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May 26, 2011 ~ one and a half octaves, one head lamp

One picture, one video – that’s all you get for a blog from me today. Cuz these both make me smile. The photo is from Sunday (Ben & I). We were with his mom Sara at the flea market and I showed him this Spiderman lamp because his dad (my brother) is a total comic book freak. Ben seemed relatively indifferent to the lamp but I think that’s only because he could sense it doesn’t use high-efficiency lightbulbs. And he simply won’t stand for that…..

The video is me singing the National Anthem yesterday at a Memorial Day Veteran’s Celebration and I felt honored that they even asked me to do this. I was a little intimidated to be singing THAT SONG in front of so many veterans, but those guys were AWESOME – they acted like my Grandpa! Haha....They hugged me when I was done singing and told me to make my generation proud – awwww……I’ll try, guys. I hafta believe my consistent use of a blinker when I’m merging in traffic is a good start.


05/26/2011 10:48AM
May 26, 2011 ~ one and a half octaves, one head lamp
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05/26/2011 6:45PM
Lissa, you're voice is beautiful:),one of the best voices I've ever heard,and I've heard some good voices.
05/27/2011 6:26AM
Thank you Tony! That's very sweet of you :) ~Lissa
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