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Most of us got eaten alive this weekend . . . 10 weird ways to repel mosquitos

Most of us got eaten alive this weekend . . . TRY THESE  10 weird ways to repel mosquitos NEXT time!

Weird MosquitoTip #1: Drink Lots of Beer
Rumor. The rationale behind this gem isn't to have a good time, but that the alcohol and yeast are not appealing to a mosquito. Actually, the opposite is true. A mosquito actually prefers the blood of a beer-drinker over anyone else. You can try to trick them by leaving out open cans of beer around your yard, but it's more likely that Uncle Kenny will just drink the buggy brews instead.

Weird Mosquito Tip #2: Fire Up a Bubble Machine
Real. Though I suspect that this tip was actually submitted by a 5-year-old who desperately wants to improve their bubble output tenfold, mosquitos have been found to be repelled by soap solutions. So it's less about bubbles and more about the suds.

Weird Mosquito Tip #3: Mix Up Some 'Dew
Real-ish. Someone suggested mixing Mountain Dew and dish soap, then leaving the solution out in cups around the yard. Again, the mosquitoes were probably repelled by the soap rather than the soda. So save it for the refreshment stand and swap in water instead.

Weird Mosquito Tip #4: Wear Only White
Rumor. The thinking is that bold and dark colors absorb heat, which raises your body temperature, turning you into a buffet for bugs. But if it's hot out, you're going to have a higher body temperate no matter what you wear.

Weird Mosquito Tip #5: Rub Chives On Your Pulse Points
Real, but gross. Mosquitos hate the scent of chives, but so does everyone else around you.

Weird Mosquito Tip #6: Eat Plenty of Garlic
Real, but also gross. Points to the reader who painted a terrible picture in my head by writing, "Eat garlic until it oozes out your pores." Lovely. But if you happen to be eating a garlic-leaden meal, great news, mosquitos hate you.

Weird Mosquito Tip #7: Vacuum Them Up
Real. Of course, if you have the reflexes and the eyesight to be able to vacuum a mosquito mid-air, then I suggest you try out for the next "Karate Kid" movie.

Weird Mosquito Tip #8: Try This App
Real, but with reservations. There's a few iPhone apps on the market designed to emit a noise that repels mosquitoes. Unfortunately, it doesn't work on all varieties. And, it drives cats and dogs nuts.

Weird Mosquito Tip #9: Rub Yourself With Fabric Softener Sheets
Real. It goes back to tips #2 and #3, mosquitoes just don't like the taste or scent of soap. But use caution, since this idea just sounds irritating to the skin.

Weird Mosquito Tip #10: Spritz with Mouthwash
Rumor. A popular email forward from a few years back states that if you spritz yourself with a 10 to 1 mix of water to Listerine, you'll repel mosquitoes. While the menthol and eucalyptus doesn't appeal to the critters, the dilution won't be enough to make much of a difference. (And directly applying Listerine to skin will just dry you out.


05/31/2011 3:30PM
Most of us got eaten alive this weekend . . . 10 weird ways to repel mosquitos
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05/31/2011 4:13PM
Luba Love Delaney
I was told to take 2 ounces of vodka and rub it into your skin....it really worked for me. Also....you should know if you have never been at a M. Buble concert....although acknowledges that there are kids in the audience....he has a real filthy mouth....you spend so much money and you have to hear him swear like a sailor. I expect that from rock bands....but not him.... We were disgusted and will never see him again....not a concert for kids that is for sure
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