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May 10, 2011 ~ Who am I? Quick, check my underwear.

I had a “who’s on first” moment yesterday at Zumba. I don’t run around the dance studio telling everyone I’m on the radio (cuz let’s face it – that would be even sadder than my macaroni & cheese Thanksgiving) but most of the people know about my KRZ connection and they’ll ask me about stuff on the show quite a bit.

Among my favorite questions:

-Are Rocky & Sue really married?

-Does Joe Snedeker smell good?

-Who writes your scripts?

-What do you do if the CDs have scratches?

The answers (in case you’re curious): yes, Rock & Sue are REALLY married. Joe Snedeker smells like lilacs. Mixed with indifference. Scripts have no place in radio unless you’re doing a commercial for taxidermy and you're trying to dance around the word “beaver”. CDs also have no place in radio. Unless your accountant shows up and starts informing you of all the investment opportunities that will NOT be made available to you if you choose to STAY in radio. In that case, CDs are at the top of the list. 

So this lady comes up to me last night after Zumba and says “Hey! I heard you today on the radio!

Me: Oh? Cool. Thanks for listening.

Her: Yeah, it said the Rocky & Sue show but they were gone and it was that other girl……Lissa.

Me: Yeah that’s me.

Her: Yeah I like that girl. She’s smart. Is she on during the weekend sometimes?

Me: Yup. That’s me. I’m Lissa….

Her: I like how sometimes she jokes with Joe Snedeker, and then he tells her she’s hot. And then she laughs.

Me: Yeah, Snedeker’s a character. Gotta love him. You do realize you’re talking to Lissa right now, right?

Her: Well, tell Rocky & Sue that I like that girl. They should keep her. Hey did you know Rocky & Sue are married?

Me: Really? I’ll be damned…..

Wowwww…… Just goes to show that sometimes people are in a “conversation” but it’s very clearly a monologue. They occasionally take breaths and pause for responses but they are in NO way listening to what the other person is saying. Ha! Oh well. Nice enough lady. And it confused the hell out of her when one of the other instructors walked up to me and said “Have a good night Lissa! See you tomorrow!” Hahaa…..Iy-yi-yi……..hey did you know Rocky & Sue are married? ;p


05/10/2011 5:10AM
May 10, 2011 ~ Who am I? Quick, check my underwear.
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05/10/2011 8:54AM
Haha. Love it.
05/10/2011 9:50AM
Haaaaa - THANKS KIM! :) -Liss
05/19/2011 10:24AM
daryl wolfe
haha ok this one is my favorite. Im done stalking your blogs now. I need to check in more often, they're ( I mean YOU are) very entertaining lol.. ok so I didnt just laugh out loud but it was for effect. take care gorgeous :-)... I did just smile however.
05/20/2011 10:39AM
Hahahaha! Thanks! And no - I didn't laugh out loud right there either. But I WAS amused. Authentically. You're a sweetheart - I appreciate the message! -Lissa :)
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