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Jeff Walker

Men can just do SOME things better than women . . . like peeing your name in the

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03/01/2010 10:17AM
Men can just do SOME things better than women . . . like peeing your name in the snow . . .
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03/02/2010 12:52PM
Really...this is pretty gross!!
03/02/2010 1:00PM
Amanda's pee looks like a person with their left hand on their hip and their right hand giving a peace sign lol. Maybe she should be a piss artist.
03/02/2010 10:11PM
Amanda's looks like some breed of dog. I can't place it though. A terrier maybe? Good job to the three of you! Keep up the good work...
03/04/2010 2:35PM
haha the first thing that popped up in my head with Amanda's was wow that looks just like a dog.
03/05/2010 11:58AM
I could vomit.
05/14/2010 4:22AM
Jeff I have a question so I figured I'd asked it on here. U played a song I think u says it was by J2 it's a collaboration of the past songs from last year two guys n a girl sing if u can give me the name I'd appreciate it thankx ....
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