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Nominate Amanda for Regis and Kelly's Women of Radio Co-host for a Day Sear

We've been getting a ton of emails suggesting Amanda be nominated for Regis and Kelly's Radio Co-host for a Day Search! So here's the link! If you want to nominate her, click here! Maybe we can represent NEPA on LIVE! We're pretty sure she'll be able to keep Regis in line - he can't be too different from dealing with Jeff on a daily basis! Click here!


98.5 KRZ


Pittston, PA


06/22/2010 1:22PM
Nominate Amanda for Regis and Kelly's Women of Radio Co-host for a Day Search!
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06/23/2010 10:36AM
Joanne Kissinger
Nominate AMANDA!!!!
06/23/2010 11:42AM
OMG!! Secondhand Serenade sounded absolutely hideous this afternoon. Please don't replay that..it hurt my ears and we had to turn it off in the office!!
06/23/2010 1:50PM
I posted a thing on my status to nominate u so u should get alot of reactions
06/23/2010 1:58PM
Hey i got 109 comments so you should be getting nominated alot hun we love you in hazelton
06/23/2010 6:06PM
I love your show - I went to nominate Amanda for Regis (she'd be great) but here's my problem- I don't know Amanda's last name - I only know your 800# so I used that, and now I'm guessing you're in WilkesBarre??? Help us out here - post for all to see details asked on the form so we can get Amanda on that show! Keep up the good work - I get a good laugh on my drive home from you guys and look forward to it everyday.
06/24/2010 11:38AM
Joanne Kissinger
Be sure to nominate Amanda!! The only way you'll find out if the new tunes rock, is to listen, so rock on!
06/29/2010 11:06AM
xejltukn... xejltukn...
07/27/2010 9:41PM
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Great, I never knew this, thanks.
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