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Meet Jeff & Amanda

  Jeff Walker BIO

Jumpin' Jeff Walker's voice is likely the most recognizable voice in NEPA! As a kid, Jeff wouldn't shut up and nothing has changed. His dad told him he better get a job that required him to talk a lot. So he did. After growing up in the Boston area and developing a harsh New England accent, Jeff moved to NEPA 33 years ago and has been rocking KRZ since the day it hit the air. Besides his love for being on the radio, Jeff is obsessed with cigars, the Red Sox, politics, gold investments, and fitness. Everything Jeff touches seems to either not work or break right in his hands. He'll go to his grave swearing that it's not his fault. Despite his abrasive, outspoken on air personality, he's one of the sweetest most generous guys you'll ever meet. He's always on the go, rarely home, and pretty much NEPA's most eligible bachelor.He has a weakness for lean, fit blondes. He insists he’ll settle down one day but seriously, no one believes him. Jeff has developed a loyal following of listeners who have kept his show the #1 most listened to radio show in N.E.P.A for over three decades! He swears he’ll never retire!

HOMETOWN: Beverly, Ma.
PIERCINGS: Metal-free now. I had one after losing a Super Bowl bet in 2008. My right nipple still isn’t talking to me.
TELEVISION: Chelsea Handler, Tosh.0, Family Guy, Fox News
LITTLE KNOWN FACT ABOUT ME: I’m actually nice.
STRANGEST RUMOR I EVER HEARD ABOUT MYSELF: I’m gay, a player or secretly married with kids. Take your pick, you’re still wrong.
ADDICTIONS: good cigars, Fox News, P90X
WORST HABIT: I tend to over think things. I looked at this question five minutes and changed my answer three times
HAPPY PLACE: in a hot tub with a cigar and a fun companion
TYPICAL BREAKFAST: egg whites, Kashi cereal
DO YOU LIKE TO COOK? No, but I do anyway
PET PEEVE: people living in this country who can’t/won’t speak English! And politicians lying to us like we’re idiots!
BOOKS YOU’RE READING: The Immortality Edge
THREE THINGS THAT SCARE YOU: aging (see above, haha), commitment, losing my cellphone!
THREE OF YOUR EVERYDAY ESSENTIALS: coffee, cigar, a workout
FAVORITE SONG LYRICS: : “I used to roll the dice…feel the fear in my enemies eyes”…(Coldplay - Viva Lavida) “ “You get what you put in and people get what they deserve” (Kid Rock - Only God Knows Why)
LIFE MOTTO/THEORY: There’s no traffic jam on the extra mile


Amanda BIO

Amanda is the sweet side of The Jeff Walker Show. Most of the time. She's been putting up with Jeff for the past 7 years and is the voice of strong, independent women. Amanda grew up in Rhode Island and loves the RED SOX. She spent her wild college years on Long Island and started her radio career there. Amanda is a self-proclaimed expert facebook cyber stalker and sleeps with her iPhone. Jeff referred to her as "The Maneater" for years because of the speed and number of guys she went through, but after dating all of the wrong guys, she found a good one we affectionately referred to as “Boyfriend” until he finally put a ring on it. Amanda and her husband, who we now know as John live in the Poconos with their cat, Asti. Amanda and Jeff agree on virtually NOTHING, but love working together and it's a battle of wits on the airwaves.

HOMETOWN: Cranston, RI

STRANGEST RUMOR I EVER HEARD ABOUT MYSELF: That I’m a lesbian and have a child. A son to be more specific.

ADDICTIONS: Frozen yogurt, trashy reality TV, Sephora, plumping lip gloss and moisturizer.

WORST HABIT: Over thinking things … and making everything into an oddball analogy.

IN MY PURSE: Hand lotion, 20 different lip products, iPad, and my debit card. (I literally NEVER have cash, not even $1! Which is really annoying when I need to park in a parking garage or lot)

HAPPY PLACE: On the radio, at the movies seeing what’s new, on a boat with a margarita in hand, or in bed on a Sunday morning with nothing to do.

CELEB CRUSH: Ryan Reynolds (who people say my husband looks like) and Seth Rogan.

UNHEALTHY OBSESSION: Twitter, champagne, pizza, and goldfish crackers.


DO YOU LIKE TO COOK? No! I’ve been trying to do it more now that I’m someone’s WIFE, but the only thing I don’t royally SCREW up is sauce and meatballs. (Thanks to my MIL for sharing her recipe!)

PET PEEVE: People that scrap their teeth against the fork while eating … and knuckle cracking. Oh, and when people say “orien-tated” instead of oriented.

THREE THINGS THAT SCARE YOU: Failure, disappointing people, and the tingly feeling in my butt when I’m up high and realizing after all that I am relatively afraid heights. I love roller coasters though!

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