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May 31, 2011 ~ player haters smell like failure

Okay, I seldom put random videos in my blog but this one I just couldn’t resist. This is Nicole Sherzinger (aka - Pussycat Doll, newest judge on X-Factor, DWTS phenom) covering Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep”. Everyone’s always saying that Nicole can’t sing – I would like to offer this up as proof positive that she CAN! Eat it, haters!

I think sometimes people (read: mostly other women) like to insult good looking girls because they don’t wanna believe that somebody can be SO hot and also SO good at something. I'll say it: we get insecure. Ladies, if there was ever an emotion we need to get better about hiding - it's this one. Not attractive. Example: when the original lineup of “Girls Next Door” was on, everybody made the obvious jokes about all the girls at the Playboy mansion being bimbos. Now SOMETIMES (sorry Kendra), it’s true. But SOMETIMES (as evidenced by Bridget’s Masters Degree and Holly’s business savvy), that’s just simply an incorrect assumption.

We don't wanna believe that chicks with such banging bodies can also be quality people because somehow that makes us feel less cool about ourselves. Why? My thighs still look the same whether Playboy bunnies are splitting the atom or spitting up on their bibs. It has no bearing on me. Ironically, the only thing that could make me look bad is my negative comments about another woman, thus revealing my inner player hater. Hmmm......

Why can't we all just be encouraging to each other? I think it’s a step backward in the whole feminist movement when any of us act jealous. You wouldn’t see Susan B. Anthony getting her pantaloons all in a twist because she wasn’t good at poetry like Emily Dickinson, would you? NO! Of course, that’s probably partly because they were both too busy trying to avoid death via smallpox and men who wore “breeches & waistcoats”…. but STILL…..my point is:

Yeah, sometimes it's devastating to look at a girl like Nicole and realize that no matter WHO our boyfriend is at any given time, he’s probably always gonna answer “yes” whenever she sings “dontcha wish yer girlfriend was hot like me?” Um…yeah.

It’s also very freeing! Nobody’s the best at EVERYTHING! There’s always somebody who’s better than you and there's always somebody who sucks worse than you. Write that down. Kinda takes the pressure off a tad, doesn’t it? I mean there’s probably even somebody that makes Nicole herself feel inadequate (although after pondering this for the past 15 minutes and I can’t seem to generate even ONE concrete example of who that might be…….). It's freeing because when someone (like a boyfriend) points out any of our shortcomings we can be like "Well what the hell do you expect? I'm not freaking Nicole Sherzinger!" Ahhhh, the sweet release of mediocrity.

Who cares?! We’re all good at stuff and we all have the capacity to care for other humans – isn’t that what life’s REALLY about? (Insert obligatory “awww” followed by barf sounds). It’s like Keri Hilson says “jealousy’s the ugliest trait….do the pretty girl rock”…..GIVE PROPS to other women! This is the first step to transcendentalism, people. Ask the geniuses at Playboy. They figured it out yeeeeears ago!

05/31/2011 10:00AM
May 31, 2011 ~ player haters smell like failure
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05/31/2011 8:58PM
What a refreshing blog....I agree completely; as a woman I often feel we are our own worst enemy. Intellectually we are far superior but it is our insercurities that keep us down. If we could only learn to accept one another for the good and help each other rise above our flaws; we would all be better today than we were yesterday. Okay off my soap box.....GREAT BLOG
06/01/2011 6:29AM
Ha! That's not a soapbox at all! VERY well put my friend. Thanks so much for the message! -Liss
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