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My Thoughts on The Blade Runner

One of the most memorable images so far in the Olympic Games was the sight of Oscar Pistorius of South Africa this weekend.  Oscar, or “the Blade Runner” as he’s called, became the FIRST EVER double amputee to compete in the Olympics.

Pistorius had both legs amputated below the knee and was fitted with a pair of carbon-fiber blades.  He finished 2nd Saturday in the 400m race to make it to the semi-final round, than finished last and dropped out of medal contention.

Competing at the Olympic level is a major accomplishment for ANY athlete, let alone one missing limbs.

But as Sue and I watched the highlights, I started thinking of the other athletes.  What if one of them cramped up or pulled a muscle while racing to the finish line?  Is it fair they are competing with someone that has non-human parts?

I don’t want to take anything away from the “Blade Runner’s” accomplishments. What Pistorius did over the weekend was absolutely stunning, and I’m sure an inspiration to anyone with any sort of disability.  But is it REALLY fair?

I’d love to hear what you think.


Here’s what some of you had to say this morning--

The "Blade Runner" has the disadvantage of not having human ankles & feet that help w/ balance. He has compensate w/ the rest of his body, something that most people take for granted

I would imagine the Olympic committee looked at whole situation thoroughly & if the "blade runner's" competitors r ok w/ him, what’s to question?

Yes its fair... he has certain disadvantages... He is slow of the start becouse of the lack of muscles... and i am sure he has his own concerns to worry about... And if someone doesnt prepare enough how is it his fault if they cramp or get injured... He has no legs below his knees... How is that an advantage?

Personally if they think he has an advantage, let them chop their own legs off to even things out.

Have you thought about the area of attachment of the prosthesis? I imagine that area must be quite beat up after a race.

While his accomplishments should not go unrecognized, this is similar to the bathing suit technology controversy. It is a fabricated scientific enhancement.

You said carbon fiber, Not steel. Huge difference between the two. Carbon fiber extremly light weight flexible and far superior to steel. Those can not weigh no where near the weight of a human leg thus making it easier on the heart and breathing, UNFAIR to others. Amazing yes, but fair no.

I never thought of what you were pointing out. But, thinking wear and tear on the "stump" that's hitting the prosthetic leg. That's got to count for something And something "normal" runners won't ever experience. Finally, the human foot can balance against hitting barriers (such as a stone or whatever) in the path -- where the blade can't. Just sayin

They had done very extensive testing and have reports to prove that his springs are not making him faster or have an advantage over a human leg

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08/06/2012 12:25PM
My Thoughts on The Blade Runner
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