate-spewers to know that my entire team has shifted our efforts to raising funds for hurricane victims ever since the tragedy – we’ve got at least $3,200 from Allied going straight to the victims, and that’s NOT taking anything away from funds already raised for Allied patients. That’s additional. Our running team is also bringing clothing to be donated to the victims.

I personally have been running gas, water, food, supplies, etc to Jersey this week, and helping our local Red Cross. My younger brother in Jersey STILL has no power or utilities. His girlfriend (who I also consider family) lives on Long Island, and her area’s terrible. Same for my older brother, his wife, and my little nephew Benjamin who live in Connecticut. I’ll continue to help my family and I’ll continue to help the victims HOWEVER I CAN. I get it. But skipping the race and neglecting people at Allied would help no one. I think hateful emails would be better directed to Mr. Bloomberg and not some chick at a radio station who's just trying to follow through on a promise. I can participate in the marathon AND help hurricane victims.
I pray everyone has a blessed weekend. And for those who supported me with messages of love and encouragement – THANK YOU! Bloomberg’s decision, although I don’t agree with it, means I run on Sunday. And here’s two of the biggest reason’s why…would YOU wanna explain to these two beautiful little girls why Lissa didn't keep her promise to run for them, and why it was more important for me to stay home and "make a point"? No way.

Aubrey, Me, and Kara - Allied Health Services helps them every day.

