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May 14, 2012 ~ why I'm a bad, negligent daughter

So I turn on the TV last night and there’s this show on Discovery Health called “My Mom Is Obsessed”.  I think it’s been on for a while – I’m not sure. I get confused with all the shows featuring crappy parents (Dance Moms, Toddlers & Tiaras, The Kardashian/Kris Jenner Pimp-Yer-Younguns Hour). I think the point of the Discovery show is to let Courtney Love know that no matter how badly SHE did parenting, there’s always somebody worse. Whatever. It’s a riveting tragedy to watch. So I did. In most cases the children ended up being the parents to these paint licking moms who have some kind of weirdo obsession or addiction.

For instance: one mom had a hangup about weight. So she would monitor everything her daughter ate in the hopes that the little girl wouldn’t get fat. Mom, on the other hand, was a good deuce-and-a-half and probably had two children to start with, but she ate the other one. The second mom had a shopping addiction and was so heavily in debt she doubted she could pay for her daughter’s college education. Her kid was (luckily) very smart, very well spoken, and will probably get a scholarship. Good thing. So when she hauls mom off to the booby hatch she can write “Do Not Call Me If This Woman Escapes” on the woman’s chest in several different languages.

Suddenly it dawned on me: I spend so much time thanking my mom for all the nice things she does for me, it never occurred to me to thank her for NOT being crazy. She’s just a nice, normal, sweet mom. She's not a lunatic. I appreciate that. How have I taken this for granted all these years? Never in my life has my mother’s behavior made me secretly hope I was adopted. So HAPPY BELATED MOTHERS DAY, Mom! Wish I could’ve been with you yesterday. But rest assured I was thinking of you. Especially when that fat lady made her daughter weigh herself in the kitchen every day. What the hell is that?! Maybe if some people spent less time being wackadoos, they’d have more hours in the day to cook healthy meals for their kids and exercise with them. Just a thought, crazy lady. But you do what works for you. MY way you don’t get on TV……….. Holy damn I love my mom.

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05/14/2012 10:08AM
May 14, 2012 ~ why I'm a bad, negligent daughter
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