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No one looks cool in 3D glasses!

Hey look at us, we're at a 3D movie!

Sue and I took my son to see TRON:   LEGACY in 3D at the new Great Escape IMAX theatre in Dickson City.  I can't tell if it looks like we should be driving in the left lane with our blinker on in Florida or auditioning for a new version of C.H.I.P.S.

The movie rocked, but let's face it, no one looks cool in 3D glasses.

Anyone for the slopes?

Now onto the movie...

You definately want to spend the extra $$$ and see the 3D-IMAX version of this flick.  Just like Kevin & Sam Flynn, you too will be transported into the game.  The 3D effects make you part of the action, and you're seats will rumble as the futuristic motorcyles race in front of you.  In Philly or NYC it's at least $17 to see a film on an IMAX screen, so we're getting a break here in NEPA since it's "only" $12. 

And thanks to CGI, we get to see Jeff Bridges play a younger version of himself.  Pretty cool...teeth whitening without the bleaching!   Be sure and look for a cameo by Daft Punk as the DJ's in the club scene.


Here's the closing credits.    This pic would look really cool if you were just wearing a pair of uncool 3D glasses!

I tried transporting myself into the game, but my efforts came up a bit short!

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12/21/2010 12:57AM
No one looks cool in 3D glasses!
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