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Last night's American Idol pissed me off. Why are they changing the entire format of the show? Sending home 9 out of 12 people just seems WRONG. It really does. I'm pretty sure they don't usually do that, although to be totally honest, I boycotted Idol last year until they got to the Top 4. There's something about the annoying way Ryan Seacrest says "This ... is American Idol" that bothers me to the point that when I know he's about to say it, I try and flip to a new channel. Real World was kind of disappointing too, until the boys put rats in Sarah's bed. PRICELESS. Brings me back to Freshmen year of college. Gosh, we pulled some pretty fabulous pranks on eachother. I actually just reconnected with a friend from college yesterday. I had the biggest crush on him since we met the FIRST day we moved into the dorms. Once I got to know him better I realized he was definitely friend material, but crushing is so much fun! He's a recording artist now! We went to a really artsy private college, so all of my college buds are into theater, music, or media. He's on ITUNES and everything! How awesome!  Freshmen year was the only year I lived in the dorms and HOLY, we did some crazy things to eachother. The guy I was just talking about, Chris, was so GOOFY at the time. He would carry his camera around EVERYWHERE and act like a fool ... he was usually the one pranking everyone else, so one day me and Samara, the girl that lived next to my dorm (who is know living in some random country as a club DJ and performing in a theater group) set  up a boobie trap outside of Chris' door. Omg and now that I think back, i'm pretty sure we were VERY immature and used feminine hygeine products ... yup, we definitely did. I have pictures. Wow. I'm glad I grew up a little since then. But man, it was funny.

Thank god for Facebook. I would have totally lost touch with so many people i've met along the way without these wonderful social networking sites.

Oh, whoa, wait. That reminds me. My mom is now not only on Myspace ... but now FACEBOOK! She's become quite the little Facebooker and even UPDATES her STATUS! Yesterday at 8am she wrote, "Paula is contemplating the meaning life, it's too early for this."

Really?! Holy. Then I commented on a pic in her album titled VEGAS. We went to Vegas together for Christmas and one of the pictures of her and I had a pretty inappropriate title below it. Ohhh... like mother, like daughter. I am definitely a product of my environment. Thank god. I love her! I wonder how many other people's parents are on Facebook and STATUS UPDATING more often than their kid?! I'm just praying she doesn't join some "freaky" kind of group like ... "Rhode Islanders into S&M" now THAT would be TOO MUCH INFORMATION! Ha!

02/19/2009 11:40AM
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