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May 17, 2013 ~ learn from my mistakes

Went to get an oil change earlier this week and asked the mechanic if the vulcanized tires are excited for the new Star Trek movie. He did not laugh. Reminded me of the day I complimented the FedEx guy's "big package" (yuck yuck) and he turned around and it was a chick... I should not be allowed to talk to people.

So coming off the high of that beautifully placed joke, I decided to take advantage of the sunshine and run 10 miles. It's a CRIME to waste a beautiful day, right? I realized as I was trotting through a crosswalk that I get nervous if a car is waiting for me to cross. I get self conscious. Makes me change my stride, like a wounded gazelle, cuz I’m afraid I’m gonna fall. Imagine if the mechanic who didn’t get my joke earlier that day was the one driving the car waiting for me to cross the road in front of him. He’d assume I had a horrible accident, leaving me unable to work my legs or speak properly.

Again, the arguments for me staying in the house at all times are myriad.

But I hope YOU have a great weekend here in NEPA! Take advantage of the Fine Arts Fiesta in Wilkes Barre and go outside to exercise! In case you need another reason to rely on natural endorphins instead of drugs: Rod Stewart said in an interview this week that years of steroid use made his pee-pee smaller. AND it left him looking like…… Rod Stewart. Let that be one to grow on.

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05/17/2013 10:44AM
May 17, 2013 ~ learn from my mistakes
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