To make a last minute donation, CLICK HERE

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11/02/2012 1:30PM
Nov 2, 2012 ~ hate me for other reasons, NOT this
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11/02/2012 1:47PM
RUN BABY RUN...not a good call from the mayor but your RUN
11/02/2012 1:50PM
I agree. And thank you! :) -Lissa
11/02/2012 1:54PM
I believe in your and what you are doing!!!
Lissa, I also believe the marathon should have been post poned, but since it hasn't been I am 10000% behind you. You are truley a great person!!!! I am unable to run so I show my support for you and your cause(s) in other ways. Please once again can you let others know how to donate to help your cause?
11/02/2012 1:57PM
Wow - thanks!
Hey there! Appreciate it so much! Thank you. And I put a link right below the kids' picture to donate. That's where you click if you'd like to make a pledge. And it doesn't have to be any certain amount! Even a dollar will help! Ilove you guys - thanks so much! -Lissa
11/02/2012 1:58PM
Keep the Faith!!
If you made a promise, then follow through with it!! Don't let a few jerks bring you down. I am sure they aren't doing anything to help anyone but themselves anyway....we are proud to have you represent!
11/02/2012 2:00PM
go for it!
If people want to be upset it should be with the person who made the decision to have the race continue not the people who are running in it. It is all for good causes and that's what should matter to you. Don't let these people stop you fromhelping others. You go girl.
11/02/2012 2:00PM
Good luck
I don't agree with mayors decisions...but I get what you are doing...
11/02/2012 2:16PM
Good things!
Lissa, You are doing a good thing. Although it's difficult, ignore the negativity. You know in your heart you are not running th race for you but to help others in need. I work in healthcare, and I think what you are doing to remarkable. Cheers to you and your team. Good luck!!
11/02/2012 2:19PM
you'll do great
I think you will do fantastic. I run myself but what you're doing is for a good cause. I think many people are upset cause they're saying the hotel that holds the marathon's reservations is "kicking" families out to hold marathon runners. Don't let those people upset you. I am an avid listener and think your dedication is fantastic. Best of luck. And hope all goes better! Keep ur head high.
11/02/2012 2:21PM
not your decision
I have to say I don't know how the mayor could of made that decision.. How can you divert any NYC police from the search and rescue mission going on in Staten Island, Queens ect. Pack up the pasta meal and take it to the families devastated by Sandy.. Hold the race in spring or 2 weeks from now.. Its not that important to divert any resources from the current problems they are facing..
11/02/2012 2:22PM
Keep up the good work
Lissa I have known you a very long time. You are a wonderful woman and would do anything to help anyone in need forget about the people who are bashing you. Run the race we know that you can. My continued thoughts and prayers go out to you and your brothers.
11/02/2012 2:23PM
Lots of luck!! :)
You are a great person no matter what others think... It wasn't your decision to postpone themarathon..I believe that you are doing the right thing... Especially for those girls and others...Just be careful traveling and Good Luck !!
11/02/2012 2:27PM
Hometown Proud!
Lissa your home town of Pickford Michigan is very proud of you! You are keeping your word to 2 beautiful girls and that is important. We here back home know what a good heart you have. Run hard and know that all of us back home are cheering you on. You are a good person and don't let anyone tell you any different or bring you down. Keep being you, you're perfect just the way you are!
11/02/2012 2:27PM
You're right they're wrong.
Your decision comes from your heart. It's the right one. No one is being hurt. People are being helped. Don't fret. God's getting you ready for big things. In order to live through big things you have to develop good calluses, and calluses come only under the influence of irritation. Good luck and God bless!!
11/02/2012 2:29PM
Spirits = officially lifted! ~Lissa
Oh my gosh, you guys with your wonderful comments. Really made me feel better. Thank you!!!!!! ~Liss
11/02/2012 2:48PM
other people
People are A holes. No matter what you do someone will have a problem with it.
11/02/2012 2:56PM
so wrong.
This is wrong on so many levels .why do you have to be a lamb and follow...? Why dont you runners do something useful and trot your tush down to where the devastation is and helpthe people that have no food no house no clothing....I just wished they postpone this recreational event.when there are more important things that need to be done.
11/02/2012 3:29PM
100% agree!!!
Totally agree Lissa! It should've been rescheduled, but letting down those little girls doesn't help a thing. You made a promise, and I commend you for following through even in the face of controversy. Good luck!!!
11/02/2012 3:39PM
You've ALWAYS Rocked!!
And this is no have your priorities straight, Lissa. Stick with 'em! And I find that most of the time, a lot of the naysayers are trying to find an excuse to bring the good people down because THEY are too sorry to do anything and don't wanna feel bad about themselves. DON'T let the slapnuts get to ya!! You go on, for those darling little girls....use the negative energy these people are sending ya to your advantage...use it as fuel... To the people like "So wrong" I would ask....Are THEY leading? Following? Or staying out of the way? How can they be helping when they're sitting at their keyboards writing their criticism of you? And what good does it do to write to YOU about their wishes to postpone the marathon? Why aren't they writing to the people in charge? (See statement above "THEY are too sorry to do anything and don't wanna feel bad about themselves.") I always have been, and always will be behind you. ~ Lance
11/02/2012 3:49PM
Backing you a 100%
What you are doing is for a good cause.Those people that sent you hate mail would not do any of it,all they can do is complain.Like my momma always said,if you are not part of the solution,your part of the problem.Joe C.
11/02/2012 3:51PM
Go for it!
Lissa - What you are doing is so positive and reflects your true giving nature and that is what you should hold on to in this process! I do feel that there needs to be a different focus for NYC, but like you said, you did not make this decision. As someone who is well aware of the services that Allied offers, THEY need you to do this so please carry that with you during this time. And, please remember the words of Eleanor Roosevelt "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." Let it go and do what you know in your heart is the right thing. You will be rewarded triple fold in the end.
11/02/2012 3:54PM
Supporting you
Don't EVER let the haters get to you Lissa. Like you said it's not your decision to hold the marathon but since it's still going on when scheduled you're gonna follow through. As well you should. You would hate yourself and be blasted if you didn't run for Allied like you promised to. You running in the marathon doesn't mean you don't care about hurricane victims but part of why Bloomberg is doing this is to show that life goes on and that NYC will come back from Sandy just like they did 9/11. What have all these people freaking out on you doing to help hurricane victims? Are they donating money and supplies to the victims? Are they helping drain water and rebuild? Are they taking people in? Most probably aren't. You are doing what you said you would and that's help. You're helping patients at Allied AND helping Hurricane victims. It's not like you're going out and getting wasted in the neighborhoods where the hurricane struck and you're not looting so you aren't hurting or being heartless to the victims.
11/02/2012 4:41PM
atta girl!!
yourPickford friends support you. Show them the Yooper style of helping your neighbor.
11/02/2012 6:42PM
bloomberg has a brain
Thank you for coming to your senses Mr Bloomberg..I have taken you off my most stupidiest people list...Lissa , there will be other races to run...and you are not hated by any means and you mean well, but ..People just need to get there priorities straight.....How could anyone run by all that devastation for there own personal goal during an recreational event...anyways, it bewilders me..good luck when they reschedule and hope you do well......
11/02/2012 7:39PM
please don't let these anonymous trolls bring you down,regardless of the situation with the marathon ,what you are doing will help alot of people,and you deserve nothing but praise for what you are doing.
11/03/2012 11:01AM
For anyone who commented, if you're near the Scranton/Wilkes Barre area, we're now collecting donations for hurricane victims tomorrow! Info in my blog post from today. If you could drop something off, that'd be great! THANKS guys! ~Lissa
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